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Chad wandered aimlessly down the streets of LA, bumping into people blindly and avoiding paparazzi the best he could. Seeing a small coffee shop, he ducked in. Looking around in disappointment, he found it packed. Hopefully he walked up to the counter and ordered a vanilla latte. As he paid, his eyes searched the room again, shielded behind large sunglasses. Every seat was taken, except for one next to a tall brunette girl in a Mackenzie Falls t-shirt, whose eyes were fixed on the book she was reading. (Guess who? I so did not just write myself into the fanfic. Okay. I totally did! Don't tell anyone…) Taking the latte, Chad walked over.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?" The girl glanced up.

"Oh my god. CHAD. DYLAN. COOPER? Of course you can sit here! I'll be off then. Bye…" The girl tripped over her shoelaces as she tried to leave her seat, and ended up back in the seat.

"Oh, no, stay." Chad slid into the seat opposite her, and sipped his latte in a manly way. "Ahh! Hot!" The girl opened her book again and started reading, casting furtive glances at Chad every so often. "Err… so you know my name, what's yours?"

"Hannah." Chad's eyes lit up as she detected Hannah's British accent.

"Oh my gosh… are you from England? COOL!" Hannah closed her book and smiled warmly, reaching for her espresso cup. "So, Chad. I've been reading some interesting news on you. Sonny Monroe, huh? If you want to talk to a complete stranger, I suggest myself, but then again, I am biased."

"Well, can you keep a secret? The truth is… I think I've fallen in love with her. As much as it pains me to say it, she's captured my heart and I don't want it back. And you know what? I wrote that poem, and I pined for her for months, it's about time she found out." Hannah gazed at Chad for several seconds.

"Wow, you mean it… Well you better get that latte to go, because if you leave it any longer she might change her mind." Chad got to his feet and picked up the mug. He tossed a hundred dollar bill onto the counter, throwing a "I hope this covers the price of the mug!" over his shoulder as he left.

* * * * *

"Sonny?" Chad called, knocking on the door of Sonny and Tawni's shared dressing room. He heard a creaking noise and then Zora's head popped out from the air vent directly above them. "Hey, weird kid. You seen Sonny?" Zora widened her eyes in a crazed fashion. "She likes to sit on the roof when she's got a lot to think about." She told him, in a self explanatory fashion.

"The roof? But how does she get up there?" He raked his hands through his stylishly coifed hair as he thought about the large billboards showing So Random and Mackenzie Falls posters in giant hanging from the roof of their studios. It was high up, and perfect if you wanted to be left alone – but he couldn't leave her now. What had the coffee shop girl said? She might change her mind…
"She climbs out of the window in Marshall's office and hoists herself up… good luck with that." Zora snapped the vent shut, indicating the conversation was over.

Sonny crossed her long legs at the ankles, sitting on the edge of the building's roof, looking up, fingers tightly interlocked around the brick border of the roof. She heard a scuffle and hushed cursing behind her and gently extricated herself from the edge of the building, walking more to the centre to peer over. Seeing Chad's manicured fingers scrabbling, she took an anxious step back.
"Err… Chad?" She said nervously.

"I'm okay… a little help here? My plan to surprise you and serenade you has failed." Chad said. Sonny leant across a little more and saw that Chad clutched a guitar between his kneecaps. She gripped his shaking hand and pulled him up with ease. He moved a leg and the guitar started to fall. He swung his feet to catch it but missed, and kicked through the glass window. "ARGH!" He screeched in pain, as the guitar fell down to the ground and smashed with a dull clang. "Oh. Well that's not good." Chad said in broken pants as Sonny yanked him to his feet on the roof. "Woah… high." He sighed. "You can see the whole world from here." He looked to the horizon, where the sun was slipping behind a dark grey cloud.

"Looks like rain." Sonny observed.

"Stop changing the subject, Sonny. Listen to me for just a minute, okay? Then I'll climb back down and you don't have to say anything. Right… I think that… I love you. There. There was a song that went with that, but my guitar had to go. And it was worth it." Sonny's face was incomprehensible. Chad sighed and turned to go. Sonny caught his hand and dragged him to the other edge of the building.

"I feel like we're standing on the edge." She said, simply.

"That's cos we are…"
"Not like that. I mean, this… us. It's beautiful up here, and you can see the glory of the world. But a gust of wind and we could follow your guitar. And I agree. This feeling of standing on the edge… is worth it." Chad squeezed her hand tightly and she turned to face him.
"What are you saying, Sonny?" Chad finally said, looking into her eyes.

"I guess I'm saying… I think… I love you too." The first raindrops began to fall around them, as Chad grasped Sonny's other hand and pulled her in for a sweet kiss. "I guess that means we're kinda together."
"It's about time." He hugged her tightly as they kissed again, lifting her off the ground.

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