Chapter 63: Clash of Monsters

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"I think she's coming around!"

"She looks really crappy though"

"Maybe if you weren't pulling those needles out of her as if she were a corpse, then she wouldn't look like this"

"Lassies going to be hurtin' when she comes around"

"Poor Mikomi"

Voices echoed through Mikomi's head as she came around. She was in so much pain that she felt like she could black out again from it. The only think keeping her awake was the stinging in her neck as someone pulled the needles out.

That's when it hit her. Her fight with Aisu!

Her eyes shot open as she thought of that. She had to warn everyone that Aisu was a spy.

She quickly sat up, not paying attention that her friends were around her and trying to heal her.

Yuri restrained her when she tried to get.

"Whoa! Easy there!" she said.

Mikomi calmed down a little when she saw Yuri, Cloud, Tifa, Red Xlll and Cat Sith were with her.

Tifa smiled weakly when she saw her calm down.

"Hey, sleepy head" she said.

"You had us worried"

Mikomi touched her neck to feel that all of the needles were gone.

"My neck" she murmured.

Yuri held up one of the bloody needles to show who took them out.

"You looked like a porcupine when we found you" she said.

"You're lucky nothing vital was hit otherwise you would have been a goner before we came here"

Mikomi grew confused.

"You guys found me?" she asked.

Cat Sith jumped into her lap.

"That's right!" he chimed.

"We thought you were dead for a moment before Yuri fixed ya up. You really scared us"

Mikomi looked at her friends.

"You didn't rescue me then?" she asked.

They shook their heads.

Mikomi looked at her lap. If they didn't save her, then who did?

The group gave each other knowing looks. They promised that they wouldn't revealed about Itachi and Yumi's true intentions about killing the Uchiha clan or why they were with the Akatsuki. They would have to play dumb with this one.

Yuri gave Mikomi's shoulder a squeeze.

"Hey, don't think too much on it" she said.

"At least you're alive"

Mikomi bit her lip. She was alive, but her pride was wounded. She nearly let herself die from the enemy. That was shameful in the ninja world. The only way she could repent from such a careless mistake was to warn the others.

"Yuri, we have a slight problem with the enemy" she said.

Yuri snorted.

"Yeah, it's Bakuto's father" she said as if it were obvious.

Mikomi shook her head.

"No, not that. Something worse" she said.

"You remember that Awase chick that Jiraiya was showing around the village?"

Yuri had a dull look on her face at the mention of her cousin.

"Yeah, she was looking for her friend and Jiraiya was wanted to give her a tour in hopes of getting to bed with her" she said.

Cloud held the bridge of his nose when Yuri plainly spoke the obvious. Sometimes he thought she acted like a man with the way she ran her mouth off.

Mikomi nodded.

"Yeah, well I just found out that Awase is working for the enemy" she said.

"Her real name is really Aisu and she's a spy working for Bakuto's dad. I was fighting with her just now before I blacked out. She's a lot deadlier than she looks"

Everyone paled at that. They let a spy get inside their village? It's no wonder they were under attack so easily.

And what made it worse, Jiraiya was stupid enough to show her the whole village.

Yuri ground her teeth in frustration at her cousin's stupidity.

"JIRAIYA!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.


(Meanwhile with Jiraiya and Naruto)

The toad sage suddenly sneezed as they walked around Tanzaku Town.

Naruto looked up from his training to see his mentor sniffling.

"What's up with you, pervy sage?" he asked.

"You catching a cold or something?"

Jiraiya shook his head as he wiped his nose.

"Nah, probably someone is talking about me" he said.

"I bet it's a really pretty girl who said it"

Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, or it could be someone who's planning to kill you"

Jiraiya just laughed nervously.

"Don't be silly" he said.

"Who would ever want to kill me?"

His cousin suddenly flashed in his mind.

'That can't be good' he thought.


(back with the group)

Yuri held the bridge of her nose in annoyance.

"Honestly" she said.

"I can't believe that my cousin would be stupid enough to let a spy inside the village. He practically gave her the whole blueprints to the town"

Mikomi shrugged.

"That's what you get when you think with your dick" she said.

Cloud whacked her upside the head at that remark.

"Don't talk like that" he said.

"You're a lady so don't use those kind of remarks"

Mikomi glared at him as she rubbed her head.

It freaked her out how he suddenly started to act like a parent to her. She was starting to miss the old Cloud.

Tifa just fussed over her to try to keep her calm.

"Well, at least we now know how they were able to get into the village" she said.

"All we need to do is warn the others"

Just then, the speaker to Cloud's headset started beeping. Cloud pushed the button to see who was contacting him.

"Cloud, it's Vincent"

Cloud grew surprised by hearing the vampire's voice. He hadn't heard from anyone else in their group, so the fact that Vincent was the first one to call him meant something was wrong.

Vincent never called.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"I've caught one of the intruders that is working for Bakuto's dad" Vincent replied.

That was fast. But then again, Vincent used to be a Turk, so tracking people was his specialty.

"Where are you? Do you need backup?" Cloud asked.

"I don't think so, but I might need help" Vincent said.

"This guy doesn't look like a regular ninja"

"Ok, I'm with Yuri so we'll get there as fast as possible" Cloud said.

"Don't worry, I should have this battle done in no time. Just meet me up near the northern border of the village"

With that, the connection was cut off.

Cloud sighed nervously.

He hoped Vincent will be alright.


Vincent cut off the communication and looked up at his enemy. It didn't take him long to track him down, it was rather easy as a matter of fact.

It seemed this guy was intending to be caught so he could fight. Probably one of those ninjas who lived for the battle.

And judging by this guy's appearance, he hit the nail on the head.

"Goodness me! You sure are a persistent sucker aren't you?"

The ninja jumped from the tree and landed in front of him.

"But I like that. Just shows how much you live for fighting"

Vincent studied his opponent carefully.

He had short, slick back silver hair with two red dots in the middle of his forehead. Amber eyes that could scare death itself. White pants that were covered by a white cloak with a black skull etched into it.

A ninja who took pleasure in death.

The ninja propped his sword on his shoulder and faced the vampire. He tilted his head to the side in thought.

"You're a rather strange looking ninja" he said.

"I didn't know Konoha had fighters like you"

Vincent didn't say anything. He wasn't going to give this creep the satisfaction of responding to him. The best way to provoke your enemies is to remain silent.

The ninja sighed in frustration.

"Not the talking type, huh?" he asked.

"Fine, I'll be the gentleman here and introduce myself. I'm Kasui Kaguya and you my friend are about to die"

Vincent simply pulled out Cerberus and undid the safety. This guy was bark but no bite. An enemy who talked highly about themselves were nothing but weak.

This would be easy.

Kasui laughed when he saw Vincent pull out his gun.

"Oh! Now this is more like it" he said.

"I was never good with conversations"

He pulled his sword out of its sheath and aimed the blade at him.

"Show me what you got, ninja"

He swung his blade and tiny projectiles come at him. Vincent was horrified when he saw that the projectiles were fingertip bones. The bones hit him, only to have Vincent burst into flames.

Kasui laughed again.

"A Genjustu master? This day just keeps getting better and better"

Vincent emerged from a tree trunk that was behind Kasui and aimed his gun at his back. Kasui reacted quickly and deflected the bullets when they were fired.

"Close, but no cigar my friend" he said.

"You'll have to be a lot more cleverer if you're ever going to defeat me"

Vincent just gave Kasui a cold look. He really didn't like this guy. He talked too much.

Kasui swung his sword again.

"Digital Shrapnel!"

Vincent jumped out of the way when they bones flew at him. Even if ninjas didn't use guns in this world, they could always improvise.

"My, you're a fast little sucker, aren't you?" Kasui said.

Vincent appeared behind him and aimed Cerberus at his head.

"And you talk too much" he replied.

Kasui smiled menacingly.

"Oh, so you do talk" he said.

"I was starting to wonder if you were a mute"

Vincent clicked the safety off his gun and drilled his eyes into the enemy.

"I don't talk to chatter boxes" he said.

"Gives them more reason to talk"

He fired off six round of his gun. Kasui managed to get out of the way before his head was blown off, but his arm was hit.

The ninja's calm, aloof manner disappeared when he saw blood dripping from his arm.

"Y-you hit my arm" he said.

Murder was written on his face as he looked at the vampire.

"You made me bleed"

"That was my intention" Vincent said.

"Did you expect me to get hit instead?"

Kasui ground his teeth in anger and reached behind his back.

"Nobody hurts me and lives to tell the tale!" he cried.

A sickening sound could be heard as he ripped out his spine and held it out.

Vincent was horrified to see him still standing despite having his spine in his hand.

"I forgot to mention to you that I'm unlike normal ninjas" Kasui said.

"You see, I'm from the Kaguya clan. And we have a special Kekkei Genkai that allows us to use our bones as weapons. We're a lot like cats where we have more bones than the average human body does. So I can use my spine here as a weapon and I won't be affected by it"

Mikomi had warned them about ninjas with special blood limits. Some were very helpful while others were very dangerous. The fact that this man was able to rip his spine out and still stand showed that he fell within the dangerous crowd.

He had to finish this battle fast in he wanted to get away. He wouldn't die due to the experiments that were done to him, but that didn't mean he would get away injured free.

There was one way that he could finish this battle really fast, but he wished it wouldn't have come to this.

He would have to use Chaos.

He hated using the demon that made him different from everyone else. It just proved that he really was a monster. But if he didn't summon Chaos, not only would he be in danger but so would the citizens of Konoha.

Putting his needs aside, he summoned the demon within him and let him come forth. His whole body changed as Chaos came forward and took control. He still had control over his mind, but his body now belong to Chaos.

Kasui raised an eyebrow.

"I knew you weren't any ordinary ninja" he said.

"You don't look like a Jinchurikii, but us ninjas will just about seal anything away"

He raised up his spine and held it like a whip.

"Let's just see how powerful you are when you can't even touch me!"

He flung his spine at him and smashed it into the tree branch that he was on. He frowned when he saw that Vincent disappeared and landed next to him.

"You're faster than before, I'll give you that" he said.

He performed Digital Shrapnel on him again.

"But that doesn't change the fact that I can still hit you!"

Vincent flew all over the place, dodging everything that was thrown at him. Just as he suspected, this ninja was all talk and no bite. Just because he had a Kekkei Genkai didn't mean he was powerful. He just a little boy who took advantage of a toy he was given.

Kasui became frustrated every time that he missed Vincent. He couldn't let him get away or else Osore would have his head. He had to win. That's what he lived for. That's what he was created for.

Monsters lived to fight.

Surely this demon felt the same way?

Vincent propped himself on a branch and looked at Kasui while he had a fit. This man truly was childish. Just because he couldn't hit his enemy didn't mean he had to have a fit?

"Dammit!" he cried.

"Why can't I hit you? What's the deal? I thought you were like me"

Vincent scoffed.

"If I acted like a childish brat like you, I'd kill myself" he said.

"This isn't play time. This is a battle to the death, so start treating it like one"

Kasui growled demonically.

"Fine, have it your way then" he said.

He pulled out more bones from his body and formed them as weapons.

"I was holding back a lot because I didn't want this fight to be over real quick. But since you've pissed me off, I'll show you my true colors" he said.

"Now you'll see why Osore choose me to be in his group!"

He launched numerous attacks at Vincent, using only his bones. Some acted like projectiles while others functions like standard ninja weapons. He used his ribcages like boomerangs and had them circle around Vincent wherever he went. His spine still acted like a whip, only now it was spiked with the bones of his fingers. Trees would be torn apart whenever the whip hit them.

"You can run, but you can't hide from me!" Kasui cried.

"Sooner or later, you're going to run out of hiding spots! And I doubt that little weapon on yours will help you for long"

He was right. Vincent was running low on ammo and loaded his last rounds. He had to be very careful this time around if he wanted to finish Kasui. Every bullet counted.

Kasui destroyed the trees as he searched for Vincent. He hated it when his enemy hid from him. He wanted him out in the open so he could kill him on sight.

"Quit hiding from me!" he cried.

Vincent rolled his eyes. This guy was more annoying than Yuffie.

"Come out!" Kasui cried.

"I want to see the look in your eyes as I slowly kill you!"

Vincent had enough of this. This guy was giving him a headache and he was running out of time.

Jumping from his hiding spot, he faced Kasui. The ninja laughed like a nut job when he saw his prey.

"There you are" he said.

"I was starting to think that you ran off"

"Why would I run off when I know you'll just find me?" Vincent asked.

Kasui shrugged.

"True. That would be pointless" he said.

"Why would a monster run away from a monster? It just doesn't make sense"

Vincent's eyes harden at that word. People always saw him as a monster or some kind of a demon since he had Chaos sealed inside of him. They would always run in fear whenever they caught a glimpse of the beast. It was reasons like this that he stayed away from others, even his friends.

Kasui laughed a little.

"It's sad, isn't it?" he cooed.

"People treat us like we're vermin and yet they were the ones who did this to us. They're afraid of what they created almost. The only that we can survive in this world is to become what we were made for. Monsters like us need to kill before being killed"

Vincent bared his fangs at Kasui. Now he really hated his guy. He didn't know the first thing about what it was like to be a monster. He had a demon sealed inside him while this brat simply had a silly bloodline limit. He claimed to know what it was like to be a monster, but he didn't know the first thing about it.

Deciding that playtime was over, he charged at the ninja and performed a melee of attacks on Kasui. He would hit him with his claw or with the barrel of Cerberus. He grabbed him by the shirt and flew up in the air, only to fly back down and slam him into the ground. He was being ruthless with his attacks, but this is what Kasui wanted.

He wanted to fight with a monster and that's what he got.

Using his gauntlet claw, he punched Kasui in the chest and had him flying through the trees, leaving imprints in his wake.

The vampire slowly walked over to where Kasui laid and watched as he coughed up blood. The ninja drew in raspy breaths thanks to a broken lung. He looked up at Vincent to see him draw Cerberus. This monster defeated him as if it was child's play. He always thought that he was the scariest member of his clan, thanks to his bloodline limit, but this man proved him wrong.

Why was he so strong? Why did he want to protect this village when people should fear him?

"W-why?" he rasped.

"W-why fight for this village w-when they fear you?"

Vincent looked at him emotionlessly.

Why did he fight to protect others when they feared him?

It was simple.



Mikomi sighed as she saw outside the bar with Vincent. She felt a million times better now that she told them about her having Usagi sealed inside her and that they supported her.

She looked up at Vincent who was simply standing in the shadows. Out of all of them, he gave Mikomi his undying support. He knew what she was going through, so he knew her pain.

"What's on your mind, Vincent?" she asked.

Vincent merely shrugged.

"Nothing that's important" he said.

Mikomi laughed.

"And here I thought you were having second thoughts about being friends with someone like me" she said.

"Since…you know…now that you all know what I am"

Vincent regarded her for a moment before moving to stand next to her.

"There's nothing to think about it" he said.

"You're our friend, simple as that. Nothing will change now that we know more about you"

Mikomi smiled wistfully as she looked up at the sky.

"It's been a very long time since I heard that word about me" she said.

Vincent looked at her in confusion.

"Friends" Mikomi clarified.

"After having Usagi sealed up inside of me, that word has become foreign to me"

Vincent nodded in understanding.

"Positive words have that effect on monsters like us" he said dully.

Mikomi flinched.

"Please don't say that word" she said.

She looked up at him sadly.

"Monster is considered a bad word in my home. My brother and I hear it all the time from the villagers, we don't want to hear it from people who matter to us"

Vincent looked at her for a moment before looking at the sky.

"I apologize" he said.

"I'm just used to saying that about myself"

"But why would you call yourself that?" Mikomi asked.

"It's because that's what I am" Vincent simply stated.

Mikomi shook her head.

"That's not true" she said.

She stood up and faced him.

"You don't fit in the same categories as monsters do" she said.

"Since when do monsters fight to protect others? Since when do monsters hide from their friends so they won't hurt them? Since when do monsters think about others rather than themselves? You fit in those descriptions so that means you're not a monster. You're the exact opposite"

Vincent looked at her, stunned by her words. The others tried to prove to him that he wasn't a monster in the past, but he just ignored them. But when he heard it from Mikomi, it was as if she was talking about past experiences.

Either way, just because she said she wasn't a monster didn't mean that the public thought so.

"It doesn't matter" he said.

"Even if you think that I'm not a monster, doesn't mean that society will think so"

Mikomi nodded in understanding.

"True" she said.

"But that shouldn't stop you from trying"

She smiled brightly.

"Yeah, it's their fault that they turned us into this" she said.

"They fear what they don't understand and are terrified of their own creations, but just because they're afraid of us doesn't mean you should be afraid of them. If you believe that you're not a monster, then you have to prove it to them as well. Prove them wrong and make them second guess themselves. They won't change their minds until you do something about it"

Vincent let her words register into his mind. He knew for a face that she was talking from experience. Having a demon sealed up inside you for 13 years meant you had a convincing to do.

If she could do it, then perhaps he could as well.

He looked up at the sky in thought.

"I'm not much of a people person" he said.

Mikomi laughed.

"That's ok. I'll always be here to help"

She held out her hand to him.

"Guys like us need to stick together" she said.

Vincent looked at her hand before slowly accepting it.

"I suppose you're right"


And he did try to prove himself.

Even though he really didn't do it a lot since he wasn't from Konoha, he helped Mikomi and Naruto try to have everyone else see past their flaws. It was hard at time since they would just give them the cold shoulder, but they never gave up. Even when they failed and even when they cried at times, they still pushed forward to prove to people that they were good, honest children who wanted to protect their country.

It was that kind of spirit that gave Vincent the reason to fight on.

He looked Kasui chocking on his own blood. It was people like him that man everyone afraid of demons like Mikomi and himself. People who gave them a reason to be afraid.

Unlocking the safety, he aimed the barrel at his chest.

"You asked why I fight to protect others?" he asked.

"It's so I can prevent people like you from trying to kill them"

Kasui smirked despite choking on his blood.

"A useless resolve for a monster" he choked.

"No matter what you do for them, they'll always fear people like you"

"True" Vincent said.

"But at least I can get rid of you and lessen their fears by one person"

With that, he fired six rounds into his heart and watched the light leave the ninjas eyes.

It tore him up to kill someone, but it was his job. If he didn't kill him, then others would have died.

It was reasons like this that he felt like a monster. But then again, he would have been a real monster by letting Kasui go and hurting others.

He looked up at the sky to see a few birds flying.

"It's up to me to prove them wrong" he muttered.

He thought about Naruto and Mikomi for a moment.

"And it's up to you to change their ways"

He quickly reverted to his normal self and ran off to catch up with the others.

With one bad guy down there was only three more to go.


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