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Complete Story Summary:

Starts in New Moon at the cliff jump, but Bella didn't jump alone. She got invited by Jacob. From that moment on friendship could turn into more if only Bella wouldn't be holding back. But when she finally opens up and realises she's in love with her best friend, things get complicated. Jacob fails to turn up on a planned trip to Jacksonville with Bella. Victoria gets hold of Charlie and Edward comes back. How will things turn out?

A story about Bella to get over with the past and stand up for the one she loves and a story about Jacob to accept who he is and what destiny has planned for him. And the reason behind all of his is a story, they aren't aware of…

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I wanted to see Bella laughing.

I so badly wanted her to be happy again.

Since that leech, Edward, broke up with her she was an empty shell, a lovesick wreck and in her very own words 'broken beyond repair'.

It appeared that Cullen had left her alone and unprotected in the woods. How dumb can you be? Didn't he know how many people died each year because they got lost in the forest??? A search party had been started and it was Sam Uley, member of our Quileute tribe, who is treated like some kind of hero by our tribal elders, who finally found Bella in the middle of the night deep down in the forest behind their home and brought her back. Uley had been enraged, my father was upset and the elders were relieved that she was still alive. ALIVE! Nice description for the condition Bella had been in. Anyway, I had been around her from that time on, trying to help her out of the stupor. Charlie was glad that I spent so much time with her so he could focus while at the police station. For her it didn't seem to matter if there was anyone around her. Bella wasn't talking at all. She had been walking around like a zombie. Ugh! Only Charlie's declaration to send her back to her mother three months later pulled her out of her trancelike state.

She had gotten better over the time, but Bella was still trying so hard to hide her pain whenever anything - a word, a song, a picture reminded her of HIM. I saw her suffering and I could only do so much. Being with me seemed to have a soothing effect on her. She came to La Push day for the day, joining my activities, hanging out with my guys, doing things for the appearance of having fun. Over the course of several months, I repaired two decrepit motorcycles she 'saved' from being trashed and had taught her how to ride a bike. I was beginning to catch glimpses of the pre-zombie Bella after that.

Bella and I had been good friends once, inseparable even, when we were toddlers. Then life got in the way. Her parents got divorced and she had to leave Forks with her mom. A terrible car crash took my mom away from us when I was only four. I came around eventually. Bella and I had only seen each other in the summer when she was on vacation visiting her dad. Then those rare visits stopped, too since Charlie decided he was in the need of a little bit of sun from time to time and decided to spend his vacation with Bella in sunny Arizona.

Last year Bella moved back to Forks and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her again. She had grown to a beautiful little lady with long, curly hair and delicate curves. We didn't see each other as much, since she made new friends with the kids from Forks High and then started to hang around with Dr. Cullen's foster kids. At that time I didn't know a thing about the Cullen's, but there had been a strange antipathy, especially when I learned that she started to date Edward The Geek Cullen. One day Bella disappeared with him, leaving a frantic Charlie behind and came back injured. She told an absorbing tale of how she fell down some stairs. I knew she wasn't telling the truth and I kept an eye on Cullen from that point on. Given to the legends of our tribe, the Cullen's were Cold Ones - Vampires. I had laughed at that, thought it was just old scary stories.

I felt vindicated in my concerns when my father even asked me to give Bella a warning against the Cullen's. I watched them closely and there were a lot of things about them that were just odd. They had insanely pale, flawless skin. And their smell was sickening sweet, burning in my still pre-transformation but yet already hypersensitive nose. They moved with the grace of predators and their eyes seemed to change colour almost as fast as some people change their clothes. Even the guys were unearthly beautiful and you could find yourself staring at them, like… ick!

Edward had left Bella.

I had been all too willing to be the friend for her that she needed, now that he was out of the way. Just when things seemed to turn out fine for me and she became close friends with me again, I was faced with the trueness of our legends the hard way: I phased for the first time into a huge wolf.

The rest is history.