Clary kissed Jace softly on the mouth, pulling away when Jace started to deepen it.

Clary whispers in Jace's ear "stay here till I tell you otherwise."

She stands and walks towards their bedroom. Jace watches as she walks away in disappointment.


About an hour later, Clary shouts "Jace, you can come in now"

Jace immediately goes into the bedroom. Its dark but he doesn't turn the light on. He steps in and closes the door only to be pushed roughly onto his back on the bed.

Clary straddles him and pins his arms down above him. Jace knows he could easily get his hands free but chooses to let her do her thing. Clary then, unexpected to Jace, handcuffs Jace to the bed.

"Clary-" She slaps him across the face with her leather clad hand.

"Shut up. You will call me 'Mistress' " He stares at her in the darkness in shock. She then grinds her hips against him. Jace lets out a small moan and Clary slaps him again. "You will not make a sound and you will only speak when asked a question, got that?"

Jace nods.

Clary gets off of him and goes to turn on the light. When the light is on, Jace stares at her in 6-inch stilettos and a whip in hand. Her breasts spilling out of the tight corset and the lace panties that match it. He feels himself harden just looking at her.

Clary walks back over to him and trails the whip across his bulge lightly. "Tsk, Tsk. What will we do with you?" She hits him on the chest semi-hard with the whip, ripping his t-shirt slightly.

Jace bites his lip hard, drawing blood. It hurt but it turns him on more.

Clary then takes a knife from her boot and slices the shirt open and removes it from him. She trails the blade down his chest, careful not to break the skin.

Jace shivers as the cold metal stops at the waistband of his jeans.

Clary slowly undoes his belt and the button. She then takes the zipper between her teeth and slowly pulls it down. Clary locks eyes with Jace as she does this. She removes his jeans agonizingly slowly, reveling his stiff member.

Clary kneels in front of him and slowly, but firmly, stokes him up and down. After a couple strokes, she takes all of him in her mouth, never breaking eye contact. She deep throats him once and then pulls back up to suck on his head. Clary pops him out of her mouth and softy blows, causing Jace to shiver and moan.

Clary smiles inwardly and flips Jace over onto his stomach. She then takes her whip and smacks his ass repeatedly.

"Ah, Fuck!" Jace groans as the pain increases.

Clary grabs Jace's golden hair and forces his head up to looks at her. "I thought I told you not to speak, didn't I?"

"Yes-Ah! " Another painful strike.

"Since you can't seem to listen, maybe you shouldn't be able to cum either." She releases her grip on his hair and flips him back over. She walks over to the desk and retrieves something, then walks back.

Jace stares at her angrily as she places a cock ring on him, and then walks to the door. "I'll be back later tonight and don't even try to break those cuffs, they won't break anyways." Clary smiles as the ring turns on and Jace moans out.

"Ah, Clary you fucker!" She laughs and walks away. "Clary come back! Please?! CLARY! This is NOT fair! COME BACK!!" Jace struggles to free his hands but cannot. The ring turns off right when he's about to come and then turns back on 10 minutes later, then off and on and so forth.


Jace's cock is rock hard and throbbing painfully when Clary comes home.


Clary laughs as she stumbles into the bedroom.

"Oh Jace!" she giggles "why are you all tied up?" she sways' over to him and tugs at the cuffs. She falls on top of him and laughs "Jacey, their stuck!"

"That's because you fucking left them like that BITCH!" Jace angrily points out.

Laughs "Oh I did? Haha sworry." Hiccups "You don't have to yell, I'm right here" She places a sloppy kiss on his lips.

"Are you drunk??"

Innocently-ish "No, I only had-"giggle "- like 3 or 7 shots. Or maybe it was more, I forgot, I lose track at 7"

"God Clary. Where's the key to the cuffs?"

Giggle-whispers "In my secret hiding place" she points to her chest "you have to get it if you want it!" she shakes her boobs in his face then realizes that he's naked. "Jacey! How did you get naked so fast?"

"Fuck Clary, just unlock me!"

Clary gets off Jace and drunkenly gets the key out off her boobs and then holds it between her teeth. She then tries to do a strip tease without falling.

"Clary fucking unlock me first!"

"Jaceyyyy" she wines "I wanna playyy"

"We can play AFTER you fucking unlock me!!" She gets distracted by the cock ring vibrating on him.

"Jacey! You're already playing with yourself!" She pouts as she takes the ring and throws it across the room. Jace groans at the loss but is happy its off.

"Clary. Fucking. Unlock. Me. NOW."

Clary crawls on Jace towards the cuffs. "You don't have to yell at me." She says sadly.

"I'm sorry" Not "Now please unlock me?" he says this with great effort not to sound angry.

"Okay" she perks back up. Clary unlocks the cuffs and then kisses Jace messily.

Jace kisses her back roughly but she doesn't seem to notice. He sits up and wraps her legs around him. Jace quickly undoes Clary's corset and throws it to the floor. Then he pushes her onto her back and removes her panties, never breaking the kiss. Jace breaks the kiss and travels down to her neck and bites her hard enough to make her gasp. He then takes one of her pink bubs into his mouth and sucks greedily, alternating between the two,

"Ah, Jace! Talk dirty to me!" she moaned.

"Oh you slut! You want me to fuck you? Want me to fuck you in your juicy cunt?!"


Jace hovered over her for a moment as he positioned himself and then slammed into her all the way.

Clary cried out in pain and pleasure.

Jace began to move at a deep, slow-ish pace. "You want me to fuck you so that you can't walk? Huh? Hard and deep." He whispered in her ear making her moan.

"Uhn, yes, Jace ,yes!" Jace pounded into her with so much force, he was sure that she wouldn't be able to walk in the morning.

"Jace! Right there! Right there! Yes yes!" she moaned as he hit the spot that made tingles run up her spine.

"You want me to cum in your cunt? Huh?"

She screamed out "Mm Yes Jace! I'm so close, so close!"

"Cum with me baby"

They both moaned each other's names as ecstasy tore through them.


Soon after, Clary fell asleep curled up against Jace, who was still wide awake thinking about what would happen if he got clary pregnant. He really didn't want a kid and they weren't even married yet. What if she does get pregnant? What if I can't control myself and hurt her or the baby? Or both…

A/N: more to come. Hope you liked controlling and drunk Clary lol.