Sonny Monroe crouched down in the parking lot to relace her converse, before she entered the So Random studio. It was the day of her sixteenth birthday, and Tawni was planning a huge blowout party. Sonny wasn't really that interested, so she didn't mind Tawni taking the reins. She had given Tawni two rules: No Tawnitown, and more importantly, no VIP section. Sonny had watched enough MTV to know that VIP sections ended in disaster.

Straightening up, Sonny smoothed her dress and reached for the handle to the studio door, only to see Chad Dylan Cooper step in front of her, blocking her. Her hand hovered limply in front of his chest for several seconds before his presence registered, and then she let it drop. "Sonny! Happy birthday!" Chad tossed his golden hair. "I got you a gift… here." He passed her a slim rectangle, wrapped in Mackenzie Falls Christmas wrapping paper. "Gee, Chad. I don't know what to say." Sonny tore it open anyway.

"Oh. The Chad Dylan Cooper Story?! I will watch this.. ASAP!" There was a pause, and Sonny opened her arms. "Hugs?" Chad raised his eyebrows, and offered a handshake. Sonny accepted it reluctantly and Chad pulled her forward so she stumbled clumsily into his arms. "Uh. Chad. What is this?" There was another pause. "… Guh! I don't know. I saw it on Hannah Montana." He scratched his head. "Seeya!" He opened the studio door and dashed inside. Sonny looked at his retreating back, put a foot in the door, and looked again at the DVD she still clutched.

Signed by Chad himself, Sonny noted, as she rotated it in her hands to read the back. Her eyes ran over the synopsis and special features, but there was something blacked out in the same marker Chad had obviously used to sign the cover. In confusion, she entered the studio and walked around the set where her party was being held, her head down. On entering her dressing room, she slid the DVD into the player and sunk into Tawni's chair without a second thought. "Here we go…" She opened the special features menu. "What are you hiding, Chad?"


- CDC – Abbreviation of a teen icon

- Casting the Chad Dylan Cooper Story

- Bloopers

- Sonny + Chad = RAD!

"Wait. WHAT?" Warily she selected the final option. The screen cut to a close up of Chad's face, in one of those interviews for movies with the cushy red chairs and the film poster in the background. "Yeah, Sonny is… I don't know, my best friend. Definitely." Sonny chuckled. "Hah!" Intruiged, she shifted and watched as it cut to clips of Sonny and Chad from the movie, and various newspaper articles, photo manipulations and clips cut from youtube fanvideos. "What. The. Hell?" Sonny shut it off, a strange fluttering rising in her chest. She dismissed it ass disgust at being manipulated by Chad, her "best friend" as it were.

Sonny stormed out of the dressing room into the party, and walked up to Tawni, pulling her away from flirting with a boy. "Tawni, have you seen Chad?" Sonny threw a furtive glance around. "And I don't know any of these people!" Tawni loosened Sonny's grip on her arm before speaking. "Sonny, chill, have a martini, Chad went into the prop house because he spilt salsa on his shirt and he didn't want people to see…" Sonny rolled her eyes. "Oh, he is something else!" She grabbed a purple martini from the open bar which she didn't remember giving the okay to , and downed it as she slammed into the prop house.

Chad sprung up from the couch where he sat, writing something in a leatherbound notebook. "Sonny, hi, uhm… great party!" Sonny realised he was shirtless. "Chadwhyareyoushirtlessintheprophousethatsjustweirdandannoyingandputashirton?!" Chad slid whatever he was writing slyly under a cushion, and pulled on his Tuxedo jacket. "Right. Now, what is Sonny plus Chad equal RAD? I am going to hurt you so bad if you don't explain yourself!" Sonny flailed her arms, the martini glass flying from her fingers and smashing in the corner. "Zow, Chad yelped. "Chillax, girl…" Sonny stamped her foot. "You can't charm your way out this time! The entire Chad Dylan Cooper loving world thinks we have some epic, tragic, love, best friend… triangle without the other sides. A love… line! 180 degrees of pure media hype!" She began to pace.

"Sonny, you watch E!News. This is just another thing that's not true. Why do you care so much about this? It's just publicity stuff…" Chad walked towards Sonny. "No, get away from me! You just don't get it! YOU okayed this, this blatant lie! I just want you to tell me when you are secretly dating me, GOSH! Is that too much to ask? I am going back to the party, and I don't want to see you there!" Sonny whirled on her converse and slammed back out, throwing a cold look at Chad as the door closed. She heaved a sigh and slid down the door, her face crumpling. "What is going ON, Sonny?" She muttered to herself.