"Mamma, No!"

A small pale girl around the age of 5 tried to squirm her way out of some mans arms. She had straight raven hair and piercing green eyes that were filled with tears. The man was easily twice the height the girl was. He was wearing all black and a hooded cloak.

In front of him there was a woman and a man kneeling in front of two other people that were also wearing black and hooded cloaks.

The woman had fiery red hair and piercing green eyes and was very pale, yet not a sickly pale, more like a snow white pale. She was covered in cuts and bruises. From the cuts blood was pouring out yet it was not normal blood. Instead of the red it was onyx black. Her clothes were torn and her hands were bound in iron behind her back.

The man had black hair and blue eyes. His clothes were also torn and he also covered cuts and bruises though he had red blood.

"Tanya and Stephen Adlard I hear by sentence you to death for not only being joined in an illegal matrimony, but by creating an offspring" Said the man holding the child, who was obviously the leader.

"Mamma, Papa! No!" The little girl tried again in vain to get loose of the man's hold on her.

"It's ok, sweetheart" said Tanya. She tried to keep her voice strong but fear for daughter's life could still be heard. "Please… Spare our daughter she is but five summers old and has done nothing wrong…Please" She begged to the figure holding her daughter.

"You know I might just take you up on that offer. For something that is forbidden it is quite an exquisite beauty" Said the figure, whilst stroking the little girl's face.

Stephen Tried to break his bonds, to reach his daughter. Only to have the leader pull out a silver knife and place it to his daughter's throat, to which instantly stopped his attempt to break his bonds, but he couldn't stand to watch this thing touch his daughter.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk. I'll make you a deal your lives and I will look after your Mutt and I'll also guarantee that I won't touch her."

"Mamma, don't" wailed the child

"We agree with your terms." Said Tanya her voice filled with remorse.

"Very well. Start the fire." He called to the men behind the parents.

The two adults were pulled to a standing position and tied to a post. The cloaked men started to put straw by their feet and pour buckets of oil over them.

Despite her age the raven haired child knew that these hooded men were going to burn her mother and father. She turned her head away not wanting to see the last moments of her parents' lives.

"No!" snarled the man grabbing her jaw and making her face her parents. "Watch child, as I burn your parents for their crimes."

If were even possible she started to cry more fiercely.

"Tanya of the Northern vampire covenant and Stephan of the southern werewolf clan, may the Gods have mercy on your soles."

With that said the hodded men set the couple aflame.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! MAMMA! PAPA! NO!" the girl thrashed more so than ever, that the man started to struggle to keep his hold on her.

It near sunset when the flames had finally burned out. The child had fainted of exhaustion hours ago. The only noise she made was her whimpering in between breaths.

The man that had held since sunrise picked her up and started to walk away from her parents ashes.

The cloaked finger chuckled to himself. "I forgot to ask them for your name. No matter I'll just call you Vârcolac.... Half Vampire and Half Werewolf"

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