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Chapter 10

Darkness. That's all she could see. Darkness, darkness and more darkness, but… she wasn't afraid. In fact she was quite content. Nothing could hurt her here, she wouldn't feel pain here. All she could feel was the feeling of floating on water. How long had she been there? Seconds, minutes? Days, weeks? Years? She could not tell, for time held no meaning here.

Light. Light, was starting to swallow up her dark haven. But she did not care as long as would not feel anything. The light passed her and a familiar sight was laid out in front of her. A farm, a valley, a stream, it was all familiar, yet all too distant.

She looked to the stream and felt a thirst suddenly overcome her. She over to the stream and drank from it until she was satisfied. Coming up from her drink she saw a black wolf in the water. The black wolf moved the same way she was. Was this black wolf, her? Why didn't it feel right?

She looked up from her reflection, but saw yet another black wolf, though this one was much bigger.

Hello my daughter. Came its deep voice.

Daughter? She thought. Does he think that I'm his daughter? Why would he think that?

It is true. His voice came again. You are my daughter.

Confused, she walked round the lake up to a crossing and walked up to the bigger wolf. She looked up into his deep brown eyes as she did so it was as if watch a movie of her childhood.

"Come catch me Papa!" a small child with raven black hair shouted whilst running through a field.

The black wolf came running through the trees pretending to be confused. As he got closer the little girl jumped up into a twenty foot tree and continued to climb. Scared for his daughter's safety, the black wolf ran toward to tree and changed into his human form.

"Get down from there now before you hurt yourself!" he shouted.

"You have to come get me Papa!" the child shouted back.

"Do as you are told young Lady!" the black haired man was now angry "You got yourself up there you can get yourself down!"

"Don't worry Papa; I'm not going to fa- ARGH!"

The girl did indeed fall out of the tree screaming as the ground came quickly toward her. Bring himself out of his stupor, the man jumped ten foot into the air, caught the child and landed on his feet. The child leaned into her father's chest whimpering in fear that he would drop her.

"Sorry Papa," she cried.

"It's not me you should be saying sorry to," he said before sighing "What would I have done if I wouldn't have been able to catch you and you were seriously hurt?"

"I-I didn't m-mean t-to."

"Just don't do it again," the man said gently yet sternly, before pulling her into an embrace.

She came out of the vision almost in tears. She looked up to the black wolf to find that he was no longer a wolf but the man in the vision. She then looked down at herself and she was the girl. Cautiously she walked toward him and gently held his hand.

Everything came back to her. Her mother, her parent's death, the men in the black cloaks the dungeons, the whip, Rowan, her death. Everything!

She looked up at her father again and jumped into his arms crying and muttering Papa over and over again. The man was also in tears as his tried to calm his daughter.

"Why…why did have to go?" she cried.

The man closed his eyes before answering.

"Everything has it's time in this world. There is no such that an immortal being. Even Vampires, though they are meant to be immortal, their life always end at one point," he paused "But your time has not yet come. You left earth too early and now it's time to go back."

"No!" the girl said defiantly "I just got you back, I not losing you again!"

"But what about Rowan?" said a voice behind her.

The girl turned around to see a fiery haired vampire with sparkling green eyes.

"Mamma?" the girl whimpered.

"Don't you love him, my darling?" the girl looked down guiltily "Would you make him suffer the same way you suffered when we passed over?" the girl said nothing "Look at him," the red haired vampire said.

The girl looked to where her mother was pointing and saw Rowan crying over her wolf body. Guilt filled the little girl in waves. Her mother was right. How could she leave him so distraught? She just couldn't do that to him.

"I'm so confused," she mumbled "I want to stay with you, yet I want to go back."

"Choose what you think is right my dear and you'll be glad you did," said her father.

The girl closed her eyes for a few moments as she contemplated her options. When she was finished she looked up to her mother and said what she had chosen. Her mother smiled at her before both of her parents embraced her.

Rowan had cried himself to sleep on top of the dead body of his love, but he was awoken by the feeling of breathing. His brows creased before he opened his eyes. What he saw he did not expect. There was not fur, but a bare stomach. He sat up and looked down at the figure on his bed. It was her. It was the girl in his dreams. It was the real Vârcolac. Her raven coloured hair was sprawled across the pillow. Her multi-green eyes were closed and Rowan was dying to see them. To see how it lit up her beautiful pale face. It was then that Rowan noticed that she was breathing. Hope filled him. Hope that he will be able to hold her, talk to her, love her.

He shook his head to bring him back to reality. His hand seemed to have a will of its own as it stroked the side of Vârcolac's face. It was hard as marble, yet soft as silk. All together Vârcolac was just beautiful and perfect.

A small moan passed Vârcolac's lips as her body twitched and her brows creased. To Rowan it looked almost like she was trying to wake-up but couldn't. Hoping it would wake her, Rowan bent his head down toward his sleeping beauty's, full, luscious, rose red lips, closed his eyes and kissed her. He was there for one and half second before Vârcolac's lips started to move against his. He felt her hand against his face that travelled into his hair.

Rowan pulled away from his sleeping beauty with a grin plastered on his face.

"You alive!?" he said astonished.

"Yes," the girl said "Yes I am."


"What does it matter?" she simply said "We're now together and for the rest of existence."

"No… Forever," he whispered before kissing her again "I love you so much Vârcolac."

The girl vampire let out a giggle. Rowan just looked at her confused.

"I love you also my Love, but," she let out another giggle "My name is Arianna and I am half Vampire half Werewolf."

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