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I've always wanted to tell someone where my idea came from. About three years ago I had just watched Lucario and Mystery of Mew and I'm listening to my iPod and one of my all time favorite songs was playing.

It's called "Deliver Us" by Ofra Haza. My favorite part was the Mother singing.

When I heard this song, I started to picture what it would be like if Ash went through a similar situation. The one part that really struck me was when I heard Moses' Mother singing, telling him what she was doing and why she was doing it.

Then I began to think of the movie with Ash and Lucario and I started to put together that scene with Raia. That one scene; that one idea just stuck into my head and it would come and go throughout my mind.

It never occurred to me to actually write the story. I was always reading on this site, I never once thought to be a writer. My sister would constantly tell me that I spend so much time reading this stuff that I might as well write my own stories, I didn't listen, I didn't think I'd be a good writer.

Then the day came when I saw the pokemon episode where Riley was introduced. This was the final push for me to go on the computer and write this story. I thought "Why Not?". I figured I would put it on to see how it turned out and how people would react to the story. I never imagined that so many people would like this story.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that this song was my inspiration for this story. You guys should check it out on YouTube.

I am really glad everybody gave me such positive feedback. Please check out the song, I really want to hear your opinion on it. Thanks so much for reading you guys, I always looked forward to reading your reviews.

Enjoy the last chapter of Son of Aura.

Aaron was standing by Ash's bedside once more; they had removed his hat, shoes, and hoodie to make Ash more comfortable. He and the others had been preparing for battle since last night and already things were starting to look dismal. The sky was a very dark gray bordering black. Lightning and thunder were flashing and could be heard almost a mile away, and the pokemon were starting to become restless. Even Lucario, Mewtwo, and Pikachu were feeling a change in the atmosphere. There was no way of anticipating how much manpower Malic had behind him, so Lance and Jackie called in every available man from their organizations; they pretty much had a small army of their own.

Celebi and Mew were taking a half hours' rest for themselves. They had assured him that there was enough energy to sustain Ash before they transferred more of their life energy into him. He had eighteen hours left to get Ash's aura back, if not Ash was lost for good. He clenched his fists as he berated himself for once again not being there when he was needed most.

Even though he was assured that it wasn't his fault, he couldn't help but feel otherwise.

"You're going to be alright Ash, I promise you." Aaron grasped Ash's hand tightly. "I won't fail you again. No matter what it takes, I'll get your aura back if it's the last thing I do."


Aaron turned to find Lucario standing in the doorway.

"They're ready to explain the plan"

Aaron nodded and reluctantly let go of Ash's hand and followed Lucario to the main lobby.

Jackie and Lance were the ringleaders of the operation. They were standing above the group on the bridge of the lobby explaining their plan to the hundreds that had gathered and came to their aid. Mewtwo and Lucario stood silently in the back. The men were standing in the lobby and listening attentively.

"All Right, listen up." Jackie said, "In about an hour you are literally going to be a part of a great war. What you're going to witness is going to be unbelievable, the things you believed to be myth is actually true."

"We are entering the battlefield with one objective," Lance said pacing the bridge, "To stop this man."

A picture of Malic was shown on the screen. A picture of his machine was shown next. Mew had allowed Judy to place a small camera around her neck so she could take pictures and anticipate how they were going to fight this threat.

"Here's how it's going to work." Jackie said taking the lead, "We will split into two groups. My group is to handle Malic's men; we are to stop them at all costs. Luckily Judy has developed special weapons that can counter the Dark attacks of Malic and his men."

He showed them various weapons such as staffs, metal manacles that could tie around the body (Think about the manacles that were in Mewtwo Returns), and shock capsules. Each weapon had a blue stone on it that matched the ones on Sir Aaron's gloves. Judy had been able to develop the special stones that could generate artificial aura.

"And while they provide us with backup," Lance said, "My group's job is to disarm and destroy this machine."

"Listen up people," Jackie said in a serious voice, "The battle we are about to fight will literally determine the fate of our world. So failure is not an option."

Lucario and Mewtwo said nothing. They knew what they were assigned to do. They would provide leadership to the pokemon that would fight in the battle with them.

As they paused to let the discussion soak in Aaron came striding in the room. He stormed up the stairs and met Lance and Jackie across the bridge.

"I am going to make this very clear," Aaron said in a really low voice, "Do what you must, but Malic is mine."

Lance and Jackie were surprised by Aaron's attitude, but they nodded anyway.

Jackie quickly turned to the group. "All right people you have on hour to assemble everything; get to work and meet on the helicopter platform."

The men nodded and quickly moved to prepare. Jackie once again turned to Lance and Aaron and hoped that he could help calm Aaron down. He saw that Lance wasn't having much success.

"You're going down a dark path Aaron," he heard Lance try to explain; "If you fight him for revenge you're never going to be able to live with yourself."

"This man took everything from me," Aaron spat, "My home, my wife, and now he's taken my son! He deserves to suffer everything I've been through one thousand fold!"

"This isn't the right way Aaron." Jackie spoke. Aaron turned around to face Jackie.

"This is justice, Jackie." Aaron said.

"There's a fine line between justice and vengeance." Jackie said, "The Guardians always fought for righteousness and justice. If you go after Malic with vengeance in your heart you'd be turning your back on everything the Guardians taught you."

"You forget one thing Jackie," Aaron said, "The Guardians are dead."

With that he stormed off the bridge with everyone including Lucario looking forlornly at his back.

"What do we do now?" Lucario asked.

"There's nothing we can do," Lance said, "He's going to have to work this out on his own."

"But if he goes to far," Lucario trailed off not wanting to think about the consequences he would face if Aaron had actually destroyed Malic.

"He's going to have to make that choice himself," Jackie agreed with Lance, "No matter what that is he's going to have to live with the consequences."

"We should go," Lance said, "We're going to have to discuss our strategies to the groups we assigned."

Jackie nodded and followed Lance off the bridge; Lucario and Mewtwo had also gone their separate ways. Lucario followed after Aaron, while Mewtwo went elsewhere.

Mewtwo found himself standing in front of the entrance to the infirmary. He contemplated several minutes before he entered. Truth be told, he was nervous, he didn't want to approach Ash again. He didn't know what to expect if he came. Once he caught sight of Ash, his stomach dropped and he saw red.

Ash looked worse than before, if that was possible. He was even paler and had an air mask covering half of his face, and there were more wires connected to his arms. He could see Mew and Celebi on either side of him diligently transferring their energy once more. Pikachu was lying on the bed with Ash; his ears were down as he gazed worriedly at his friend.

Celebi looked up and was surprised to see Mewtwo standing in the doorway.

"What are you doing here?"

Mewtwo ignored her question. He slowly walked to the bed until he was at Ash's bedside next to Mew, "What is the meaning of this?"

They knew he was talking about the wires and mask.

"They were necessary, Ash is getting worse." Celebi explained sadly, "He can't breathe on his own anymore, and his heart rate has been dropping significantly."

Mewtwo clenched his fists at his sides, anger boiling his blood. Three years ago he would have scoffed or sneered at anyone who would dare tell him that he would one day care for the well-being of a human. Now here was, desperate to save the life of a thirteen-year-old human child.

"Is there nothing we can do?" Mewtwo asked, exasperated with feeling so helpless. He couldn't deny it any longer; he truly did care about Ash.

"Celebi and I are doing as much as we can," Mew said, "The only thing that can make him truly well is getting his aura back."

Mewtwo had to contain all that rage that was coursing through his veins. He was visibly shaking and sparks were coming out of his hands. He never felt this type of rage towards humans before, not even when he wanted to wipe them out three years ago.

He hesitantly reached to brush Ash's bangs out of his face, he immediately drew his hand back when it came into contact with his skin; Ash was even colder than before. Once again Mewtwo felt a surge of anger, but he kept it in, knowing that if he lost it now, he could endanger Ash even more. He looked around and saw a blanket on a neighboring bed. He lifted it with his Telekinesis and laid it across Ash's body.

"Make sure he stays alive." Mewtwo said. He gave Ash a final glance and walked out the room. He walked until he found the training gym. With a cry of rage, Mewtwo finally released all of the anger he kept in. He threw energy spheres in every direction; he threw heavy weights and equipment across the room. He continued to scream all the while. It continued for about ten minutes until he fell to his knees panting from his anger. Beads of sweat could be seen on his head. Mewtwo didn't realize someone else was in the room until he heard them speak.

"Are you done?"

Mewtwo looked up to find Lucario standing in the shadows.

"What are you doing here?" Mewtwo asked not even bothering to argue.

"Looking for you," Lucario explained briefly. "We leave in thirty minutes."

"Did you really think I would forget?" Mewtwo spat.

"I'm not sure what to think of you lately." Lucario replied coolly. "I'm not too sure we can take you if you're going to act so unstable."

"You don't understand," Mewtwo said looking back at the ground. "You don't know the first thing about me."

"I understand what you're going through right now." Lucario said walking towards Mewtwo.

"You have no idea-

"You are not the only one who cares about him Mewtwo!" Lucario cried finally losing his patience. "I cannot believe that you would disregard yourself and waste your energy by destroying half of the gym. Especially when Ash needs you now more than ever. You tell me that he's saved your life, and when it's time for you to return the favor, you do this!"

He gestured to the ruins of the gym.

Mewtwo was up so fast Lucario didn't even realize it until he was pinned against the wall.

"Don't you dare…don't you dare lecture me about my debt to Ash." Mewtwo said in a dangerous voice. "I know better than anyone what that boy has done for me, and nothing I can do will ever repay him for how he's affected me."

"You think I don't want the same thing you do?" Lucario said. "Nothing would give me greater pleasure that to blast the whole lot of them into oblivion, but that won't help Ash."

Mewtwo's anger was finally calmer and he let Lucario down. Both regarded each other silently, minutes passing by, until Lucario was the first to walk away. He stopped at the doorway.

"You're wrong when you say I don't understand." Lucario said looking to the side, "You weren't the only one he changed for the better nor was I. There's not a number that can count the number of lives he's changed, human and pokemon. He is owed a great debt, and I can honestly say this; he is still needed in this world, and I will do everything in my power to make sure he stays in this world.

He finally looked back, "What will you do?"

As Mewtwo watched his back, he allowed Lucario's words to sink in. Finally as if he made up his mind, he followed the direction Lucario walked through intending to do exactly as Lucario did.

Twenty minutes later an armada of helicopters was stretched across the pad at the base. Squadrons of men and women were loading into the aircrafts. The crafts took flight towards the mountain. Lucario sat next to Aaron as they boarded the final aircraft.

Ash now had less than seventeen hours to get his aura back; the others were trying not to keep track.

Aaron was silent throughout the entire flight, but Lucario could feel the aura of vengeance emanating from him. He was worried about his old master; he knew what kind of path he was heading and he did not like it one bit. He did not know if he would be able to stop him. All he could do was hope for the best and Aaron could catch himself before he went too far.

Mewtwo as usual flew alone, but he knew that they had an understanding. About twenty minutes later the mountain was in view, but that wasn't all.

Malic seemed to have placed an illusionary charm when they first came there because now there was a large fortress in view, with Malic's machine towering over it.

Jackie gave the signal to Lucario and Lucario nodded. He linked with Mewtwo telepathically, telling him that they were up. Mewtwo lifted Lucario out of the helicopter, and the soldiers released the pokemon out of the Pokeballs. Mewtwo also lifted them before they hit the ground. Together the pokemon flew ahead of the helicopters and towards the fortress.

(At Malic's fortress)

Malic was gazing at his creation. It was over 50 feet high, sparking blue lightning. It had two towers used to harness the electricity it produced and a third tower in the middle that towered over the rods. There was a large glass orb, shining a bright blue color. He could feel its powerful vibrations, pulsing with aura... Ash's aura. As he suspected, Ash's aura was enough to sustain the power needed to fuel his machine.

'And' he thought, 'Enough to sustain my eternal life.'

"Sir!" He turned to find one of his minions calling to him.

"We have intruders approaching!"

Malic used his Vision to seek out the intruders. He smirked as he saw who it was. Aaron did not disappoint him. He had anticipated a battle and he looked forward to the fight.

"Chris!" he called.

Chris jogged up to Malic's side. He was wearing his real uniform. He still wore his black boots and pants, but now he wore a tight all black shirt with the Hunters' symbol and wore a dark purple bandana around his neck.

"Prepare the welcoming committee for our guests." Malic smirked.

Chris nodded understanding exactly what he was saying.

"Yes Sir." He smirked.

Malic then called attention to all of his agents.

"Fellow Hunters." He announced, "The time has come for us to fight the Great Battle. I have spoken of this day for many centuries, and now we must act upon it! In order to achieve our goals and for my plan to succeed, we must destroy all those who oppose us! I say this now…there must be no survivors…and I mean NO SURVIVORS!"

There was a loud uproar among the agents. Every Hunter from around the world was gathered in that mountain. Whether they were in the fortress or all across the mountain tops.

"Now men…Prepare for Battle!"

There was another cheer and Chris led the men to the weaponry. They gather guns, bazookas, and long-range cannons for the battle. All of them with the ability to fire Dark Spheres.

Malic climbed the ladder that was built into the wall of his fortress. He climbed all the way to the top balcony and gazed at the armada that was heading his way.

"Let it Begin."

The Hunters threw their Pokeballs in the air and released their pokemon. A huge crowd of Pokemon such as Houndoom, Nidoking, Tyranitar, and too many other species to count had appeared at the forefront of the battlefield.

Meanwhile Lucario had gestured to the pokemon that were below them. Mewtwo nodded and lowered the army to a safe drop then released them. The pokemon jumped to the ground and ran to their opponents.

The fight amongst pokemon had begun.

Jackie looked downwards toward the pokemon fighting. He signaled to the pilot to go a little farther before they deployed.

The plan was simple; Jackie and his men were deployed first, then Lance and his group would follow. Jackie and his men would cause a distraction for Lance's group while they snuck into the Fortress and towards the machine.

Aaron would follow Jackie's group but he would head straight for Malic. He didn't really listen to Jackie or Lance's instructions. All he had on his mind was Malic.

About five miles from the pokemon battle Jackie felt they were close enough to the Fortress. Jackie finally gave the signal and his men took their cue and jumped from the helicopter. Once they were about twenty yards above them they released their parachutes and jumped on any Hunter that was unfortunate enough to be below them.

Once Lance saw the fights begin he gave the same signal to his group. His team only consisted of about twelve to fifteen men. Lance jumped first then his group followed.

Aaron was the last one left on the helicopter. He spotted Malic on the balcony of his Fortress.

"Take me to him!" Aaron commanded. The pilot reluctantly followed his command. Malic didn't make any move to stop the aircraft. If anything he seemed to welcome it. Once the aircraft was about a hundred yards from Malic, Aaron jumped from the aircraft without a parachute or a jetpack. He appeared to have blasted an aura sphere from the wall towards Malic to increase his speed. Before Aaron could even come close to Malic he was swerved from the air into the fortress wall. He was struck hard enough to cause a dent and fell unceremoniously to the floor.

Malic's aura was a mixture of both purple and blue, a mixture of his own aura and Ash's aura. He levitated from the balcony towards Aaron who immediately jumped up from his position to a fighting stance.

Without missing a beat Aaron immediately threw another aura sphere directly at Malic. Unfortunately Malic was able to deflect it with ease. He finally reached the ground and slowly walked towards Malic.

Aaron didn't even bother to question why he was going so slowly, he just ran towards him with his fist raised, pulsing with aura.

With a roar of rage Aaron punched Malic or at least tried to. Malic was able to catch Aaron's fist and threw him across the room into some computers in the lab.

Aaron merely shook off his stupor and ran towards Malic again.

Jackie and his men were doing everything they could to distract the Hunters. There seemed to be at least five Hunters to ever G-man or Ranger.

Jackie had just finished one Hunter and was about to help one of his comrades until someone stepped in his way.

"Hey Jack," Chris said, "Don't you wanna play?"

Jackie narrowed his eyes and readied his fists. There was no holding back this time, he had to give everything he got in this fight.

"Bring it."

Lance and his men were able to sneak into one of the tunnels without being seen.

"Hurry!" Lance urged, "We have to make it to that machine as soon as possible."

As they reached out of the tunnel they quickly found themselves in the lab. Unfortunately they were facing over forty Hunters with Dark Sphere guns.

"This is going to take longer than I thought."

Mewtwo looked down sadly as the Pokemon continued to fight. There were punches, kicks, bites, scratches. All sorts of attacks were used.

'Never again did I think I would face another battle against pokemon.'

He dodged a dark sphere that was heading towards him. Mewtwo's role was to attack and lead all aerial pokemon. He also defended those who were threatened by the dark spheres that were shot from the Fortress.

Lucario was using his combat skills and spheres to any enemy pokemon he could find. Pikachu was close to him using all of his power. Lucario wanted to keep Pikachu close to him partly to protect him.

Lucario suddenly felt a presence and saw that Mewtwo was on his other side.

"Lucario!" Mewtwo said, "Go and aid Aaron."

Lucario looked up in surprise at Mewtwo.

"Go!" Mewtwo urged again as he pushed a Rhihorn away from them. "I will take care of these pokemon.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted his agreement.

"Go with him!" Mewtwo ordered to Pikachu.

"Pika?" Pikachu tilted his head in confusion.

"Why?" Lucario asked also confused.

"You're going to need help if you plan to stop Aaron, now go!" Mewtwo roared.

Lucario knew that there was no time to argue, he quickly placed Pikachu on his shoulder and ran towards the Fortress in pursuit of his master.

"Come on Aaron." Malic goaded. "Is that the best you can do?"

"Believe me; you have not yet seen what I am capable of." Aaron snarled as he threw another punch. His fist was caught and Malic punched his stomach and kicked him to the ground.

Aaron weakly tried to sit up. Blood was trickling from his lip, and there were already signs of fatigue.

"Here I thought you were going to give me a challenge." Malic said, "Considering it was your son at stake."

Aaron jolted and narrowed his eyes. He jumped from his position and tried to attack Malic once more only to be pushed by his Black Magic.

"It's just like Raia all over again isn't Aaron." Malic taunted, "The helplessness, the desperation. The only difference is that you could have actually prevented Ash's death."

"Silence!" Aaron cried. "You know nothing about them!"

Lucario and Pikachu blasted through the doorway of the lab and saw that on one side Lance and his crew was fighting against Hunters while Aaron was fighting against Malic on the other.

Lucario quickly ran towards Aaron. "Master!"

"No Lucario!" Aaron shouted, "Stay Back!"

"You shouldn't turn help away Aaron." Malic said, "At the rate you're going you need all the assistance you can get."

Aaron ignored him and continued to attack him but it was useless either Malic dodged or shielded his attacks. Aaron wasn't able to get a single shot against Malic.

"I've been thinking Aaron," Malic said as he flew into the air to avoid Aaron. "I've been cruel enough to you son, I should just stop his prolonged suffering and end his misery."

Aaron paused at that and Lucario and Pikachu froze in fear at the implication.

"What are you talking about?" Aaron asked in bewilderment.

"I've just been thinking that with all these men here," Malic said gesturing to the battle, "Who is left at the base, and more importantly… who is guarding your son?"

Aaron eyes widened as he realized what he meant. "You wouldn't."

"You and I both know that I would," Malic said triumphantly, "and I already have. As we speak a team of my Hunters is already heading towards the base and they are going to finish what I started with your son."

"You…You Monster!" Aaron roared and ran towards Malic with even more killer intent than he had before. Pikachu quickly joined him; his cheeks were sparking dangerously and pounced on Malic.

As they were fighting Lucario quickly communicated with Mewtwo.

"Mewtwo…MEWTWO!" Lucario cried mentally.

Mewtwo was jolted by Lucario's desperation.

"What is it? What's happening?" Mewtwo asked.

"Malic's sent a group of assassins after Ash!" Lucario said.

"What!" Mewtwo bellowed. His entire body was shaking with rage and his body was sparking. Any Pokemon within ten feet of him was blown away by the sheer force he was emanating from his body and a twenty-foot crater was forming under his feet.

"They're on their way to the base right now!" Lucario cried in his head, "You're the only one who can stop them. You must go, NOW!"

Before Lucario finished his sentence Mewtwo had already soared into the air and was flying towards the base at his greatest speed possible.


There was no one at the base save for Judy and a few of the scientists. They were lounging around the lab. Judy was at the Main Computer maintaining contact with Lance and Jackie, they hadn't contacted her in awhile and she was starting to worry.

The lab was completely soundproof and it was reinforced so they could be protected against a bomb. Because they were in the lab they couldn't hear the footsteps down the hall nor did they see the Hunters place bombs all around the halls of the infirmary.

Celebi and Mew kept diligent watch over Ash; they were pretty oblivious to what was happening. Then when everyone least expected a large explosion was heard. The rooms and halls were vibrating, including the lab. Then one by one each room was completely engulfed in flames and smoke. Both Celebi and Mew saw a large flame heading towards their room. Their stared in shock and fear.

"What was that?!" one of the scientist cried. Judy immediately ran to the cameras and saw that the medical section was completely destroyed. There was a large chunk missing from the side of the building, it was bare and exposed to the outside world where two helicopters full of Hunters with Missile launcher were armed and ready.

"Oh no!" she gasped. She frantically searched for Celebi, Mew, and Ash. She looked to their room and saw a giant translucent bubble.

Mew had quickly place a shield over them. She let her guard down and waited for the smoke to clear once they did she could not believe what she was seeing. Before she could register what she saw both she and Celebi were shot down by dark spheres instantly paralyzing them.

They struggled to move and they looked up to see a Hunter aim a missile launcher directly at Ash.

"No!" They both cried out. At that moment he pulled the trigger and the missile was headed for them.

They could only lay and watch helplessly as it flew towards Ash.

A large explosion was heard and smoke surrounded the area. Neither Celebi nor Mew were injured and they were confused and afraid for Ash's safety. For the second time that day the smoke held a surprise for them.

As the smoke cleared the saw Mewtwo standing protectively in front of Ash, a shield surrounded them and his hand was outstretched towards the helicopter. His eyes were full of malice.

"You touch this boy… over my Dead BODY!" he snarled menacingly.

Judy and the scientists had arrived on the scene. Judy ran towards Celebi and Mew with an injector in her hand. She injected an antidote for their paralysis and they immediately recovered. Wasting no time they joined Mewtwo's side.

Mewtwo glanced at Judy and gestured to Ash. "Get him to safety!" he ordered. Judy nodded and the other scientists followed her and helped her lift him out of the gurney. They rushed to a secluded corner and placed themselves around Ash in a protective circle, Judy was at the center of the group holding Ash to her chest.

"Celebi, go stand in front of the others." Mewtwo ordered. Celebi complied flying towards Judy and the others, leaving Mewtwo and Mew to deal with the Hunters in the helicopters.

Mewtwo sparked his fists. "Are you ready?" He asked Mew not looking at her. Mew nodded silently and together they flew towards the helicopters.

As more dark spheres were launched at them they countered them with their own psychic attacks.

Aaron and Pikachu continued to attack Malic without any success. Aaron's rage had turned him into a completely different person. He now had every intention of killing Malic with no remorse.

Lucario began to fear for his old master. If Aaron really did kill Malic with vengeance in his heart then he would never be the same again. He finally joined in with Pikachu and Aaron only hoping he could provide some kind of help.

Jackie and Chris were still fighting with all their might. They used every martial arts move they were taught.

"Just like old times eh Jackie?" Chris taunted.

"Believe me Chris," Jackie growled, "this is nothing like the old times."

"You're not going to hold this whole Hunter thing against me are you?" Chris asked in a sarcastic voice as he punched Jackie's jaw.

Jackie fell to the ground, but he wiped his jaw and swept Chris off his feet by kicking his ankles while he was still on the ground. As Chris fell down, Jackie jumped up and tried to stomp on his chest with his boot. Chris rolled out of the way and flipped back to his feet. He held his fists in fighting positions.

"How could you?" Jackie spat as they circled each other, "How could you betray us like this?!"

Chris launched a punch at Jackie who did a backflip to dodge it. "And for what…What could you possibly gain by becoming one of Malic's lackeys?!"

"Simple Jack…power." Chris answered darkly. "As long as I work with Malic I'll be able to have all the power I want."

"Is the price of a kid's life really worth it?!" Jackie yelled as he threw a punch towards Chris, "The old Chris would have never done something like this!"

"The old Chris is gone," Chris said dismissively flipping out of Jackie's way, "and so will Ash for that matter."

Jackie froze, "What are you talking about?"

Chris smirked, "By now Malic's assassins should be on their way to put an end to Ash's misery."

Jackie turned towards the direction of the base silently cursing the fact that he couldn't do anything to protect Ash now. He turned back to Chris and began to fight even harder, his anger fueling his determination even more.

Lance and his men were doing everything they could. Lance threw a Hunter against another and he tried to make a break for the machine. However once he was in spitting distance, he got an unpleasant shock. He shook off his stupor and placed a hand in the air at the spot where he got his shock and felt an invisible wall as well as another slight shock. He realized that Malic had placed a powerful shield in front of his Machine. Lance cursed as he wondered what he was going to do about this.

Pikachu, Lucario and Aaron were fighting Malic with everything they had; the entire fight was a series of punches, kicks, Aura spheres and electric attacks. None of it had affected Malic; his entire body was surrounded by blue aura which shielded him from all of the attacks. Malic finally decided that it was time to end it…to end everything.

He flexed his body and let out an animalistic roar. The energy that he released had repelled Lucario, Aaron, and Pikachu into the air and they lay ten feet from him. Malic levitated once more and reached to the very top of his fortress.

He gazed down at all the chaos that he had unleashed and smirked in satisfaction. Everywhere he looked pokemon and human alike were in combat with one another literally fighting to their deaths, Jackie was fighting with Chris, Lance was fighting off with other Hunters while trying to figure out how to get past the shield. His gaze finally landed on the still bodies of Lucario, Pikachu and Aaron.

He raised a fist in Aaron's direction and started to power his fist with dark magic. Just as he was about to shoot Aaron began to stir and he struggled to sit up, all the while gazing at Malic in hatred

"I suppose this is the end Aaron," Malic called, "I suppose I have your son to thank for that. Good-bye old friend."

He shot the energy and all Aaron saw was a bright light.

"Where am I?" Aaron asked himself as he looked around. He was completely surrounded by white.

"Don't worry," A voice said, "You're not dead."

Aaron stiffened, he recognized that voice!

He turned to find Raia standing right behind him.

"Raia!" he gasped.

She smiled, "Hello Aaron."

Aaron ran to her sweeping her into his arms and spinning her into the air.

"I don't believe this!" Aaron said as he finally sat her down. "How is this possible!?"

"I brought you here." Raia said, a solemn look crossing her face.

"But why?" Aaron was confused.

"Aaron," Raia said in a serious voice, "I know what your intentions were with Malic. I felt your rage, your anger, your hatred. It terrified me, you were no longer the man I fell in love with."

"Raia," Aaron said in a desperate voice, "Please understand,"

Raia held up her hand, "I know why you did it, but in your rage and hatred you forgot one of the most basic principles that the Guardians taught you…Never let your rage take control, because then you lose sight of all that matters."


Raia place a hand on her husband's face, he leaned into her touch.

"Remember Aaron," she said, "Remember the love you have in your heart, the love you have for Lucario, for Cameron, for me…for our son."

Aaron's eyes widened as she mentioned Ash.

"Do this for him." She said, "If you hold on to that love, then there is nothing standing in your way of defeating Malic. Remember Aaron."

"I will." Aaron promised looking into Raia's eyes. They leaned in and shared one last kiss, then gave each other one last hug.

"Have faith in Ash," She said leaning into his chest, "He is so much stronger than you even realize. Even now he is working on how to help you."

Aaron pulled back from the embrace in shock, "But How?! He's…"

Raia simply smiled. "He is like you in so many ways Aaron, no matter what the situation he never gives up. Right now his subconscious is channeling his aura into you, giving you strength. When you wake up, you'll feel it. You'll feel Ash's power right here."

She placed a hand on his heart. "He's so strong. Celebi was right Aaron, Fate smiled at us on that fateful day; we were blessed with a wonderful child. We may not have had the chance to raise him, but he's done so many incredible feats. He is his father's son…remember that Aaron."

Aaron grasped her hand, "I love you."

She smiled one last time. "I love you too."

(At Viridian Base)

Mewtwo and Mew were valiantly fighting off the Hunters with great success. They had succeeded in taking down the helicopters, and all of the Hunters had been incapacitated.

Judy's voice rang out. "You guys come quick!"

Mewtwo and Mew quickly turned around and rushed to their side. Judy laid Ash on the ground and she was checking his pulse.

"He's not breathing!" she said in frantic voice, "I can't find his pulse! We're losing him!"

Mewtwo had a look of pure fear on his face, then a moment later, replaced it with a very determined look. Mew was able to read Mewtwo's mind since he didn't have a barrier on it.

Without even thinking Mewtwo placed his hands on Ash's chest, and they were glowing brightly.

"Mewtwo No!" Mew cried out.

She was too late, in a flash Mewtwo slumped to the ground next to Ash's body, out cold.

"What's happening!?" Judy asked frantically.

"He's done a Mind Transfer!" Mew explained rushing to Mewtwo's side, "Basically he's transferred his own mind into Ash's body. He's going to try and communicate with Ash's subconscious, but it's very dangerous."

She and Celebi quickly started to transfer their life energy into Mewtwo and Ash. Celebi quickly understood the severity of the situation when Mew said Mind Transfer.

"I don't understand," Judy said, "How is it dangerous?"

"If Ash dies, Mewtwo dies!" Mew said developing a serious look she rarely had on her face. "That's why very few Psychic pokemon can do Mind Transfer, because once they do there's a very slim chance that they can get back into their own bodies."

Beads of sweat were starting to come down their faces; they strained their bodies trying to keep Mewtwo and Ash alive.

(Ash's subconscious)

Mewtwo was floating around in Ash's mindscape; it was a mixture of a dark blue, purple, and black.

"Ash!" he called out frantically searching for him, "Ash, where are you!"

He continued to call out Ash's name, until he finally saw another figure floating. He quickly rushed to find Ash, completely transparent with his hands held out and his body sparking. His face was in deep concentration, his eyes were scrunched up.

"Ash what are you doing?!" Mewtwo asked incredulously.

Ash looked at Mewtwo momentarily shocked that he was there, but replaced it with his concentration yet again. "I'm trying to summon my Aura; if I can call it from here I can transfer it to Aaron."

"Do you have any idea what you are doing to yourself?!" Mewtwo cried, "If you continue to do this you'll die!"

"I don't care!" Ash shouted. Mewtwo fell back in shock.

Ash was struggling physically, "I have to help them…I can feel it…my aura's calling out to me…if I could just…

Mewtwo looked on as Ash continued to call out his aura, the boy never ceased to amaze him. Even on his death bed he would do anything he could to save the world. Ash's hands started to glow blue and a small sphere was flickering on and off in front of his outstretched hands; Mewtwo stared on in awe, even near death Ash could still pull of unimaginative feats.

Mewtwo's expression changed from amazement to resolve. He walked until he was behind Ash then he sat down behind him. He outstretched his arms until they were on either side of Ash's arms and his own body started to glow blue. Ash was suddenly starting to feel stronger he looked behind him to see Mewtwo behind him.

"What are you doing?" Ash asked.

"I'm transferring my life energy to you." Mewtwo said, "If you're going to help your father, you're going to need all the assistance you can get."

"But what about you?" Ash asked.

"Don't worry about me," Mewtwo said, "I'll be alright, just focus on our combined energies and use mine to help you summon your aura."

Ash reluctantly followed Mewtwo's orders. He closed his eyes and concentrated once more; he focused his energy and Mewtwo's and soon enough the flickering sphere was becoming more solid. Suddenly Ash was able to develop a full-fledged aura; his entire body was glowing blue. Mewtwo stood back and simply stared, not knowing what else he could do.

Ash kept his eyes closed and said a silent prayer to the Aura.

'Please,' he thought, 'please help Aaron, please go to him, he needs you…the world needs him to stop Malic. Don't worry about me, just help Aaron, and give all of my aura to him.'

His body started to flash. Those who were outside gazing at his physical body were shocked to see his body flashing a blinding light of blue, then it shot out of his body and flew to the fortress.

(At the Fortress)

Malic's machine started to beep. The glass orb at the center started to pulse and flash; suddenly a blue light shot out of the machine.

Everyone in the room stared in amazement, whereas Malic stared in horror and rage, as the aura left the Machine and transferred to Aaron's body and intercepted his attack at Aaron.

Aaron woke up feeling stronger than ever. He looked at himself and saw that he was glowing. He knew what Ash had done.

'Ash,' he thought clenching his fists, 'Thank You. I won't fail. Not this time.'

He looked up, all of his malice and hatred replaced by a look of determination and resolve.

"Malic," he called "this will be our last fight."

Malic clenched his teeth and growled he threw his hands up in the air and shot a large Dark Sphere in his direction; Aaron easily threw an Aura sphere to counter it. He looked back at Pikachu and Lucario.

"Leave Malic to me," he said. "Help Lance and the others."

Both pokemon nodded their heads and watched as he ascended into the air and reached Malic's level.

"Don't get cocky Aaron," Malic spat, "You have nowhere near enough power to defeat me."

Aaron merely stared at Malic and started to glow even brighter.

"You have no hold over me anymore Malic," he said in a loud clear voice. "You can't beat me, because I have the one thing you could never achieve."

Malic replied by hurting straight toward Aaron. He quickly moved out of the way and threw another sphere at him.

The real battle had begun.

(With Jackie.)

Jackie smirked as he saw the two colliding forces. "Looks like Aaron just evened up the playing field."

Chris snorted, "It makes no difference, nothing can beat Malic."

"We'll just see about that." Jackie said, and the two began their combat once more.


He diligently tried to break the barrier but to no avail. Lucario and Pikachu ran to his side.

"Let us deal with the shield." Lucario said as he pushed Lance back. He put a palm up and tested the barrier's strength.

"It seems to have weakened in its power." he said to Pikachu, "Our combined forces should be enough to overcome it."

"Kaa!" Pikachu nodded in agreement.

The two summoned all their power into their strongest attack, and simultaneously they shot their attacks at the shield. The machine started to quake and the shield was sparking but a noticeable hole was appearing where they targeted their attacks. Finally the barrier broke.

"Go," Lucario cried to Lance, "There's no telling when the shield could come back on!"

Lance wasted no time in following his orders. He quickly ran through the shield and the minute he crossed the shield appeared once more.

Lance looked back to see the rest of his men fighting off the Hunters. He was on his own in shutting off the machine, he turned back and rushed up to the main control units.

(Viridian Base)

Mew and Celebi continued to transfer their life energy into Mewtwo and Ash's bodies. Mewtwo started to stir and finally flickered his eyes open. He groggily sat up and looked around himself. He immediately sobered up as he realized where he was.

"Are you alright?" Mew asked desperately.

"What happened?" Celebi asked at the same time.

"Ash summoned his aura," Mewtwo said as he looked towards Ash, who had no change whatsoever. "He summoned it from the Machine and transferred it to Aaron.

"That's impossible," Celebi cried, "Ash is in a comatose state. He couldn't have possibly been able to do that."

"This is Ash you are discussing." Mewtwo said, "Impossible is not a word which is in his vocabulary."

Celebi suddenly started to falter and she was lowering herself down. Mewtwo immediately switched spots with Celebi and started to transfer his own energy to Ash.

"Mewtwo no," Celebi weakly argued.

"You're too weak," Mewtwo said, "You've transferred too much of your energy to Ash, mine is still strong enough to stabilize him."

"You just did a Mind Transfer." Mew protested, "You can't…

"I'll be fine!" Mewtwo snapped, "There's no way I'm going to allow this boy to die while I am here."


Aaron and Malic were still engaged in combat. The sky was pitch black, the only light came from the thunder and lightning; not a moment of peace was in the Viridian forest, it was as if the world itself was at war with itself.

As the two titans clashed against one another, both were beginning to reach their limits. With Ash's aura gone, Malic's strength decreased substantially, and Aaron was starting to feel the effects of his previous anger and hatred.

"I have to end this," he thought, "I can't waste anymore time. It has to be stopped here and now."

"Malic!" he called out. Malic paused and looked towards Aaron.

"This is it!" Aaron cried, "Our battle ends here and now!"

Malic scoffed and smirked, "If that's the way you want it, then so be it!"

Malic closed his eyes and raised his hands in the air. He summoned the power of thunder and lightning to fuel his final attack. His hands glowing a dark purple and his hands started to spark once more.

Aaron did the same; he closed his eyes and summoned all his strength. At the same moment both men launched their final attacks.

The beams clashed with a BOOM. Both were struggling to overpower the other but they were evenly matched. Both men were visibly struggling to maintain their attack; beads of sweat were falling from their foreheads. Suddenly Malic's started to gain strength and it was slowly but steadily overpowering Aaron.

'No!' Aaron thought desperately, 'It can't end like this. I can't fail again!'

'It won't.' a voice told him. The aura started to take shape until it finally became Ash.

'Ash,' Aaron thought, 'what are you doing here!?'

'You can do this Aaron!' Ash cried, 'Don't give up. You can beat him.'

Ash placed his hands next to Aaron's and the aura started to grow stronger.

'Remember Aaron,' another voice chimed in. Aaron looked to his other side and saw Raia. She placed her hands on Aaron's.

"Remember who and what you're fighting for."

Aaron stared on in amazement, but finally sobered up. He did exactly as they said; he remembered who he was fighting for. He was fighting for his family, but not for revenge. It was for love, it was to keep everyone he cared about safe, that's what the Guardians had taught him all those years ago.

With Ash and Raia at his side, Aaron gave one final push, and the power was blinding.

As a flash of light occurred, Jackie and Chris both charged at each other knowing that this final move would determine the winner.

Lance glanced helplessly at the controls. He had done everything he could think of, but nothing would work. Lance glanced to the floor and saw a crowbar. He picked it up and did the only thing he could think of. He smashed everything for all it was worth.

Malic struggled to keep his energy alive, but the more he struggled the weaker he became. As a blinding light flashed before his eyes, Malic realized too little too late that Aaron could not be beat.

As the light overshadowed him…He knew no more.

Aaron could only stand by and watch as Malic was enveloped in the light and slowly turned to dust.

'Good-Bye' Aaron thought as the last remnants of Malic scattered in the wind.

The machine started to beep incessantly, and finally it could no longer take the strain and pressure. It shut down and the glass orb carrying the main power source had shattered.

Jackie glanced down at Chris who was lying motionlessly in a pile of rubble.

"Game over." He said.

The sky began to clear and the sun was finally shining through. After witnessing the downfall of their leader and their best agent, they lost the will to fight, and all of the pokemon under Malic's control were set free.

There was a moment of silence. Then roars of victory were heard throughout the forest. The Rangers and G men were cheering in victory. Lance and Jackie were standing on the balcony with Lucario and Pikachu at their sides, were gazing down at the battlefield, smiling at the triumph of their men.

Aaron flew to their side and lowered himself down.

"You did it." Lance said.

Aaron shook his head, "No, we did it."

"Whew!" Jackie fell back on the railing with a huge sigh, "If this is what saving the world feels like, then I have no idea how Ash does it."

The rest smiled in good humor at his joke, but it was immediately dropped as they remembered.

"Ash!" They all cried.

Aaron nodded solemnly, "We have to hurry, he doesn't have much time left."

(Viridian Base)

"They did it!" Judy cried in joy. The rest of the scientists joined in her happiness, but it soon ended as they saw that the pokemon did not share their cheer.

Mewtwo was desperately trying to keep Ash alive, he could feel him slipping.

"He's slipping!" he cried, "The summoning decreased his time. Where are they?!"

"They'll be here." Celebi assured him. Suddenly the whirring of helicopters could be heard. They all looked to see a helicopter descending upon them, before it even landed, Aaron, Lucario and Pikachu jumped off and ran towards the group.

"Is everyone alright!?" Aaron called,

"Forget about us!" Judy cried, "Ash doesn't have much longer!"

Aaron immediately fell to the ground and Mewtwo moved to make room for him. Aaron cupped his hands and a blue sphere appeared in his hands. He gently set it towards Ash's heart.

"Please," he whispered, "don't make me lose my son."

(Ash's Mindscape)

He was surrounded by white as he glanced around; suddenly he felt a presence behind him. He looked and saw a beautiful woman in a simple white dress. As he got a closer look he realized who it was.


She put a finger to his lips. "It's not your time yet Ash. You're still needed on earth."

Ash said nothing, he simply stared. So many questions, so many thoughts were going through his head. There were so many things he wanted to say.

"There's nothing you have to say." Raia said, as if reading his mind. "I know what you feel."

She suddenly hugged him out of nowhere. "I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud of the person you've become. Never did I imagine that the Fates would grant me such an extraordinary child. I'm grateful for the time we had, and I am grateful that you and Aaron can have the chance to meet."

Ash was starting to overcome with emotion.

"I…" he began, he suddenly started to fade.

"It's time for you to go back." She said as she too started to fade.

"No wait!" Ash called out.

"Don't worry," Her voice carried out, "I will always be with you…and Ash…I love you too."

Ash could only express all he was feeling in one word.


Ash started to open his eyes and he could see that sunset was already coming up. He saw that he was surrounded by everyone, and he could see Aaron kneeled in front of him.

Ash smiled softly. "I knew you could do it." He told Aaron.

Aaron took Ash into his arms and held him tightly to his chest. It was their first hug ever.

"Not without you." He said in a shaky voice, "Not without you."

(Pallet town)- One week later

In Professor Oak's lab, all of Ash's friends and family was there including Tracey and Gary. Two weeks had passed by without a single word of Ash's whereabouts. Delia was sick with worry; she kept gazing outside the window as if she expected Ash to come walking up the trail.

Suddenly the group could hear the sounds of a helicopter; they looked out a window and could see a helicopter in the distance. They all rushed outside as they saw it was going to descend.

They gazed as it finally landed, they waited in anticipation as the door opened. They looked in amazement as Ash stepped outside with Pikachu on his shoulder. Once Delia saw him she ran and hugged him for all he was worth. Ash hugged back with equal force.

"My baby," She said in tears, "My baby."

"I'm home Mom." Ash said, "I'm home."

Everyone stayed behind and allowed them to have their reunion. Once they parted the rest of the group immediately ran towards Ash and expressed their happiness and relief that he had returned.

The group was surprised when more guests had appeared out of the helicopter, and were awed at the fact that some of the world's greatest heroes and pokemon exited the aircraft.

Ash looked back and took his mother's hand and led her to the group.

"Guys," he addressed the rest of the group, "This is my mother. Mom this is Lance, Jackie, Mew, Celebi, Mewtwo and Lucario."

"Thank you for taking care of my son." Delia said gratefully.

"Mom there's someone I want you to meet." Ash said, he led her to Aaron.

"Aaron, this is my mother." Ash said, "Mom this is Aaron, he's…my birth father."

Delia froze at those words and gazed at the man who was her son's father.

"It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am." Aaron said bowing to her. "You've raised quite a fine young man here."

Delia could only nod as she was still in shock.

Jackie laughed nervously as if to break the tension. "I guess we owe you an explanation."

It was sunset, and Ash and the others had just finished explaining what had been going on the past two weeks (minus the crazy warlock, the plot to take over the world, and the near death of Ash).

Ash's friends and family gazed in amazement as they were told the revelations. They could scarcely believe that Ash was from the past and his father was actually one of the greatest heroes of all time.

Soon enough the time came for the men to depart. They allowed Ash some time alone to say good-bye to them.

"I can't thank you guys enough for everything." Ash said.

"Kid," Jackie said, "If anything we should be thanking you."

"Me?" Ash said in shock, "What did I do?"

They stared on in incredulity, the boy never ceased to amaze them.

"Sometimes kid, you're too modest for your own good." Jackie said ruffling Ash's hair.

"What will you guys do?" Ash asked.

"Jackie and I have decided to combine our institutions into one organization." Lance explained, "Since we both have the same cause, we might as well work together."

"That's great!" Ash said, "What will you call yourselves?"

"That part was easy." Jackie said. "The Guardians."

Ash smiled as the others laughed.

"Well, gotta go." Jackie said, "See you Ash." Jackie ruffled Ash's hair one last time and hopped in the helicopter.

"Bye, Ash." Lance said, squeezing Ash's shoulder and following Jackie.

Ash looked towards the three legendaries. "What will you do?"

"I'm going back to the Tree of Beginning." Mew said, "They need me back, but I'll drop by and visit when I can." She flew away until she could be seen no more.

"It's time for me to go as well." Celebi said, "I'm not sure where but I'll go somewhere."

"Thanks for everything Celebi." Ash said.

Celebi only smiled and disappeared in a flash of light.

Ash looked towards Mewtwo. "Where are you headed?"

"I'm going to join with the Guardians." Mewtwo answered. "Who knows what trouble they can cause together."

Ash smiled, which Mewtwo returned. He handed Ash a small round communicator.

"This is to keep in touch." Mewtwo explained, "Should you ever need me, just press this red button."

"Thanks Mewtwo" Ash said, accepting the gift. "Take care of yourself."

Mewtwo only nodded and flew into the air.

It was finally Lucario and Aaron's turn.

For a moment they stared at each other in silence.

"I don't know what to say." Ash said.

"You don't have to say anything." Aaron said, "I'm just so glad that I could meet you. I'm so proud of you Ash; you have no idea how important you are to me, to the world."

"I'm going to miss you both so much." Ash said.

"Not both of us" Lucario intervened, "I discussed this with Aaron, and he's agreed to allow me to stay with you and help you continue your training, if you'll have me."

"You're going to stay here?" Ash asked in shock.

"If that's what you want." Aaron said.

"Of course it's okay with me!" Ash cried in excitement. "I'm really glad you're staying Lucario!"

Lucario only smiled and walked back into the lab giving the father and son time alone.

"I'm glad." Aaron said, "Before I go, I want you to have this."

He handed Ash another communicator similar to Mewtwo's, only it was like a Pokedex.

"This allows us to communicate with one another," Aaron said, "So if you ever need to talk all you have to do is use this."

"Thanks Aaron." Ash said.

"I suppose that's it then," Aaron said. "Take care Ash…I'll see you soon."

He turned to the helicopter but Ash's voice stopped him.

"Wait!" he called out. Aaron turned and fell back as Ash flung himself towards Aaron and hugged him with all his strength.

"I'll miss you…Dad." Ash said, his voice muffled by Aaron's chest. Aaron hugged him back and rubbed the back of his head.

"I'll miss you too." Aaron said, "But don't worry we'll see each other soon, I promise."

Ash nodded and they held each other a minute longer. They let each other go, and Ash watched as they flew into the air. He could see Aaron's face through the window. They waved at each other until they couldn't see each other any more.

"Bye Dad." Ash whispered. He walked back to the lab, back to his journey.

Only time would tell the adventures that awaited them next.


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