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INFO YOU SHOULD KNOW: This is going to be a Just Shoot Me/ER crossover. As they travel to Chicago, ER will play into the story. This will be about ER soon. After this chapter, I will update you on what's going on in the 'ER'. Special thanks to my brother John for the idea and for some minor "story doctoring" (no pun intended).
Setting: This is set in present time, so don't worry about that.
Story Title: "Just Suture Me"
Chapter Title: "Brush Tips"

[Blush Magazine Headquarters-New York City]

"Dennis, come in here, I need to speak with you," called Jack Gallo to his assistant.

"Yes sir, is it about my raise? Oooh, is it about that new car you are going to buy me?" Dennis asked from outside.

"Just get in my office, Dennis!" shouted Jack. "Okay, here's the thing. I'm planning on buying that magazine 'Brush Tips.' I mean nobody reads it, it's too dorky, and the people there should be ashamed that they call them selves fashion professionals."

"Oh, good idea man, way to turn that crap factory around!" Dennis said as he hid his copy of 'Brush Tips' behind his back.

"Just think, I can change the name from 'Brush Tip' to just 'Brush'. That way, it'll rhyme with Blush!" said Jack.

"Wouldn't that be confusing?" Dennis asked.

"Well, yeah. It might be a little confusing, but who really cares anyway?" replied Jack.

"Well, I do. But anyway, I think its really cool that it rhymes with 'Blush'. Hehe!!" giggled Dennis, trying to sound interested in the magazine.

"Whatever. Anyway, its located in Chicago, so I'm taking us all along as sort of a celebration." Jack said with a big excited grin on his face.

"Even me?" Dennis asked shyly. "I've never been to Chicago before...well not the good parts..."

"Yes, even you! And Elliot, Maya... even Nina, if she promises to stay sober on this trip," Jack said.

"I don't know, man. You DO know Nina Van Horn, right? She keeps little shots in her purse in case of an 'emergency' known to her as sobriety." Dennis explained.

"I'm going to call a staff meeting to share the good news with everyone." Jack said.

"Alright. I'll round up your little slaves." Dennis said as he left Jack's office to get everyone's attention. "Okay, listen up, people! Jack has an announcement, but only the cool people get to sit in on the meeting. Elliot, Nina... even you Maya! Over here." Dennis shouted, savoring the glances from those not named.

"You know, you could have just told them all one by one to come," Jack said a little annoyed.

Dennis just replied, "Yeah, I know, but I'm lazy. Plus I wanted everyone else to feel jealous."

"Jack, this had better be good. I was planning on leaving work extra early today to go to my art class." Nina said as she entered, irritated that she actually had business to attend to.

"Nina, since when are you interested in art?" asked Maya.

"I'm not, but today we're sketching nude male models. I'm not missing that!" replied Nina.

Ignoring Nina, Jack started to share his plan. "You know that magazine 'Brush Tips'?" Nobody noticed as Kevin the mail guy wheeled his cart up by the door and eavesdropped on their conversation.

"You mean that phony magazine that does the same boring articles over and over again? With their phony little models?" Elliot asked annoyed at the mention of that particular magazine.

"Oh my God! Its not THAT bad! They have GREAT tips on how to keep your hair silky soft! I mean, yeah... that's what Jack's talking about." Dennis said obviously embarrassed.

Attempting to return everyone's attention to him, Jack continued. "I'm flying out to Chicago to buy them out, and to celebrate, I'm taking you all with. I've already booked the hotel rooms at the Hilton. Once I know who's going, I can get the first class airplane tickets. So how's next week for everyone?"

"You didn't tell me about the first class part! I'm there dude!" Dennis said excitedly.

"Oh, Dad! I can't wait! I love Chicago. So you're really taking all five of us?" Maya asked.

"Sure thing, Maya. Elliot, Nina, will you be joining us?" Jack asked.

Giving in, Nina finally replied. "Fine, I'll go. As long as I don't have to learn about any historical crap."

"That's fine Nina, but leave the 'emergency' kit at home this time," Jack said remembering Nina's drunken outburst on the last business trip he'd taken her on. He pushed the memory out of his head when Elliot agreed to come along, too.

"I'm in, I guess," he said.

"Great! Then its settled, we're going to Chicago to get 'Brush'!" Jack said excited about his newest business endeavor.

Confused, Nina said "I thought we are 'Brush'."

"Told you it'd be confusing, especially for Nina over here," Dennis told Jack.

A little annoyed, Elliot explained. "Nina, we're 'BLUSH'. You know, with the letter 'L'. NOT 'R'."

"Well, that would explain some things..." Nina said.

Kevin finally entered and angrily threw a few things on Jack's desk. "Here's your mail, Mr. Gallo!"

End of "Brush Tips"
I will check in on the 'ER' to see what's going on soon. Thank you for reading.