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"Bella, we're here," Alice said to me over the phone.

They had left Forks several years ago, and Alice and Edward were jeapordizing everything to be here today. I tried to convince them out of it, that Sophia would understand. But they wouldn't have it. I had talked to them since they had left. We talked on the phone regularly, but I hadn't seen them in person since I was twenty-four.

Today was Sophie's wedding.

She was only 20, but I couldn't judge. Due to the fact that I got married right out of high school.

Only a few weeks after she had changed, she imprinted on a guy named Collin. There was already a Collin in the pack, but just a few days after she imprinted...he changed too. They were inseperable from that point on.

Sophia had sent an invitation to Alice and Edward, even though I told her they probably wouldn't be able to come.

When they walked into our house, I was suprised. They both looked old. Not as old as me as I was in my late 30's, but old enough. They would definatly be able to fool anyone if they happened to see them.

"Alice!" Sophia yelled as she ran downstairs. She ran up to her and hugged her. This was my evidence that they didn't smell that bad to each other. They were able to hug without even wrinkling their noses.

"Soph, you're going to ruin your makeup! I'll be back upstairs in a minute," I warned her.

She did what I said, as she wanted to look perfect tonight.

"You did her makeup? You sure have changed in the last fifteen years!" Alice exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's what age does to you! I was in my early twentys when I saw you guys last."

"Mommy, who are they?" I heard a little whisper behind me.

"Aubrey, this is your Aunt Alice and your Uncle Edward," I said to her, as she came to hug my leg. "Where's your brother?"

"I'm right here." I heard a louder voice.

"Alice, Edward. This is Caleb and Aubrey. They just turned seven a few weeks ago."

"They look exactly like you, Bella." I heard Edward for the first time in a while.

"Thank you. And how is Kate?" Edward looked suprised. Oops, I forgot that he didn't know I knew.

A few months after they had left Forks to go move on to the next place, Alice had called to let me know that Edward wasn't suffering any more. They had gone to Alaska, and were staying with the Denali Clan. Kate and him had hit off and they had been together ever since.

Edward turned around to glare at Alice. "She's good. She said she was sorry she couldn't come, but she didn't want to impose."

"She's welcome here, as are you guys. But I don't want to cause you any problems."

"You won't. We wanted to come," Alice said, bubbily as ever.

"Oh, hello. Alice. Edward," I heard a voice boom behind me.

"Hey Seth. How are things?" Edward said, turning his attention to Seth, as he made his way toward us.

"They're great. Can't believe Sophie is getting married, but I guess I knew it was coming. Seth's a cool kid. At least I still have Aubrey and Caleb for now."

Aubrey laughed, and Seth picked her up into his arms. Caleb was still standing next to me, and I had my arm around him.

"And how's Jasper?" I said to Alice. Aubrey and Caleb knew all the stories, and they knew they were true. But I didn't want to be talking about it in front of them right now.

"He's great. He's in complete control of himself now. Almost as good as Edward, even though Edward here won't admit that."

I smiled. "Some things never change."

Edward glared at us, and then Alice and I went upstairs to finish Sophia's hair.

I heard Edward and Seth talking downstairs, and I was hoping they were getting along. Today needed to be perfect for Sophia.

As we were doing her hair, I tried to make conversation.

"What have you guys been up to since the last time we talked?" I asked Alice.

"Well, we've been staying in eastern Oregon for the last couple years, but it will be time for us to leave again soon enough. Kate's been staying with us, but goes to visit up in Alaska quite a bit. She doesn't want to be away from Tanya and them. How about you?"

"Aubrey and Caleb are quite a handful. But were lucky to have Sophia, she's a great babysitter when we need one." Soph groaned when I said this. "And maybe we take advantage of that a little bit. But other then that, not much. Seth is still pretty close with the pack, since it's mostly the same people. Once Sam proposed, he stopped phasing as well but they're still living in the same house. Leah also stopped and moved to Nebraska. Charlie passed away a couple years ago. On the job. There was a disturbance at one of the houses right outside of town, and he got shot. It was pretty bad on me, but I made it through. Mostly because of my family, they helped me a lot for about half a year."

"I'm so sorry to hear about that. I hope you're okay now. Aubrey and Caleb are wonderful. And you sure have grown." Alice said poking Sophia's shoulder.

"Honestly, I've missed you guys quite a bit. You were always there for me. Even after Edward and I seperated," I vented.

"You're welcome. You were always part of the family, even if it weren't for Edward. And you always will be part of the family," Alice said, giving me a one armed hug.

After another few minutes, we were done with her hair, and went to get her dress.

"You know, Soph, I would've loved to have planned your mom's wedding. But she decided to elope. And I'm sure if you had gone to Vegas and eloped, then your mom would've been mad. Now she knows how I felt."

Sophia laughed, but I just glared at Alice.

"You planned the reception, and her baby shower! Be happy that you got that!"

Sophia was still laughing about our argument.

"No arguing today. It's my wedding day, and it's going to be perfect!" Sophia spoke up.

We stopped arguging, and helped her put on her dress.

"Wow, Soph, you look beautiful," I said to her, tearing up.

"Mom, don't cry. You'll ruin your makeup." I laughed at her. She was such a girly girl, Alice would be proud.

We let her go first down the stairs, where Seth and Edward were waiting patiently.

"Soph, you look beautiful. It's a good thing I like Collin, or I don't think I'd be letting you do this," Seth said, threatening like any father would. Collin was a good kid, though. And he would definatly take care of our daughter.

"I remember when you were about six years old. You'd sit on the couch with me at our old house, and tell me about the wedding you had planned. That dress looks just like the one you've fantisized about," Edward said to her.

"I know. That's why I picked it. You'd always sit there and listen to me for hours as I described every single detail."

Edward smiled at the memory.

"Well, I guess it's time to go," Sophia continued.

Alice and Edward got into a new Porshce, and the rest of us got into Seth's car. They followed us and we drove off to our oldest daughter's wedding.

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