Just Suture Me

Chapter 4

[Chicago Airport]

"That airplane service..." Nina arrogantly complained. "When I traveled as a model, and you know, I'm talking about, like last week.... Anyways, we had the best flight attendants bringing us drinks and making sure that we were loaded by the time we stepped of the plane!" She continued.

"Where is that damn baggage claim?" Said Jack, ignoring Nina.

"Jack, we've been circling like the whole airport for the past thirty minutes. YOU take the bags, and let me lead!" Dennis said, tripping.

He tripped over what had appeared to be Elliot, who had become too weak to keep up.

"Elliot!" Maya called.

He mumbled incoherently, "Too...week. Feel...good."

"Me, too!" Smiled Jack. "I feel good also. In fact, I feel GREAT about this whole trip."

"Dad he has a fever!" Maya said, getting Jack's attention.

"Dennis, give him some of that children's medicine you have along. I saw some in your purse when I was looking for...I mean when I was snooping!" Nina laughed.

"Okay," Dennis began, "First of all, it's called a 'bourse'. It's french, it's not a purse. Plus I took the last of my grape medicine an hour ago!" He whined.

"I think it's from the fish." Elliot mumbled again.

Maya interrupted his idea, "Um, Elliot, we weren't served fish on the plane."

"What?" He yelled, sitting up.

"We had pizza and dinner rolls," Jack smiled. "I remember, because when I got mine, the flight attendant was checking me out."

"Dad, she was only showing you how to bring the tray down," Maya reminded him.

"The damn thing was stuck!" He shouted.

"Ah, Jack, lower it please." Elliot rubbed his shiny bald head.

"Maybe you had a kosher meal," Nina suggested.

"I don't think so," Dennis said. "I had the kosher meal and all I got was a pack of peanuts."

"Dennis, you're not Jewish," Jack informed him.

"What does religion have to do with my appetite? I thought it meant you get like really hungry and stuff..." He said.

"What ever I had, you're probably going to get a good look at it!" Elliot said quietly.

They didn't quite understand what he had meant until they 'saw' it. He had gotten sick all over Dennis' purse.

[An Hour Later]

Nina, Dennis, Maya, and Jack all sat near the empty baggage claims. Jack, being the only one of them on a phone.

"Yeah! I just got him in a cab to our hotel a few minutes ago. The rest of us are all here! And I demand to have our luggage or I'll shove the conveyor belt up your... He hung up." Jack said puzzled.

"I really can't go swimming tonight." Dennis worried to himself.

"Oh, please, Finch. We all know that I had the most important luggage. I packed my mini mini bar with!"

"You know, you guys are pathetic!" Maya said. "Elliot's back at the hotel, upchucking something other than pizza, and you two are sitting here whining about your luggage?" She turned to Jack, sitting next to her. "Dad, find our bags!!!"

He was on the phone again, and said to her, "I finally got someone on the line. They're going to meet us here."

Slowly a figure showed up, minutes later. Everyone instantly recognized him.

"You..." Jack said, stunned.

"Well, who'd you expect, Cher?!" Kevin yelled.

"What are you doing here?" Maya asked.

"I have a life outside of Blush...duh!" He said.

"Hi, Nina." He waved.

She ignored his gesture, "So Jack tells us you can help us with our luggage?"

"So, where are you staying at, Nina?" He winked.

Jack stood up, to about his level, "Where are our bags, Kevin?"

"I have them." Kevin said.

"What?" Dennis got suddenly angry.

"It's okay, they were going to put them on this weird black thing. Kinda like that one." He said, pointing to the luggage carousel.

"That's where it's SUPPOSED to go!" Maya screamed.

"You can have them back...but, you have to give in to my demands." He said.

"Why do I suddenly feel like we're going to be on the news?" Nina asked.

"What do you want? Plane tickets to Hawaii? Rome? Jamaica?" Jack asked, getting out his 'special' checkbook.

"All I want is an apology and assurance that next time you're in the area you'll invite me to your hotel rooms." He said, quietly.

"An apology for what?" Maya asked.

"For not telling me that you were all leaving. I heard you through your office door, Mr. Gallo. I was really upset because you didn't tell me and you know that I have another home in Chicago." He looked at them, all with blank looks.

"Well, at least you knew I work at the airport..." He continued.

"Fine," Jack said.

"We're sorry," Maya said.

"Us too," Jack and Dennis said.

"I'm sorry, Kevin." Nina said.

"Nina, you don't have to apologize. You did nothing wrong." Kevin said.

Nina smiled, then realized who the comment was from, and took a quick drink.

"Okay," Kevin said. "You're bags are already at your hotel."

They gave him blank stares.

"You don't HAVE to thank me." Kevin said. "Fine!" He said, walking away.

"Who knew?" Nina asked.

"Yeah..." Maya said. "Knew what?"

"That Dennis has a purse!" She laughed, finishing off her tiny bottle.