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Summary - The trio had to start somewhere: Makoto, Kousuke, and Chiaki's beginning. Hopefully will include all flashbacks from Makoto's last leap. And more.

Makoto Konno looked beautiful today, Kousuke decided. He was staring at her from above his book that he was pretending to read. Makoto was chewing on her pencil, looking equal parts confused and frustrated.

"Argh!" she shouted.

Kousuke let his eyes rest on Makoto for another few seconds before quickly darting them to his book again. The words looked fuzzy and unclear. There was no way he could focus on this, whatever it was.

"Need help?"

She jumped about half a foot into the air. Kousuke chuckled silently. Makoto looked around wildly before her eyes came to him.

Kousuke put the book down and walked over to the table where Makoto sat. It was filled with papers messily strewn about. Eraser shavings were everywhere. There was a pile of books under there somewhere. Kousuke had seen her toss one away from her about five minutes ago with a loud groan of anger.

"Um, yes."

Makoto looked at him warily as he sat down next to her. He almost grinned.

"What are you working on?" Kousuke asked, glancing at the paper she was holding.

"Some stupid paper for an even stupider class," Makoto muttered darkly.

Kousuke smiled a little as he took the paper from her hands. Her handwriting was messy and she pressed down too hard on the paper.

"Okay, so here's what you do," Kousuke began. He spent the rest of the afternoon helping Makoto with her homework.

He didn't know why he was attracted to her. She certainly wasn't the type of girl he thought he wanted. He had been friends with her when they were small, but they had grown apart. Kousuke hadn't even noticed her again until she had a desk next to his. He didn't understand why he felt captivated by the sound of her voice or why he was won over at her smile. And they hadn't even said two words to each other since they were six.

With a sigh of satisfaction, Makoto stood up and stretched her arms above her head.

"Whew! Thanks a lot, Kousuke! You really saved me, there!"

Makoto smiled at him, and he felt butterflies in his stomach.

Kousuke looked around Makoto and saw the baseball mitt sitting by her bag.

"You like baseball?" he asked.

"I love it!" Makoto's smile widened to a grin. "How about you?"

Kousuke had always had his head buried in a book. He never really found a use for sports, really. He exercised enough to keep healthy, but beyond that, well, he had his studies to attend to. Baseball had never really seemed very important to him.

"I love it too." Kousuke hadn't really lied, necessarily. He had never really given baseball a chance, so how could he know if he did or didn't like it until he tried it? Maybe he'd try it and love it like he said he did. At any rate, he'd better read a book about it or something.

"Hey, that's great! We should play together sometime. I could pitch and you could bat, or you could pitch and I could bat, or we could just toss around the ball!" Makoto said excitedly.

Kousuke smiled. "Yeah, sounds good. I'll see you around, Makoto."

"'Kay! Thanks for helping me, Kousuke!"

"Anytime," Kousuke said, sincerely meaning it as he turned and walked away, giving Makoto a little wave as he left.

As he left the building, Kousuke slumped. How in the world was he going to learn how to play baseball?

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