Seth's POV

I've been denying this too long. I need to let it out.

But what if I hurt someone?

I've got to do it … now.

I looked up at Leah. How would she react to this? I know she's my sister and all, but…

I looked up at Jacob. He was laying on his back in the sunlight, with his top off. I sighed.

"Guys," I stood up, "I need to tell you something."

"Okay," smiled Jacob as he squinted up at me.

"Well, umm…" where do I begin, "Umm…"

"Spit it out, dumbass," Leah, obviously.

"I think I know why I'm not imprinting," I was shaking now," I'm…I'm gay."

"WHAT" Leah shrieked, "You're GAY. I can't be related to someone who's gay. What will the girls at school think? What will they say?"

Leah went crazy, saying all sorts of words. (Words that I, as the author, will keep from your eyes because I'm not in the right kind of mood to use them.) She bounded off into the woods as a grey wolf, leaving me and Jacob staring at the trees that she had destroyed. We were alone.

"So, when did you decide you were gay," Jacob said.

"Well, obviously just now. I think you would have heard it otherwise."

My reply was strong. Stronger than I thought it could be.

Suddenly, I thought of me and Jacob together. Hand in hand, arm in arm. It seemed so great, so wonderful.

"Woah!" Jacob's voice startled me.

"Oh, sorry, you weren't meant to see that!"

"No, don't worry, you see, the thing is…" I love you to. His thoughts finished it off for him.

"What?!" I shouted.

"I love you to. I never really imprinted on Nessie. I only did it to be close to Bella. To be honest, I think Renesmee is a spoilt brat. But I don't care about Bella anymore. I care about you," Jake said passionately, "A lot."

Suddenly we were walking towards each other, before we knew it we nothing more than an inch away. Our thoughts said exactly what we wanted to do.

No! I heard Leah shout in despair. But we were beyond listening to anyone now. It seemed quick but really we'd been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now we were in it we wanted to make the most of it.

"I've never kissed someone before," I whispered. How dumb was that?

"That wasn't dumb," Jacob comforted me, "It's just like when you kiss Leah, but longer and more intimate."

"I never kiss Leah"

"Oh. You're mum?"

"Not since I was eight."

"What about your dad."

My dad. Yeah I'd kissed my dad. The last time I kissed him was when he was cold and stiff with no life left in him at all. The last time I kissed him was when he was dead. Something wet ran down my cheek.

Jacob wiped it away saying, "I'm sorry. Slip of the tongue. I shouldn't have said anything."

I couldn't help it, the memory of my dad was just too much. I burst out crying.

Soz about da dodgy story line and the massivo amount of speech. No.1 the story line is from something on my profile. Do it yourself if you want. No.2 I no im terrible at writing which is why ive got too much speech. Don't include it in your review.


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