Remy fought the other X-men as they turned on him. "Y' guys! Remy desole! He know Rogue! Logan!?"

Logan was leaning against the wall, watching the whole scene. It interested him when crap like this happened. "Leave gumbo alone, X-men."

"Logan!" Scott protested.

"You weren't there when Rogue and I were in New Orleans. Now either you give him a break and we find Sabertooth, or I'LL turn on you."

The X-men stopped the fighting immediately and looked around. "Like..where's Rogue and Sabertooth?"

Jean scanned the land and gasped. "We have to hurry." Jean said as she began to float in the air.

Logan sniffed the air and growled. He smelled poison. Remy raised an eyebrow, but he and the rest of the X-men followed them as they ran outside and onto the blackbird. Inside, Kurt, John, and Piotr lay on the ground while Rogue was gasping for the tiniest bit of breathe. "STRIPES!" Logan shouted as he rushed to her side.


"T-took...y-y'all...lo-long enough." she gasped out.

"Oh mon dieu. Remy so desole, chere. He shoulda seen through Magneto's plot."

Rogue smiled meekly, but the pain in her eyes was visible. " rat."

Remy cupped her cheek and Logan growled. "It is, stripes. You might be dieing!"

"Ma-maghgt? Shug-shugah...ah'-ah've b-been...dah-dahin' the...las-last hal-half...hou-hour."

"We'll get you home, kid. You won't be diein' today."

Rogue half smiled and shakingly raised a hand to his cheek. "A-ah...alw-always...lahk-lahked...tha-that 'bout...y-ya...Log-Logan."


Remy stayed silent as the two talked. They reminded him so much of a proper father and daughter. "Y-ya...alw-always...l-look on...the-"

Rogue didn't finish as she slowly slid her eyes closed. "Non! Chere, y' gotta stay awake."

"He's right, kid. We have to make sure you don't get a concussion."

"Y-y''" Rogue said as she changed her gaze from Logan to Remy.


"Logan? Come help us up here." Scott said as they started the blackbird up.

Logan left grudgingly and Remy gave all his attention to Rogue. "At-atleast...ah-ah'll...ha-have ya... in dah (die)."

Remy looked into her eyes as his own filled with tears. "Remy just found y', chere. He can't loose y'."

Rogue smiled and said, "Ya...nev-neveh did. Ah-ah'll alw-always...beh wi-with...ya."

Remy watched as her hand reached his cheek and he held it there. He watched as her eyes paled as did her face. "Chere?"

"It-it's fahne, Re-Rem. Re-remembeh...ah' wi-with...ya."

Her eyes slowly closed and he felt her hand relax and fall into his hand. She took one last breath and her other hand rested on her stomach. "Je t'aime, mon cherie." he said as he lightly kissed her lips.

"Gumbo?" Logan said as he walked back to his side.

Remy let a single tear fall down his face as he placed Rogue's hand over her other one. "She wit' de anges now, Logan."

Logan looked away and squeezed his eyes shut to stop the tears from coming. "Stripes..."

"She'll be fine, homme. Y' trained de femme well."

"I hope so."

Remy watched as Logan turned away and told the others the news. He turned to look out the wondow and heard the wind whisper, "Ah'll always beh with ya."

MONTHS! It took MONTHS to come up with this ending. I REALLY hope you don't start attacking me with pitchforls because it took sooooooooo long. I's here ain't it? Well...I hope it was worth the wait and I hope you liked it.

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