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Son of Aura





All of the above was happening all over the world, but only a select group of people were being targeted for death. Once the news Sir Aaron's demise was spread, a dangerous and vengeful group called the Aura Hunters appeared. Their sole purpose was to kill every Aura User in the world. They attacked every village, and every kingdom they could find; soon enough no Aura Users were left save for one person.

(Scene 1)

In the Kingdom of Cameroon, total chaos occurred. The hunters had left no rock unturned, the searched every house, every village, no one was spare. Lady Rin had sent her forces to defend her villages, but she was only stalling and trying to protect her people. She knew who they were searching for, and she had given them fair warning.

'I only hope they reach safety' she thought as she looked towards a lone hill.

Meanwhile in the house on top of said hill a woman was frantically searching in her house. She had dark raven hair and rich brown eyes.

"Where is it?!" She frantically cried. A Butterfree flew in carrying a blanket and basket.

"Raia, here they are" it said passing her the items. "Oh thank you," She sighed in relief. They were interrupted by a loud cry in the next room.

"You must hurry Lady Raia, The Hunters are almost here"

Raia hurried to the next room and came out carrying a bundle; Butterfree flew towards a trapdoor with a hidden tunnel at the bottom. "This way Lady Raia, hurry"

Raia quickly wrapped the bundle in her arms, "Do not worry Little One, you will be safe I promise", she proceeded to follow Butterfree. The moment she closed the trap door, the Hunters had broken into her house.

Raia followed Butterfree until they had reached an underground temple. "It's safe now reveal your true form". Raia stated.

Butterfree then proceeded to transform into a Celebi. "Are you sure about this?"

Raia proceeded to look down at the bundle in her arms, and stared into her son's deep chocolate brown eyes. A lone tear slid down her cheek as she gave him one last hug. She kissed his forehead, "I love you my son". She placed him into the basket, and handed him to Celebi, "Please take him, take him to a place where he will be safe, where he won't have to live in fear."

Celebi reluctantly lifted the basket with its telekinesis, "If I take him he may never know of his true heritage, he may never know of you… or Aaron"

Raia let out a bitter laugh, "Without my husband, or Lucario my son will no longer be safe, this is the only way I can protect him." She reached behind her neck and unclasped the locket she wore; it contained a portrait of her and Aaron. "This is how he will know who he truly is". She said as she placed it in the basket. "My only regret is that Aaron never had the chance to see his son"

Celebi didn't like this option as she was about to protest footsteps were heard. Raia stood with her staff drawn. "Go while you still have the chance, Go!" With one last look at her old friend, Celebi left, and Raia was glad.

She was soon surrounded by Hunters, she fought valiantly but soon was subdued, as they tied her and forced her on the ground, their leader stepped forward.

"Malic" she spat bitterly.

Malic stepped close to her face. "Where is he?!" He demanded. "Who?" Raia asked as if she had no idea. Malic slapped her to the ground, "You know who I'm talking about, TELL ME!"

Raia let out a triumphant laugh, "He is where you will never find him, and you shall never touch the son of Aaron". As she saw Malic lift his blade only one thought occurred through her head.

"Safe. My son is safe now" and then she knew no more.

(Scene 2)

As Celebi floated through the time stream she made sure to keep a tight hold on the precious basket, suddenly Celebi felt dark magic.

'The hunters are trying to find me, I must hurry' she thought desperately.

Unfortunately the Hunters tried again, this time the pressure was strong enough to make Celebi lose her concentration and make her drop the basket.

"Oh No!" Celebi mad a desperate dive for it, but it was too late the child had left the Time Stream and landed in another time. Celebi was lucky enough to be able to follow it in the same time zone.

As Celebi looked to her surroundings, she found herself in a pleasant forest like scenery, the area was rich in flowers and trees, as she looked towards the river she found the basket. She was about to retrieve it but she spotted 3 humans walking along the river. She quickly hid herself and prayed they would not spot the child.

Delia was having a wonderful day; nature walks were her favorite activity, and she enjoyed helping Professor Oak and Spencer with their research of Pallet Town's local Pokemon. While she had a good life, only one thing would make her heart complete. A child. Delia had always wanted a child of her own, someone to love, and hold. Delia knew her purpose in life was to be a mother, but she had yet to meet that significant other and adoptions could take years. As she looked towards the river she spotted a basket.

'How Odd'. She decided to see what it was. She ran towards the river, ignoring the calls of Spencer and Professor Oak, she reached the basket and opened it, and inside was the most beautiful thing she ever saw, a baby boy with coal black hair and bright brown eyes.

"Professor, Spencer, Come quick" She called out as she took the baby into her arms.

As Celebi watched the scene, she sensed the good inside the female's heart, and she knew that Raia's child was meant to be with this woman.

"Your safe now young child" Celebi said, "May you be happy with your new mother". With that Celebi disappeared.

(Scene 3)

"Why in heaven's name would this child be in a basket?" Professor Oak asked himself; He, Spencer, and Delia had returned to his lab as soon as they discovered the child.

"I'm not sure Professor, but it's lucky that Delia had spotted him" Spencer responded. Delia's entire focus was on the baby, the moment she looked in his eyes she knew that he belonged with her.

"Who do you think he is?" Spencer asked.

"I'm not sure," Professor Oak said walking to a counter. On the counter lay the only items that were found with the baby, his blanket, and an ancient locket. He opened the locket and looked at the portrait inside.

"How Odd" Samuel said, "This locket appears to be about three hundred years old, this child appears to be a classic abandonment case, he probably was abandoned by a young couple who couldn't afford to keep him."

"But why not turn him over to the authorities," Spencer asked.

"A number of reasons" Samuel said, "but all that matters is that he is safe and well"

The others nodded their agreement.

"I'll call Child Services in the morning" Professor Oak said, "They will take him in and a find a suitable home for him"

"No" Delia cried as she held the baby protectively to her chest. Both men were startled by her outburst.

"Delia, you can't possibly expect to keep him" Spencer said.

"Spencer you know how long I've wanted to have a baby" Delia said, "Deep down I know that this child is the answer to my prayers, I was meant to be this baby's mother"

"Delia, I know how much you a child" Professor Oak started " but you can't possibly afford to take care of this baby; you're still very young, there is plenty of time to"

"NO!" Delia shouted startling both men, " Professor, Spencer I know you have my best interests at heart, but you Both know that I am more than capable of taking care of this child, and I am more than willing to do anything in order to make sure that he is happy and well taken care of . Even if I have to work 2 jobs, I will."

Both men paused to let her words sink in.

"If you care about my happiness, then PLEASE let me keep this baby" Delia begged.

Professor gave a defeated sigh, "Alright Delia, if you're sure I will do everything in my power to make sure that you keep this baby."

Delia cried tears of joy and ran to the Professor. "Oh thank you Professor Oak, Thank You!"

Professor gently pulled her off, "You'll come work for me in the lab, and I will personally make sure that you have enough to provide for both yourself and the baby. Now if you'll excuse me I have some calls to make" With that he left the room.

Delia sat back down on the couch and rocked the child. Spencer came over and looked down at the baby. "Congratulations Del, what are you going to call him"

Delia stared down at the baby in her arms, "Ash" she whispered.

"What was that?" Spencer asked.

"Ash" she said more loudly, "I'm going to call him Ash"