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The figure seemed to be looming in the sunlight, covered by dark clothing. I teased and tested my power, and it told me that it was indeed James. I snarled and grabbed Bella's arm, pulling her along with me until we were at the ballet studio door. I balled my hand in a fist and swung it back, only to knock out the glass of the door. I reached through and opened the door from the inside. I ripped the door open, and flung Bella inside, yelling, "Go!"

I turned back, and the figure named James was almost closing in on me, so I started after Bella, who was fumbling up the stairs that I felt lead to a ballet studio room. We stumbled up the wooden stairs together, and I let my power boom, hopefully finding someone that could help us soon.

Bella lead me down a narrow tiled hallway, and she and I crashed into a beautiful hardwood floored ballet studio with mirros lining the walls and the single bar. Above us, was a lot of windows just touching the ceiling. The light streamed in, and hit me at a strange angle, making me sparkle once more.

"Hello, Blondie, Bella," A sudden voice said, and I let loose a snarl that even scared me. Rage and fear mixed into one strange emotion I couldn't name, but whatever it was, it was driving me.

James kicked the door down, and it popped off the hinges and crashed with a large bang and made me wince. His hair was wild, and his eyes were bright red, and he was angry. He grinned a snarl at me, and lunged, turning into a blur even in my vampire vision.

I was on the ground suddenly, and I could feel his weight on me. His hands were blurs as I felt my hair being yanked out by it's roots, and I could hear the clicking of his eyes crashing together as he attempted to snap at my neck, but my arms kept him from doing that. I tried to kick or punch him off, but all I managed to do in my blind fury was rip off one of his ears with a metalic screeching noise. He gasped and his hands flew to his ear, and I took that as an advantage; I kicked him off me in one swift movement. All I heard was Bella gasp and James crash into the mirrored walls, which snapped and shattered under the force I threw him at.

I was on my feet in seconds, and in front of Bella, snarling wildly. Bella was cowarding against a mirror wall, but that didn't matter as James was back on his feet, pieces of glass fluttering to the ground as he lunged for me again.

He crashed into me, and we went flying backwards in a barage of snarling and screaming. He pinned me against a mirror wall, and I could hear the glass crashing under the force he was applying on me; one hand was around my throat, and the other was pinning my wrists together.

"You just live your life not wondering what happens, but I can tell you, you've got the best side of the stick. You've never felt blood lust before, have you? Not like I have, that's for sure." James laughed evilly before going on. "You just dance around like a bleach-blonde haired hippie and drink animal blood with what's-his-face . . . the burly one . . . oh, yeah, that's right, his name is Emmett, right?"

A snarl rippled from my throat and almost shook the air. My fury was starting to peak, and I wanted to hit him.

"And that is the rudest yes I've ever heard," he said, shaking his head like a disappointed parent. "Victoria!" He cried.

He jumped back, and grinned furiously. I started after him, flinging myself forward, but a weight crashed into me and threw me backward against the wall again. I could hear the splintering of glass as the redhead was pinning me against the wall, smashing my head back against the glass to make large shattering noises, and my head now started to ache and my limbs started tingling.

Past Victoria's shoulder, I could see James grinning and starting for Bella, who was breathing quite rapidly.

I started to kick and scream, but no matter what I did, Victoria was somehow stronger, and she kept a strong hold on me against the glass. I let my power boom out, and I could feel that five people were driving my direction as fast as they could, but they were about four city blocks away; I hadn't noticed them before because I hadn't been paying attention. I tested my power, and I felt that they were all in a hurry and following a slightly flora scent.

My scent. It was my family.

Suddenly, James was holding Bella in his arms like he was her lover. One hand had a wrist in it, and the other was wrapped around her waist. He was baring his teeth and grinning again, as he lifted the bare wrist to his mouth.

The crisp sound of flesh being ripped open acomplained both mine and Bella's bloodcurdling screams.

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