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It was Christmas Eve, and House & Wilson were slouching on the sofa, relaxing after finishing their takeaway dinner. House lazily looked from Wilson to in front of him at the small, white tree and the present below it - for him. His smile got even bigger when Wilson kissed the corner of his mouth.

"I'm off to bed. Coming?" He asked, getting up and heading for their bedroom.

"Yeah, I'll be just a minute." House replied, limping to the cupboard and pulling out Wilsons present. Softly, he placed it under their tree, then went to bed. He grinned when he saw Wilson, already in bed. His face was buried in the pillow - House knew that his lover had to work double shifts over the weekend, and ended up sleeping on his office couch. They were both glad when Cuddy cleared them both for the holidays.

House quietly changed into his pyjama pants and removed his shirt before sliding into bed facing Wilson. Smiling, he softly placed a kiss on the sleeping mans lips before slinging his arm around him, quickly falling asleep.

It was Wilson who woke up first, surprised at how much House had snuggled up to him in the night - his face was resting on his chest above his heart and his arm still around Wilsons waist. Unfortunately, he had an incredible urge to pee. Carefully he slid out from under Houses arm and ran to the bathroom. While Wilson was in the bathroom, House slowly woke up, confused that his lover wasn't next to him, and gradually got up and stretched out the muscles in his back. Wilson chose that moment to re-appear from the bathroom and embraced House from behind, kissing his neck. He turned around so he could wrap his arms around his lover and capture Wilsons lips in a passionate kiss.

"Merry Christmas, James." House mumbled, slightly smiling.

"Merry Christmas, Greg." Wilson smiled, leading his lover into the living room and sitting them both on the floor. House grabbed the present he left under the tree earlier and gingerly placed it on Wilsons lap. He kept his eyes on Wilsons face as he opened it, his pulse racing as his lover smiled at his gift.

It was without a doubt his favourite picture of himself & House, taken when they used their work lunch break to go to the beach. It showed both of them sitting on the beach, gazing into each others eyes, and House with his arms around Wilsons middle. Both were smiling, showing their dimples. Wilson also smiled at the glass frame that the photo was in.

"Greg, this is amazing! I can't believe you did this!" House, smiled at him and nodded, moving next to Wilson so he could be kissed on the cheek. House grinned, and reached for his present. When he noticed the familiar shape he chuckled and ripped the paper off. A blush crept up his face when he saw what photo was in the wooden frame. Again it was House & Wilson, this time in the park. They were laying side by side on their fronts, leaning on their elbows. And they were kissing. The camera must have been in the grass as there were grass blades in the view, and they were in the top left section of the photo.

"You must be psychic." They both said.

A surprise visit from Cuddy & Houses' team, a magnificent Christmas dinner and a few DVDs later, and House & Wilson found themselves collapsed on their bed. Before turning to face each other, they each stared at their photos, remembering the days they were taken. When they turned over, Wilsons head instantly went to Houses shoulder, and each of them wrapped their arms around the other.

"Love you Jimmy." House whispered into his lovers hair.

"Love you too." Mumbled his sleepy response.

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