OK then, its been months since I did any of my stories. But I really like Princess Ressurection and I wanted to make a story about this. I was happy they made a section for it. Most of this plot still takes place during the series, way before the zombies and before the trial. Give me a break ok, I still have writers block ok and the opening is short so don't blame me. I hope you enjoy this fic "Princess Festival"

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Princess Festival

"Prologue- Opening"

(Cue Blood Queen Opening then ends to credits)

Hiro looked at the clock and back at the school board as he waiting for class to be over.

'My guess is that when I get home I will have to do errands for Sawawa as usual, or Riza dragging me off, or probably Hime making me do things' he thought as he remembered that as he got home the girls would pull him everywhere.

'When Hime came into my life, she revived me and I have to help her survive in order for me to live'he sighed at the memory of Hime coming into his life and chaos would happen to her, then it would be over almost like it didn't happen.

Hiro snapped out his thoughts when he heard the bell ring, all students began to leave the classroom.

"Don't forget students the whole school is planning a festival next week, the school wants every student to participate in this" the teacher said and made Hiro slightly confused.

"A festival?" he said to himself as he left for home.

"It's not common for a school to have a festival" he said as he came close to the mansion, current home of Hiro, Sawawa, and their mistress Hime.

"Finally home" he said as he opened the door believing to be at peace, "Hiro!" said a loud voice and he winced knowing his peace didn't last long.

A girl holding a helmet appeared behind the door, she had short red hair, golden eyes, wearing a short black top, and brown pants. Hiro knew better she was Riza Wildman, a half-werewolf girl and younger sister of Lobo Wildman who was killed by Hime, but his true killer was out there and she would stop at nothing to avenge his death.

"Hiro about time you got back come with me" she said as she grabbed his arm.

"What, Riza I just got back?!" he said at this as he practically being dragged away.

"Where are you going Hiro?" said a feminine voice that made Hiro turn around.

It was a young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a black dress, with fingerless gloves, boots and silver tiara. What made her stand out were her unnatural red eyes with tiny black slits. Next to her looked like a little girl wearing a maid outfit, but Hiro and Hime knew better. This is Flandre, Hime's android and bodyguard.

"Remember Hiro, you are my blood warrior and your suppose to protect your master" she said, Flandre nodded to this and added "Huga."

'I just got home and now I get caught up with this' he thought as he heard another voice.

"Hiro good thing your home I want to go out for me and get some things for dinner" said a voice that Hiro knew and turned to his left. It was his sister Sawawa, it made him wonder why she was so oblivious to the danger and bizarre things that happen around him.

"Hiro!!!" all the girls shouted at once to get his attention, he couldn't take it anymore and passed out from being overwhelmed.

Unknowing to anyone, something was watching them from the windows and observed them with its glowing red eyes.

Authoress' notes: I don't own Princess Ressurection

I know its short, but I did my best with this first opening prologue. The next chapter will come later, just give me some time to think about it. Here's a hint for the next chapter.

"A school festival huh?" Hime said with thought in her voice and looked at Hiro. He wondered what she was thinking about, but as soon it felt like eternity she smiled. Scence changes to the school grounds with a lone figure in the shadows.

That's it for the preview of the next chapter, some of that stuff may not be in order, but I'll work it out.

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