Pairing/Characters: Sonny Crocket, Ricardo Tubbs, with a mention of Sonny/Caroline

Disclaimer: Miami Vice belongs to Michael Mann and company.

Notes: Set during 1x01 "Brother's Keeper."

After he learns about Scott's behaviour, he feels hollow and on the fine edge of complete burn out. One wrong step and he'll go tumbling over that edge. He's not even sure what's real anymore in a world where a former partner and close friend can betray him for seventy grand. Right now, Burnett seems more real to him than anything about Sonny Crockett does.

Tubbs doesn't say anything when he stops at a payphone. It's as if Tubbs realizes that vengeance and justice need to wait until Sonny's validated his life before casually racing into what might very well be his death. He drops the coin into the slot and calls Caroline, needing to know in this suddenly insane world if what they had was real and if there's something out there that he can still trust in.