Not really a continuation, just a quick cracky what happened next scene:

There were mainly tomatoes but Arthur varied his missiles with the odd mouldy cabbage, soggy carrots and courgettes.

"Let. That. Be. A. Lesson. To. You," he punctuated each word with a throw.

Merlin nodded miserably. He felt like one giant, drippy mess although at least the hangover was now gone. He'd sparred enough with Arthur to know the throws were designed not to injure but they still stung. Plus it was humiliating.

Even Gaius had come along and sniggered at Merlin although the physician was kind enough to slip some arnica salve into one of Merlin's imprisoned hands. Uther was a brooding black-gloved presence throughout, his expression only briefly lightening when a particularly nasty decomposing cabbage had exploded spectacularly at Merlin's feet.

At last there was only one large marrow left. Arthur dismissed the crowds who had been waving and cheering and began unlocking the metal catches holding Merlin's wrists and head.

Merlin looked at vegetable. "What about that?"

Arthur ran a surreptitious hand along Merlin's thigh and waggled his eyebrows suggestively. He spoke softly, so that only Merlin could hear, "Yes, well, I thought we might be needing that one later."

(This really is the end.)