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"You look amazing, no other bride has ever looked as beautiful as you," I smiled at Leah.

She gave me a nervous smile back while biting her bottom lip; I could tell she was trying to keep her nerves under control, though I couldn't help but think some of it wasn't nerves, but just wanting to get this over with and officially and finally start her married life with Josh.

Never thought I would be using the words 'married' and 'Josh' in the same sentence, I mused to myself.

"Can I come in?" I heard Seth ask from outside the door.

"Yes," I replied. When he came in I couldn't help but think how amazingly sexy he looked standing there in his tux. I know that I'm lucky to have such a great, sweet and caring guy as Seth, and Lord knows the boy wasn't too hard on the eyes.

"Alice said that it's almost time, so, are you two ready?" he asked looking between Leah and I.

"I am, but I'm not too sure about—"

"Hell, yes, I'm ready. If it were up to me we would've just gone to Vegas," Leah told him interrupting me as she grabbed his arm. I couldn't help but laugh at her statement because of the complete truth that was behind it. If it wasn't for Sue practically begging her and using the whole "I want to see my only daughter get married" card and Alice asking her non-stop to let her plan the wedding, the two love birds would've been hitched a long time ago.

I couldn't contain my small laugh as I followed them out of our small tent down the beach, I could heard the soft music getting louder with each step we took. Not only was I laughing at the sight of Leah practically dragging Seth by the arm to the aisle, but also from the memory of her explosion at Alice and everyone when it came to planning this event.


"Now we have to pick the type of font, the size, color, wording and designs for the invitations," Alice listed as she went down her list. Though she was able to remember everything perfectly, I think the list was more so Leah knew how much longer it would be.

"Alice, I've been here since eight! Freaking eight AM!" she growled glaring daggers at the small vampire. "And it's almost seven PM! All I want to do is leave, go home and relax. Why can't we just go with something generic on almost everything except the very few things I actually do care about?"

"Because, you don't want to look back on your wedding day and see how generic and common it was do you? Your wedding day is supposed to be as special and unique as you. Believe me, after having so many different types of weddings in this family, you want to make it special and unique in some way," she stated matter of factly as she pulled out more things to make the invitations.

"I'm not that unique anymore," Leah jokingly glared at me. "Someone had to phase and steal my she-wolf thunder."

"Don't hate the player hate the game," I smiled back at her as I flipped through one of the hundreds of magazines that covered the Cullen's dining room table.

"Anyway," Alice cut in before we started to tease each other and forgot all about the wedding planning she was trying to do. "We need to make this the biggest wedding event that La Push has ever seen."

"Why can't we just have something simple? If I would've known that it would've escaladed up to this, I would've just made Josh take me to Vegas. That's all I want. Simple. Small. And at the end of the day for us to be man and wife," she groaned before Alice continued with her one track wedding mind.

"Leah, I'm sorry to say this but I think you're the only one that wants a small simple wedding," Alice told her patting her hand sympathetically. I had to try and hold in a laugh as Leah looked down growling at the pixie-like vampire.

"That's not true, because I know that Josh wanted a small simple wedding too."

As if on cue, right at that moment the groom-to-be came in the door pulling a few pieces of folded up paper from his pocket.

"Josh tell them what you told me," Leah demanded right after he gave her a kiss. "About the wedding and how you also wanted a small simple one," she answered his very confused look.

"Yeah, I did want that," he agreed as Leah sat there a bit smug probably hoping it would help tone down Alice's over the top wedding planning. "But…" Josh dragged out the word looking away from Leah with a guilty look in his eyes.

"But what?" she looked at him as if challenging him to counter the statement he just made.

"It maybe, kind of, sort of has to be a big wedding…because you know how we were just going to have about maybe at most fifty-ish people?" he let his voice trail off a bit as she nodded slowly still with the glaring and challenging look on her face. "Well…the number of guests might be a bit more than what we were planning on in the beginning."

"What do you mean? How much more?" You could see her shaking with her hands balled into fists. Josh could tell that he was treading on very dangerous grounds. As you can tell, we have heard nothing but complaints from Leah about how she's the bride and she should have the kind of wedding she wants. While everyone else, mostly just Alice keeps making it bigger and more complicated. Josh wasn't an idiot, and he knew whatever number came out of his mouth would either let him just barely stay on her good side, or would put him on her hit list that I'm sure she has already made.

He mumbled something so soft that none of us heard. And just from that we all knew his name would soon be on the list too. You could just hear someone start chanting, "Dead man walking." Though for all I know that could've been Emmett chanting that from upstairs.

"What did you just say?" Leah hissed. I swear if it was possible lasers would be shooting out of her eyes and straight through Josh's head.

"About a hundred or so more…" he said quietly looking down as if that would keep him safe. As our eyes trailed from Josh to Leah, I'm sure we were all a bit worried about the red color that was starting to tint her tan skin. Not only that, you could see the anger bubbling up and about to explode.

"What number exactly?" she asked with her voice trembling slightly.

"With the final count…and remember this is only how many we're inviting, not how many will be there, Angel," he smiled trying to diffuse some of her anger. "But the final count is…two hundred people," he continued still trying to smile to help his case.

"Two hundred people," she mumbled as the rest of us were waiting to the inevitable blow up. "Two hundred people! TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE!" she shouted and I swear flames came out of her mouth as she shook the walls of the house with her shouting. You could see Josh cringe and withdraw into himself not wanting to take the brunt of her anger.

"Are you people crazy? Why the hell would we need two hundred people? How the hell are they going to even all be able to come to a wedding in LA PUSH? You know that small reservation that barely has a few hundred people? This is MY wedding. So I AM going to have a say of who is there and what kind of wedding it's going to be? If ANY of you so much as argue with that then I'm going to show you just how much of an evil harpy bitch I can be, are we clear?"

Once her rant was over we all just stood there in silence looking at each other. Slowly her eyes that were lit up with angry fire were darting between each of us daring one of us to be the first to talk. It seems like we were all standing there for an eternity, I don't even remember being able to hear the clock ticking. So, I'm pretty sure she even scared the shit out of the clock. Besides if it did make any noise I'm sure she would've cracked and threw it across the room.

I don't think any of us cared to notice the garage door open. Because all of our eyes snapped to Esme as she made her way into the kitchen. "Leah, I'm glad that you're still here. I was just in Port Angeles doing a little shopping when I saw a wedding magazine—"and that's all she got out before a loud shriek interrupted her. Then all of our eyes quickly shot to Leah as she punched a hole into the wall and then proceeded to grab Josh's shirt with a look of pure anger in her eyes.

"That's it!" she shouted as she dragged him to the front door.

"Angel, where are we going?" he asked tentatively.

"Vegas," she growled as Alice moved slightly towards them. Leah shot her a glare that would scare even the most fearsome vampire. "Take one more step and I'll make sure your closet is ruined when I get back," she challenged. Alice held her hands up in surrender as Leah dragged her future husband through the door with a slightly scared look in his eyes. I'm sure all of us felt bad for him, scared that he would say the wrong thing and would come back in pieces.

"I was just going to say that the wedding magazine has a good article on handling wedding planning stress as well as an overenthusiastic wedding planner," Esme told us. "I didn't think it would make her so mad, since I was trying to help her."

**End Flashback**

Eventually a calm Leah came back a few hours later and the first thing she did was apologize to poor Esme who was completely confused until we explained to her what had happened. Like always she was kind and understanding, forgiving Leah right away. Then she dealt with Alice who was in the process of trying to think of hiding places for her clothes since she couldn't see if Leah was really going to ruin her clothes or not. After a lot of arguing and peace making by Esme and I, both Leah and Alice had an understanding to what kind of wedding it would be and the rules Alice had to follow.

All of that lead us to now, the soft music fading as Pastor Webber asks everyone to rise. The soft sound of piano fills the air as Edward plays Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. I looked down the aisle and was first able to see Seth tower over everyone as he led Leah towards the end of the aisle. Once there I'm sure everyone couldn't take their eyes off of the bride. She wore a simple white halter dress. It was slim and tight fitting around her top and breasts, which I'm sure Josh loved. And then it flowed down covering her white sandal heels.

I tore my eyes from Leah, to look at my brother who couldn't look happier. I'm sure everyone could see the love that practically radiated from those two. Neither of their eyes trailed from one another, as their smiles got wider the closer they got.

Seth gave his sister away, turned and gave me a little smirk, winking at me. I winked back at him smiling as we turned to face the couple of the day. Once vows were exchanged, a kiss was made and cheers and congratulations were given to the newlyweds, only a couple dozen of us headed back to our homes to change for the reception. The deal was that there could be as many people as possible to the wedding, but the reception list was all up to Leah.

Instead of some nice fancy reception, Leah and Josh agreed that something small and casual would be better. Though I'm sure Josh could care less just wanting to get to the honeymoon part. Since Seth and I have been living up in a campus apartment while we went to UW, we stayed at his mom's house. He got a scholarship as well and was doing some part-time work, and I was going to school full-time, and worked a bit at a diner just down the road from us. Though both Seth and my dad didn't want me having a job and wanted me to focus on just school during our freshman year.

"God, you look so beautiful," Seth whispered into my ear once we got into his old bedroom. His lips started to ghost along my neck as I felt his hot breath making a shiver run down my spine. "I can't wait till we're back home so I can have my way with your delicious body." I could feel the smile against my shoulders as he started unzipping my strapless purple formfitting dress.

"But for now since we're still in your mother's house then we should be good," I told him pushing him out of the room and shutting the door locking it.

"Hey, not fair! Please?"

"Nope, I have to change first, then you can change," I laughed because I could practically hear him pout through the door. I heard him grumble and I tried to stifle a giggle as I started to get changed into a pair of jeans and a tank top. Once I was done I opened the door and saw Seth standing against the wall opposite of the door with his arms crossed over his chest. I couldn't help but lick my lips at how he looked even sexier with his tie off, shirt unbuttoned and his sleeves on his dress shirt rolled up his arms.

"Like what you see?" he asked pulling me to him wrapping me in his warm embrace running his nose along my neck and shoulders. I just nodded dragging my nails down his chest pressing into him. "What was that?" he asked and I could hear the smile in his voice that he got whenever he could tell how he affected me.

"You know how sexy I find you," I told him leaning my head back as he start to nibble his way along my collar bone making my body start turning into mush. His hands trailed down and gave my ass a playful spank making me jerk against him and feel his hardness right where I wanted him.

"Damn, you smell so good," he groaned into my ear sliding a hand between us to cup my aching core and rubbing in the perfect spot that made my legs go weak and a loud moan escape my lips. "But as you said we should wait." He quickly pulled back and maneuvered around me and went into his room.

"Ass," I mumbled trying to get a hold of my sexual frustration. I could hear his laugh through the closed door as I shot a glare making him feel it through the thick wooden door before I made my way downstairs.

Once he finally dragged his annoying ass down the stairs we headed back to First Beach and started to help everyone set up. Obviously the newlyweds weren't there yet, but pretty much everyone else was.

"I can't believe this day is almost over," Mom said beside me as she put all the food on the tables. "Ali, make sure the Pack's table is already well stocked and far enough from this food that they eat all of theirs first." I smiled and nodded as I headed over to where Sue was setting all the food up for the Pack.

"Soon my house will really be empty," Sue smiled over at me as she took my hand in hers. I couldn't help but look down at the beautiful ring that will always let everyone know I'm Seth's. "I'm so happy that you two are going to be getting married in a few short months."

"Yeah, and I'm sure it's going to be just as much and hectic as this one was," I replied smiling over at her. We both knew how crazy these last few days have been. We've all been running around it seems like there was never enough hours in the day.

"We have practice since we were able to get this one done so far without anything disastrous happening. So we'll have a lot of practice by the time you and Seth get married," she smiled a bit sadly. I gave her a warm embrace kissing her cheek and she quickly wiped any possible tears away. "I'm fine, it's just I wish Harry could be here to see both of our babies weddings. He would have loved both you and Josh. He always worried that Leah wouldn't find anyone after everything that happened with Sam. But now everything is perfect, but I know he's here and watching over the kids. Truly, I feel like he conspired with the Spirits to bring your family to ours," she smiled at me, tucking my hair behind my ear and gently patting my cheek in a motherly way.

We got back to setting the table and eventually all the food that had been cooked over the past twenty four hours was all set out and ready to be eaten. Slowly, but eventually everyone was here and some of the kids were playing by the water building small castles, while we all stood there waiting for the newlyweds.

"Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please?" Emmett bellowed loudly getting everyone's attention. "The couple of the hour, the newlyweds who probably want to skip all this right now and head straight to their honeymoon to have some bow chica wow wow time—"

"Emmett," Esme scolded.

"Sorry," he apologized with a smirk still on his face, though I'm sure we all knew that he wasn't apologetic at all. "But anyways, here they are Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Uley."

Once he announced them they came over the hill and Josh gave Emmett a friendly punch in the arm. We all clapped as they made their way to where most of us were gathered. Hugs and kisses were shared, but it wasn't long till the guys were sneaking food from the tables and we finally started to eat.

I sat on the beach playing with Claire while Quil cliff dived with the guys. We were in the middle of building a small castle, more like a wet sand mound, when I was instantly lifted in the air and spun around. I couldn't help the squeal and giggle that escaped my lips as kisses assaulted me all over.

"Seth! Seth!"

"Claire! Claire!" he responded smiling bending over resting his hands on his knees. She motioned for him to bend down all the way so she could whisper into his ear. He knelt down all the way as she cupped her hands around her mouth and tried to whisper quiet enough so I wouldn't hear what she would say. Claire knew we were wolves and our abilities but still always tried to find a way around them, mostly when she was trying to get her way with someone new.

"Can you take me cliff diving off the low part?" she whispered.

"Are you allowed?" he asked whispering back and playing along.

She stood there rocking back and forth from the heel to the balls of her feet. You could see her trying to come up with an answer to his question that would be truthful but yet still let her get her way. After a few moments of Seth trying not to smile since he knew the answer already, she shrugged her lil shoulders.

"Why don't we ask Emily," he suggested standing up.

"No!" she yelled grabbing his hand.

"Why not?"

"Because…" she trailed off trying to finish her sentence.

"C'mon, let's ask her. There she is, Emily?" he called over to her as Claire held onto his hand digging her heels into the sand trying to stop him.

"What's up you two?" she asked.

"I was just wondering if Claire is able to—"

"Have more cake," Claire interrupted him.

"I guess but just a small piece," she replied as Claire said a quick thank you and headed towards the large dessert table. "I'm guessing that wasn't the real question?"

"No she was gonna try to see if Seth would take her cliff diving," I answered as I walked up beside Seth wrapping my arms around his waist as he held me close.

"That girl is too adventurous and ambitious for her own good," Emily mumbled shaking her head.

"Yeah, Quil's going to have his hands full with her once she gets older," Seth laughed.

"With the way he can be I'm glad he'll have someone to take up his time," I commented.

Once Quil was back he was the one that had to handle Claire and her adventurous and mischievous ways. As the sun started to set the newlyweds took off to their honeymoon. Since Leah's never really been anywhere else besides the Rez, in human form, they were going to travel the world anywhere they want for the next month or so.

"Hey there beautiful lady, why are you here all alone?" Seth said winking at me cheesy.

I rolled my eyes. "Well I was here with my man, but I'm not sure where he is."

"You know I think you should forget him and come take a ride in the Seth-train."

Trying not to laugh I bit my lip until I was able to keep my composure. "How could I ever pass up an offer like that?" I jumped up wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He caught me giving my ass a squeeze and I couldn't hold in the laugh anymore.

He quieted my laughing by kissing me, which I didn't mind at all. Running my fingers through his hair, I gently fisted it deepening the kiss.

"Is your mom gonna be home tonight?" I mumbled against his lips.

"She's going over Charlie's. I don't even want to think what they'll be doing tonight," he replied making a face.

"Then you should start focusing on what we'll be doing. Race you home big boy," I smiled pulling myself from his arms. Because I knew he was strong enough to take it, I crawled up onto his shoulders and jumped off his shoulders and phased landing just beyond the tree line.

"Why does it seem that I'm always chasing after you?" He asked once he had phased.

"Maybe it's because you like the view from behind."

"That's true but when we're on two legs. But times like now, it's just a hairy ass. That's one thing I never thought I'd think or say…my girl has a hairy ass!"

We both gave a wolfy laugh as we ran the rest of the way to his mom's house. One there we didn't stop running as I ran all the way up to his old room locking the door.

"Hey, don't make me break the door down," he called through the door knocking on it and jiggling the lock.

"I'm not sure maybe I'll just go take a nice long shower and other things, since there is a removable shower head in there." I giggled when I heard him curse under his breath.

"Damn it woman you're going to kill me," he groaned.

"That's a bit hard to do. But you have fun trying to open the door I'll be taking a nice, long, relaxing and naughty shower." I heard a loud growl from behind the door followed by a loud crack of the door breaking. Before I was able to make it to the bathroom I was tackled onto the bed. The force of him tackling me made us slam against the wall beside the bed, denting and making a hole in the wall.

We both ignored the small demolition and started fight for dominance, rolling around as much as we could on the small bed. Once I was able to pin him under me, weather he let me or not, I smiled in triumph. On a hook on the wall was a small conductor's hat. Grabbing it, I tried to put it on, but it was a bit small so I just set it on the top of my head.

"All aboard," I smiled.

"You ready to start the ride?" he asked running his hands along my body till they found purchase on my breasts. Massaging them lightly, I arched against his touch silently begging for more. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked and I could hear the smile in his voice. Looking down I saw the smile that I loved on his face as his eyes caressed my body.

"Probably as much as you're enjoying yourself," I replied rocking my hips against his. His audible moan let me know exactly how he felt. Leaning down we shared a passionate yet gentle kiss as I slowly slid myself down onto him, loving the way we fit perfectly together.

Sitting up I was able to feel him slide completely into me. Cursing under my breath I dug my nails into his chest. The chest that had two tattoos of my paw prints. I got his paw prints one on either side of my original tattoo. Some of the Pack thought marking each other that way was a bit cheesy, but we loved them.

Seth thrust up into me breaking me from my previous thoughts. Sliding his hands from my breasts down to my hips he set a slow perfect rhythm for us. Not having to rush we took our times exploring each other's bodies. No dip, curve or inch of skin went untouched as fingers, lips and tongues caressed. It wasn't too long for the soft and gentle caresses to become passionate and needy, not being able to get close enough.

He lifted me up pressing my front against the wall as he pushed deep inside of me from behind. I couldn't help the noise escaping my lips as he pinned me between his body and the wall.

"God you're so fucking beautiful and perfect," he growled into my ear as he clasped my hands in his pinning them above my head. Turning my head towards him, I captured his lips with mine sucking on his bottom lip.

"Seth!" I yelped when I felt his cock thrust into me at a different angle that made me feel him all over me. I felt every each of his movements from the tips of my fingers down to my toes that were curling. Every thrust, whispered word and moan made the tightening in my stomach increase more and more.

Leaning our foreheads against each other's we communicated everything that went unsaid. All the emotion, pleasure and the lust that expelled from our bodies filling the room until neither of us could take it anymore. Together our bodies found the peak together and took that leap into pure ecstasy.

Once we finally caught our breath we smiled at each other as we laid down on the small bed. When I looked around at the damage that his small childhood room took, I couldn't help but giggle.

"What's so funny?" he asked twirling the ends of my hair around his fingers.

"Have you not noticed the destruction that has happened to your room?" I asked gesturing to the me-sized dent in the wall we had done, the hole and the broken door.

"Well I guess we can't hide what we did tonight to mom," he shrugged.

"Whoever talks to her first about this let her know we'll pay for all this to get fixed. I would feel bad to have her pay for the result of our activities."

"Mhmm," he mumbled kissing the top of my head as he held me close against him. Draping my arm across his waist, I snuggled into his side. He picked up my hand kissing right above my ring. "When do you think anyone will realize that this is actually two rings and we've been married since I proposed?"

"Technically, it was three days after you proposed," I argued.

"Okay, Miss. Technical, you know what I mean," he replied rolling his eyes.

"I'm sure Alice would've noticed by now if she wasn't so involved with Leah's wedding. But if nothing we'll let everyone know that the wedding we're planning, is just so they don't all feel left out."

"I guess it doesn't help that I don't have a ring on."

"You think," I replied with a duh tone.

"Well we got an early meeting tomorrow, so goodnight Mrs. Clearwater."

"Night Mr. Clearwater," I smiled as we shared a soft kiss.

"Love you."

"Love you more."

"Love you the mostest."



"And always?" I asked.

"Hellz yeah," he whispered kissing my head before we fell asleep.

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