Dear Chris

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This is my first ST story I´m sorry about my grammar, if you like it let me know

This is a letter from Rita to Chris after Chris´s dead

Rita was sitting in their loft, she just could move, a part of their life were there so she decide that she would move when the baby grow a little or will do some reconstruction didn´t knew didn´t care.

The therapy wasn´t working she hate the guy, she want to talk with him about the baby or how she felt, she lost he frigging husband, the love of her life, her best friend, her son´s father how they though she would felt, well she felt like crap.

He wasn´t there, he wasn´t there, her Chris wasn´t there anymore, he was dead, all she could think was that he wasn´t coming back, she tried to be strong for the baby, she eat and took care of her because she couldn´t loose the baby but her heart was broken, shattered.

So today she decide to listen to Franny and she started to write, yeah maybe that will help.

She grab a pencil and sit and begun to write.

Dear Chris:

Hi baby is me Sam, I miss you so much you know, it hurts so bad not having you here with me, I´m sitting here alone in our home, well not alone because our baby is here but you´re not.

Why you have to go? Why you leave me? Wasn´t I good? I miss you so much every day with out you is so long, you know, I couldn´t go back to work, with out you It just wasn´t the same.

My belly is getting big our son, yes we´re having a boy is getting ready to come and be with me, I was so excited when the doctor told me that is was a boy I couldn´t stop crying, the cap and Franny where there with me, but with God as a witness I will trade them in a minute for you to be with me.

I´m angry at you because you made me love you so damn much and you leave me, why?

I miss you Chris and I hate you because you died and you left us alone, I hate you because you will never get to know our baby, you will never get to see how beautiful he will be, I hope he looks just like you, that he gets your eyes.

I´m mad because you promised me that you would be here and you lied.

I love you, I love so much that a part of my heart went with you the day you die.

I love you and I miss you and I hate that I have to write a stupid letter instead talking to you, you bastard how could you leave me?

How can I do it huh? Tell me how? How can I move on? How can you live without half of your heart?

The baby just kick me you know? Christopher Samuel Lorenzo, just kick me, you like our son´s name? I hope you do.

I wanted to name him after you, I was hoping for a boy and I got my wish, just this one, I love our baby he is a part of you and a part of me, something that we made together.

I have to leave now but I had to tell you again, I love you and I´ll never stop loving you, because you´re my guardian angel-(you remember?)

I love you Chris


She closed the letter and she put it and a small box, and went to try to sleep.

The end

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