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SPOV (Seth)

"Seth, get ready! We are going to that party whether you like it or not!" My sister, Leah, yelled at me from upstairs. I didn't want to go tonight. We were having some big werewolf party to talk about our history. There wasn't a point. We had all heard these stories before, many times. And I just felt like something was about to happen, not specifically bad, just different.

I decided that if I didn't get ready now, Leah would just force me to in five minutes.

BPOV (Bella)

"Bella, how about you come down to La Push? We're having a party tonight," Jake tried to convince me over the phone.
"I don't know, Jake," I said, trying to let him down easily.
"Just one night, it won't hurt anyone. Please…"
His begging was starting to get the best of me. "Okay. Fine. I'll be there."

Even though I knew Edward had heard every single word of that conversation, I told him anyway. He wasn't very happy.
"So… Jake invited me down to La Push tonight for some party. I told him I'd go…" I started.
"Bella, I don't like having you around so many werewolves. But you'll probably just go anyway, so sure. May I please drop you off at the treaty line though?" Edward asked innocently.
"Oh, of course. I won't be gone too long. But if I don't go tonight I'm sure there will be a party tomorrow night that Jake wants me to go too," I said, and we both laughed because we knew it was true.
I went to the bathroom to start getting ready. I had a consistent knot in my stomach; I wanted to make myself believe that it was leaving Edward or anticipation to see Jacob and all my other La Push friends. I knew better than that. Last time I had this feeling; it was just a couple days after my 18th birthday. Memories I didn't want to stir up again. I was back in my bedroom now and Edward saw the look on my face.
"Bella, what's wrong? You don't have to go tonight. Unless you want to, of course?" Edward said, trying to guess the look for my expression.
"No, that's not it. I just have a funny feeling. I guess it's time to go…" I decided.
"Yes." Edward walked outside and we got into the Volvo. When what I guessed was the treaty line, I turned around and gave Edward a kiss. He started kissing back, and I realized we were kissing a little too passionately for public. Well, as public as pulled over on a small town road can be, with Jake our only witness.

When Edward politely broke up the kiss, Jake was glaring at us.
"Go. Have fun," Edward said and got out to open my door. I walked over to Jake who started to be happy to be able to spend more than 10 minutes with me.

"So, what exactly is happening tonight?" I said after I just couldn't bear with the awkward silence a second longer.
"Well, it's this big bonfire. One of the elders will tell the story of how we…came to be. It's the first night for a few of them to hear it, after knowing everything's true. "
"So I'll be the only human there. Sounds fun, and awkward."
"Not not the only one. You and all the "imprintees" will be there," He laughed at himself for creating the word "imprintees."


We were at the bonfire but only us, Sam, Emily, and Quil were there. I hoped Jared wouldn't show up, even though I knew he would. I don't think I could spend another minute around Jared and Kim. They disgusted me with all their true love stuff. Not all of could imprint and find our soul mate. Some of actually had to… date. Ugh. Then Jacob, of course. He was all obsessed over Bella. I hadn't seen her in a while. Not since I changed. But that's all he ever talked about. I was lucky enough to have avoided his thoughts. Speak of the devil… Jake's Rabbit had just pulled up. Man, he loved that car. He went to the other side of the car to let out, none other than, Bella.

My heart leaped. It suddenly felt like there were a million bungee cords in between us. Trying to get us closer together. She was suddenly holding me down to the Earth. Then Bella looked up, and stared at me.

That's when Jake looked up. "No! Seth! Not her, please. I'm begging you." Bella looked confused for a minute, but then I guess she got it. The way we had stared at each other and then. Jake's reaction. She looked down and blushed. But I saw the smile on her face. That was all it took. I took a few long strides over to where she and Jake were standing.
"You know I can't help it Jake. It just…" I trailed off. I ran my hand from Bella's ear down to her chin, and back again. All the stories were true. It was like feeling so much emotion for one person that you can't even figure out what to say, or do. But we were perfect together.


We had just arrived at the bonfire. I was stunned when Jake came around and opened my door for me. I avoided looking up; I knew I would fall if I took my eyes off the bumpy ground. Maybe I'd just call Edward to come get me. Maybe I shouldn't have come. Then I looked up. There he was. It couldn't have been Seth. He looked so much bigger, so handsome. I couldn't begin to explain. He was staring back at me. It looked like he was sharing feelings. Like he was looking at me with as much complete admiration as I was him. Jake turned to see what or whom I was staring at like that. That's when he saw Seth.

"No! Seth! Please, not her. I'm begging you," I was confused for a minute, and then I got it. What had happened just now between me and Seth. He had imprinted. I looked down and blushed. But I was smiling. It was actually very sweet. Even though I had made fun of the concept of imprinting just a couple weeks before.

"You know I can't help it, Jake," he walked over to us, and took my face in his hands. I was probably staring at him like an idiot, but I just didn't care. I loved him with everything in me. The endless Jake and Edward battle didn't matter anymore. I had Seth. Oh no, I just remembered…Edward.

EPOV (Edward)

My phone started ringing and I picked it up instantly since it might've been Bella. I wish she hadn't had gone. It felt like something was about to happen.

"Hey, Alice?" I asked into the phone.
"Yeah. Hey, Edward. I don't mean to alarm you at all. I just thought you should know, Bella's future just disappeared," Alice said, sounding alarmed herself.
"Oh, I know. She went to a party thing in La Push with a bunch of the mutts. She's been there about a half an hour or so."
"Wait, that makes no sense. When I say just disappeared… it only happened a few minutes ago."
"Oh, well, maybe she just hadn't been around them long of enough for the future to get the memo." I joked with her and she hung up the phone. I had just been trying to make myself feel better. I couldn't shake this feeling from my stomach that something was wrong.

Later…. EPOV

It was midnight. Bella had gotten there at 6. Her future was still missing, and I was freaking out. I picked up my cell phone and decided it was time to call her.


Ugh! I couldn't stand it anymore. Bella had been my date! I knew Seth couldn't have helped it, but did it have to be Bella!? My Bella? They weren't even kissing… anymore. They were just staring into each other's eyes being all lovey dovey and crap. Bella's phone started ringing.
"Hey, Bella! Your phone is ringing," I shouted, the stories had ended quite a while ago. Now we were all talking and eating.
"God, Jake. She was almost asleep. Thanks. Give me the phone," Seth yelled back at me. So I threw the phone at his face, which earned a sleepy glare from Bella.


I couldn't help but feel like I was betraying Edward at first. But it hadn't been my choice. Seth and I were perfect for each other. The stories had been interesting, but the person sitting next to me was so much more. I knew I had come as Jake's date. So at one point, I had asked him if he wanted to come sit by us. He declined and I blushed, guessing we were grossing some of them out. Jared and Kim were sitting next to us. They were still all lovey dovey since they had only imprinted a couple weeks ago. I had my head on Seth's shoulder and was almost asleep when Jake ruined it.
"Hey Bella! Your phone is ringing," Jake shouted at me across the fire. Everyone was eating now, or talking.
"God, Jake. She was almost asleep. Thanks. Give me the phone," Seth yelled at him, but not without covering my ear with his hand so I didn't need to be woken up any further. Jake threw the phone at him, well more like his face. I was tired but that didn't mean I couldn't glare at Jake for that move.
"Hello?" Seth asked into the phone.


Bella and I had barely listened to story time, we were mainly just looking at each other. Her head was on my shoulder and I was rubbing circles on her back. I knew she still felt a little guilty about her whole relationship with the bloodsucker, but that was one of the many characteristics I liked about her. And Edward seemed like a pretty cool guy. Except for the whole part about dating my Bella. She had almost calmed down and I thought she was about to fall asleep when stupid Jacob had to ruin it. She needed sleep, it looked like she hadn't gotten any in weeks.

"Hey Bella! Your phone is ringing," Jake yelled at her. I squeezed her shoulder.
"God, Jake. She was almost asleep. Thanks. Give me the phone," I yelled at him. But first I covered her exposed ear with my hand so she wouldn't be woken further with the noise.
"Hello?" I asked into the phone, not knowing what to expect.


"Hello?" I heard an unfamiliar voice answer Bella's phone. I sighed, I knew something was wrong.
"Hello. This is Edward Cullen. May I ask who I'm speaking to?" I tried to be polite. I hoped the sound of my voice didn't give me away.
I heard whoever it was tell someone that it was Edward, and then I heard a yawn and a sigh. This wasn't turning out well.
"Oh, well…Hi. This is Seth. Seth Clearwater. I've heard so much about you from Bella." I hated the way this Seth person said my Bella's name. It was like Jacob only so much worse because I didn't even know this guy. His voice was filled with love and adoration. I hated it.
"Okay…so why isn't it Bella answering her phone?" I asked, testing him.
"Well, actually, she's almost asleep. Jake rudely woke her up when her phone rang, so I insisted that I answered it. So she could go back to sleep," he said.
At least we were on the same page about how we felt about Jacob. I figured he must be a werewolf, too.

"Wait, so if she's asleep… I should probably come pick her up. Tell Jacob I'll be there in a few minutes," I said, I already had my car keys in hand.
"Um… Actually I was planning on giving her a ride home. This is awkward." I didn't want this guy around Bella for one more second. He was defiantly a werewolf.
"I don't think that's such a good idea." I was trying to stay calm.
I heard Bella say "let me have the phone" on the other line in the background.
"Hello?" She had defiantly been asleep. Her voice sounded very tired.
"Bella, I'll be there in a few minutes," I said, about to go outside.
"No. Just let Seth take me home. I'll see you at school tomorrow, and then we'll talk." I understood. She was implying too not come in through her window tonight. I tried to tell myself that it was just because she was tired.
"And you trust this guy to drive you home?" I asked, hoping she would say no.
"Of course." I saw that coming. She hung up and I went into my room and tried to wait until I could hear someone's thoughts that sounded the least bit important. Then I heard a familiar voice, thought, whatever. It was Jacob. (A/N: Just italics is Jacob. Italics and bold is Quil. That's just for right now though.)

They think I overreacted. Yeah, right. Just wait till they tell Cullen. He's going to flip his lid.

What was I going to overreact to? I was freaking out. He was having a conversation with someone… Quil. They had phased and were running around town.

I want to be around when that happens. He'll probably kill someone.

If I wasn't worried before… I was now.

But they're so happy they won't care. They'll just go on living happy lives. Ugh! Why her?!

This wasn't good. I should stop listening. I was happy when Alice opened the door, maybe she could distract me.

"Edward, what's wrong? I know something's wrong. I can feel it," She said. I knew she wouldn't be the one to distract me.

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