A Blast from the Past has a Proposition

Why was I here? Oh ya. Professor thought me and Logan should go on a mission. Just the two of us. Thank the lord we see each other as father and daughter. If we didn't then I don't think I could stand being around him.


"Yeah shugah."

"Have you ever been to New Orleans before?"

"Yeah. Actually ah lived here most of mah lahfe."

"When did you first come here?"

"Mystique brought meh here from Mississippi when ah was six. As soon as ah turned fifteen ah was taken to this Assassins Group. While there ah trained 'till ah was eightteen. Afteh that ah figured out the truth of why she adopted meh so ah ran away."

"Kid you are a southener and ya haven't been here in seven years?"

"Yeah shugah pretteh much."

"Stripes why were we sent on the mission?"

"Well one ah lived here most o' mah lahfe so ah know it lahke the back of mah hand. Two he thought weh would have the most luck. We should if ya don' blow a gasget lahke ya usually do."

A girl was walking down the streets that looked oddly familiar. It was Belladonna!


"Roguée!!" asked the perky blonde known as Belladonna.

"Shugah ah can' believe it. Ya shure have changed. Let meh introduce ya to mah friend. Logan this is Bella. Bella this is Logan."

"Nice ta meet ya homme."

"Nice to meet you too. I think." He said as an after thought.

"Oh Rogue merci dieu ya are here. De homme in the T'ieves Guild he is a mutant. De Assassins need ya to get rid of 'im."

"Stripes you were a murderer?"

"Ah nevah murdered anyone. It was mah first job. Plus it was called Assassins. So it was there job. Anyway ah can get rid o' him. Ah was real good friends with his fatheh and Tante Mattie. So ah can trick them and slice his throat."

"Tanks so much Chere. Well I gotta go. Nice ta meet ya mesuior."

"Stripes are you really goin' to-"

"No shugah. Ah just said that so she would get off mah back. Since ah always did her dirty work ah know where they live."

"Kid are job just got easier."

"Yeah follow meh and weh can get there much fasteh."

We walked for about half an hour. When we got to the mansion I realised that not much had changed. Logan and I walked up to the door. Once we reached it I knocked on the door. Like two minutes later an old lady that I knew could only be Tante Mattie opened the door.

"Hello who are you? Also what are you doin' here? Dis is private property." said Tante Mattie.

'Shugah ya mean afteh all these years ya still don' recognize meh?"

"Rogue?! Hold on one moment."

The door closed and then re-opened as far as it could go. This time she remembered her glasses.

"Jean Luc get down here! An old friend decided to come for a visit."

"Tante we came to hang out yes. We also came to talk about something important with Jean-Luc."

Jean Luc had come down stairs and seen me.

"Rogue! Oh dis is de best suprise. What has takin' ya so long Chere?"

"Ah been busy savin' the world. Can we please come in and talk?"

"Of course Chere. Make yourself feel welcome. Who is your ami?"

I walked in and leaned against the wall while Logan stayed near the doorway.

"Oh Jean Luc this is Logan. Logan Jean Luc."

"Hey Stripes I am goin' to look in the swamps while you have your Lebeau reunion."

"Jus' don' get lost shugah."

"Let moi real quick get de hommes down here." said Tante Mattie." HENRI, EMIL, REMY GET DOWN HERE TO SEE AN' OL' AMI!!!"

"Ah am only twenty-fahve Tante. Plus ah don' think Remy will take a lahkin' ta meh."

"Why is dat chere?" asked Jean Luc.

"Um when he didn' marreh Bella ah was suppost ta kill 'im. Thang is ah didn' have the heart so that is when the X-men found meh."

Suddenly I heard thrumming against the floor boards so I am guessing the boys are coming down here. Next thing I know I am knocked to the ground with Henri on top of me.

"Cajun get OFF of meh raght now!!"

"Chere is dat you?" asked Henri.

He could make alot of noise because the other boys hadn't come down yet.

"No it's Santa. Who do ya think shugah?"

"Sorry Rogue."

He got off of me careful to stay away from my showing skin.

"So shugah where are your brothers? Ah need ta talk ta one of 'em an' your dad."

I got up while he told me.

"Dey are havin' a bet in the middle of de swamps. Come on an' I show ya."

"Let meh tell Logan where ah am goin'!"

We walked outside but I had a feeling that he knew.

"Stripes I found 'im and another cajun."

"Follow Henri an' he will show us shugah."

He led us through the swamps until we saw to men fighting with their bo-staffs.

"Emil can you stop for a sec homme?" asked Henri.

"Oui. Truce for ten minutes tops?"

"Oui." said Remy.

When Emil turned around Remy pushed him so he landed in the swamp.

"Not cool. Anyway what do ya need bro?"

"An old friend came to visit."

"Is it Merci or Taylor?"

"Just come out of the swamp and see." said Henri.

When Emil came out and saw me he literally pounced onto me.

"Get off meh swamp rat!! Ah came here ta see y'all yes. To smell lahke the swamps no."

He let go of me so I picked him up and flew over the deepest part of the swamp and "accidentally" dropped him.

"Hey I thought you were betteh than that chere!!"

"Ya learn somethin' new everyday swamp rat. Now look ah need ta talk ta Remy and Jean Luc alone. So Remy please come with meh."

"Okay chere."

I could tell Remy was tryin' to flirt and get close to me. I ignored it. 5,4,3,2,1, Logan noticed what he was doin' and grabbed him by the collar. Now Remy was pinned on a tree and Logan was about to make a familiar sound. 5,4,3,2,1, snikt! I know Logan WAY to well.

"Logan it's okay. Ah am sure Remy will pay the price either way."

"Stripes are you sure?"

"Yeah shugah just put 'im down."

He dropped Remy and I heard the usual thud so we headed back to Remy's home. When we reached there Jean-Luc was waiting for us.

"Well I think Stripes wants to cut to the chase."

"Thanks shugah. Well here it is. Ah know your sons a mutant."