I couldn't possibly quite process the words that were being thrown at me. I briefly questioned if this was all just a bad dream. It had to be. I desperately prayed and held on to that explanation.

I watched his lips move, but my brain was moving to slow to process what was coming out of those precious lips.

"I'm sorry Bella." He said before flittering away. No Bella this surly wasn't a dream. I tried to follow him into the woods but quickly realized it was a lost cause. I roamed the area aimlessly hoping I would find him and convince him to stay….wishful thinking.

I felt my grip of emotions spiraling out of control that it seemed to weigh me down. I fell down to my knees staring at my hands as the tears strolled down my face.

What had I done wrong?

I curled up into a fetus position replaying the last week over and over. It was pure torture to see him but it was the only way I could possibly feel close to him.

It would be as if I never existed. Echoed and seemed to tremble the very soul of me.

Could I ever quite grasp the fact that he was gone? Could I ever move on and live my life as if he ever existed…. Never!

Edward was the soul of me. With his departure there was nothing in this very spot where I lay. I was simply a hollow shell.

I laid there allowing the slumber to take over. I welcomed it with open arms. Anything would be better than this cruel reality.