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Chapter 5: Search For Me:

Jaden looked toward the floor, trying to figure out how he would find Alexis. He decided he couldn't do it alone so he thought of Winged Kuriboh. Winged Kuriboh's spirit appeared beside him. Jaden smiled as he was glad to still have Winged Kuriboh at his side. "I need your help. I need to find Alexis. Do you think you can help me?"

Winged Kuriboh nodded as he floated in mid-air. Jaden went back into Alexis's room and grabbed the case of money. "I know I'm going to need this." He ran out of the door along with Winged Kuriboh.

Jaden turned over to his partner. "Go ahead of me and see if you can find her first." Winged Kuriboh listened and flew off faster. Jaden continued looking around the city but there was no sign of her anywhere. He sighed after a few hours as he was out of breath.

As he took a moment to catch his breath, Winged Kuriboh flew back to him. "Did you find her?"

Winged Kuriboh made a couple of noises and nodded.

"Really?! Then let's go!" Jaden ran off behind his friend through the city.

Winged Kuriboh led him to a tall dark building. "So this is it huh?" Jaden was starting to get nervous. Winged Kuriboh made started to make noises, signal what was going on around the building. Jaden walked toward the building. He knew he had to save Alexis.

In the parking complex of the company, Jaden and Winged Kuriboh hid behind a pole. There were two men in suits waiting by the door. Jaden thought of a way to get through. "We need a distraction." he whispered.

Winged Kuriboh flew off. He started to make sounds which made the guards look around. They walked off and starting looking around the parking lot. Jaden ran off with the case in hand. Winged Kuriboh caught up with him and flew by his side. They made it inside the building. There weren't as many guards around as Jaden thought it would be. He looked around carefully before he went up in the elevator.

After the elevator had stopped, the door had opened and there was a sound that had signaled that the elevator stopped. Jaden waited for a few seconds between the doors before looking out of it. When he decided to look, there were two guards at the door. They weren't looking toward his way. He was on the floor where Winged Kuriboh told him and seeing the guards, it wasn't hard to figure out where Alexis was. "I need a way to get them away from the door or should I just go in and just tell them I have the money for Alexis?" Winged Kuriboh made a few sounds.

Inside the room, Alexis was sitting on a couch in front of a desk. Her hands were tied behind her back with rope along with her ankles. The man who was dressed in a suit that she had borrowed money from was sitting right in front of her. He smiled as his fingers were intertwined with each other. "I gave you a deadline Alexis."

Alexis looked upset. "I know and I have the rest of it but your guys took me away before I could give it to you. I was going to today."

The man closed his eyes as he just smirked. "I wonder how you got the rest of it. You had to have help."

Alexis looked serious. She just wanted to get it over with.

"Just tell me where the rest of the money is and we'll see about letting you go."

"There's no need." a voice said from behind them. Everyone turned toward the door and seen Jaden walking in with the case. The man started to get furious. "How did you get in here?!"

Jaden just smiled. "Don't worry about it. If you want the rest of Alexis's money then here it is." He put the case on the desk and went over to Alexis. He untied her hands and ankles. The man counted the money. He was impressed that it was there and even more than what he asked for. Alexis stood up beside Jaden. "It's all the money in there plus more. Now you can let her go."

The man rubbed one hand on top of the other. He was debating whether he should let the go or not. "Hmm… Kill them." Jaden and Alexis looked surprised but then started to get upset when more guards came in the room. They baled their fists together. "It's not fair! I gave you all of it! We should be able to go!" Alexis yelled out.

Jaden looked over toward her. "Probably if you gave them everything, they still might try to get more money out of you." He turned to the man. A smirk came on Jaden's face. "I'll make a deal with you. Let's have a duel. If I win, you let Alexis and me go free and leave us alone." The man smirked back. "And if I win, you both can die."

Alexis was a little worried at first but she knew that Jaden was serious and that he could do it.

"I have done some dueling in my day. You shouldn't be a challenge."

Everyone moved out into the parking complex. Jaden stood on the opposite side from the man with their duel disk ready. For a few minutes, the duel went on. Everyone watched them go back and forth destroying each others life points but Jaden came out victorious with most of life points left.

The boss sighed with his eyes closed. He was disappointed that he had lost and blamed it on not dueling for a long time. He told them to go away and left with the rest of his men.

Alexis sighed in relief especially since it was all over and walked away with Jaden. They returned back to the apartment. As soon as they walked in, Alexis wrapped her arms around him as a thank you. He smiled as he was glad to have her back. "Thank you so much Jaden."

He looked back at her. "It was nothing. Free of charge."

She placed her arms back at her sides. "How did you find me?"

"I had help from a friend."

She walked passed him toward the stove in the kitchen. "Breakfast is probably cold by now."

Jaden walked in behind her, smiling. "So? You have a microwave don't you?"

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