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Chapter Sixty: Kav'thel, Carinthia – Moving Forward

Riverside, Iowa

Andie stared at her personal communicator, unable to move.

She had just received a call from Detective Zyas of the Los Angeles Police Department to informed her Nebraska, her would be killer was behind bars and had collaborated her story of what had happened.

She slowly exhaled the breath she didn't know she was holding and let the tears flow freely.

If Andie hadn't believed in miracles before she truly believed in them now.

Andie allowed herself to cry until she couldn't shed another tear.

She hopped to her feet, went to the bathroom and washed her face; she glanced at her reflection in the mirror and smiled.

Christine's reign of terror was finally coming to an end.


Trace threw the empty bottle against the wall and watched as it shattered in a thousand pieces.

Just like my life. He grunted to himself. "Why Christine, why?" He wailed at a photograph of a smiling Christian taken only minutes after she had accepted his proposal. "Why wasn't I good enough for you?"

His vision, blurred with unshed tears as he caressed her pink lips – those same pink lips that could kissed away what ailed him.

Those same pink lips that set his soul on fire.

Those same pink lips that lied to him repeatedly whenever she confessed her undying love for him.

Those same pink lips that pretended he was another man every time they made love.

Trace tossed the picture aside, wiped his eyes on the back of his sleeve and gulped down the last of the Scotch. He pounded his fists against the table as the clear liquid burned his throat.

"I need another drink," he slurred. Trace stood uneasily on his feet and tried to focus on the cabinet in front of him but his eyes were not cooperating. "Okay, okay." He said, pulling himself up to his full height, he took a deep breath and exhaled. "Let's try this again."

He focus on the cabinet in front of him and took an uneasy step forward, he would have lost his balance if it weren't for the counter. Trace, feeling sure of himself, took another step closer to his destination. His eyes widen as he felt the sharp edges of the broken bottle imbedded itself in his left foot.

"DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!" He howled, hopping to the nearest chair. "DAMMIT!" Trace quickly sat down to assessed the damage of his injured foot and curse again. "DAMMIT!" He needed to get the tweezers from the medical kit which was located in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

I could really use some help about now. He sighed. He felt the beginnings of a headache coming on and chuckled to himself. Where's a nurse when you need one? He smirked.

As if on cue there was knocking on his door.

Trace rolled his eyes, there was no fucking way he was going to hopped all the way to the door to answer it. Maybe if I ignore them, they would go away.

"Trace? Trace are you in there?" The knocking became more pronounced. "Trace?"

Trace would have recognized that irritating voice anywhere.

"Look lady, I told you I do not need a babysitter!" He hissed,

"Trace, I have something to tell you," Andie said. "Please, may I come in?"

He looked at his foot and sighed, Well since she is already here. He reasoned. And she is a nurse. "Computer, open door." He commanded.

The door swooshed opened.

Andie stood in the hallway, uncertain if she should cross the threshold.

"I thought you wanted to come in," he scoffed. "Well come in."

Andie walked into the room, right away she noticed a trail of blood leading from the kitchen to the sitting area where a pool of blood was forming under his left foot.

"What the hell happened?" She asked rushing to his aid. She knelt down and examined his foot. "Do you have a first aid kit?"

He jerked his head in the direction of the bathroom.

Andie sprinted to the bathroom, grabbed the kit out of the medicine cabinet and rushed back to his side. She noticed the smashed glass on the floor but decided to comment on it later after she had taken care of his wound.

It took her nearly an hour to retrieve the shreds of glass from his foot.

After cleaning his wound, Andie placed his injured foot on a stack of pillows, walked into the kitchen, grabbed the broom and dustpan and cleaned up the mess and mopped up the floor without question.

"Why are you here?" Trace asked, as he shoved the mashed potatoes down his throat.

"I'm glad you're enjoying the meal." Andie replied as he reached for another thick slice of roast beef.

"Well…yeah," Trace couldn't remember the last time he have had a decent hot meal. "Why are you here?" He repeated.

She stared at her plate and took a deep breath. "I have news about my case." She began, not sure why it was important that he knows.

Trace's fork stopped in midair, he dropped the fork in his plate, giving her his full attention.

Andie ran a nervous hand through her purple hair and locked eyes with Trace.

"The man who tried to kill me is behind bars," she continued.

"Oh," Trace said in a small voice, he wasn't sure if he liked where this was going. "And?"

"He confessed Christine plotted the whole thing from beginning to end, her only stipulation was I wasn't to be killed."

Trace's heart plummeted to his stomach and the food in his mouth turned sour.

Andie's eyes filled with tears.

"I'm taking the first shuttlecraft to California in the morning." She replied. "I want to see that bastard for myself."

Trace stared at her for a long time before speaking.

"Do you want company?" He asked, not quite believing the words that poured out of his mouth.

She gaped at him, surprised by his offer.

"Well do you?"

"What about your job…and your foot…"

Trace shrugged his shoulders, "I could take a couple of days off." He replied. "Besides I have an ulterior motive for accompanying you." He suddenly got his appetite back and stabbed a piece of meat. "I need to know why this bastard was willing to kill for Christine."


Kav'thel, Carinthia -Languzots Home

The ramblings of her stomach jolted Christine out of a peaceful sleep, with remnants of the hallucinate drug still in her system, her brain was a little fuzzy and she refused to open her eyes until her head stopped swimming.

Christine sighed happily as her mind wondered back to the sexual workout session she had several hours earlier. She couldn't get over the fact that she had finally bedded the sexy Vulcan. She gloated as she thought how the girl-child Cadet Uhura was going to react to the news of her boyfriend receiving the best sex he has ever had.

Deal with that you bitch! She smirked.

Christine tried to ignore the protest of her empty stomach as she didn't want to leave the comfort of her lover's arm. She thought about the horrible nightmare of being carried away by a huge hairy man-beast to his hideous home and how those unkempt women tried to skin her alive.

Christine shuttered.

Her stomach cried out in protest for the third time.

"Okay, okay!" She whined. "I hear you!"

She reluctantly removed her lover's arm and pulled herself into a sitting position.

She slowly opened her eyes and gasped in horror!

The hairy man-beast was lying next to her, snoring softly!

Bile quickly rose in her throat as Christine realized she had sex with the foul smelling male beast! She eased out off the pile of animal hide and grabbed the ill fitting dress and carefully made her way to the opening of the cave.

The languzot grunted.

Christine's heart hammered loudly in her chest as her body stiffened, hoping against hope he didn't wake up and discovered that she was gone. A few minutes passed before she felt it was safe to proceed. She slipped the dress on and walked as fast as her aching legs could carry her.

She made it as far as the pile of body waste.

Her sister in-laws grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back into the cave.

Christine fought tooth and nail as they forced her mouth opened and poured half a cup of the sweet tasting liquid down her throat. Before Christine could spit it out, the stronger of the two women snapped Christine's mouth shut, nearly breaking her jaw.

"You stay," she hissed, surprising Christine. "You stay."

Tears stung Christine's good eye as she became woozy, soon she was dreaming of Spock and the fairytale love they shared.

Christine laughed in delight as she spotted Spock fast asleep, she marvel at his beauty as she slipped out her dress and cuddled up to him.

She felt as if she was the luckiest woman in the universe.


Kav'thel Forrest

Harry knew if he didn't get up and try to find his way to town, he was going to die.

He had no intention of letting Starfleet find him without putting up a fight.

Besides if he were lucky, he might be able to catch up with JaeKyrn and sweet talk her into letting him back into her good graces just long enough for them to get off the planet. Then he will dump her murderous ass on the first planet they came to.

Harry's stomach protested as he got up and stretched his limbs – he ignored it. He was not going to give in to his body; it was just a matter of will power. Mind over matter. The ancient Terran's saying went.

He gathered the love crystals in his back pack along with what was left of his rations. Harry knew he was taking a risk of being caught with the love crystals on him but what the hell; they might come in handy especially after he caught up to that pregnant murderous wife of his.

Harry shielded his eyes from the twin suns as he surveyed his surroundings trying to get a feel of which direction to take. He had always been lousy at orienteering, as a young boy in Cub Scouts instead of learning how to distinguish the difference between north and true north he was more interested in how he could get those goody two shoes, rosy cheeked boys to steal for him.

Oh yes the good old days. He chuckled to himself as he hoisted the pack onto his back. By the time he was banned for life from the Scouts, he had himself a pretty nice racket going. Who would have thought raising funds for the poor little children afflicted with Yr'Rah Ddum (Harry Mudd spelled backwards) could be so profitable?

Harry took a deep breath, closed his eyes and pointed – west or was it east?

Oh well. He shrugged his shoulders. Get a move on Harry, anywhere is better than here.


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