March 5th, 1939, 9 year old Joannie had gone into hiding with her 2 older sisters Jane and Jolie. Jane was 15 and Jolie was 18. They were hiding in a small beaten down old apartment in northern Norway. Joannie and her sisters had traveled to Norway from France right before Hitler invaded. It was there only place to live while they waited for their father to come. Their father had to wait and leave after them to take care of their dying mother. Unfortunately the 3 sisters knew their mother wasn't going to get better.

It was the 3rd day of hiding and their father still wasn't there. Joannie began to worry…what if dad doesn't make it here…what if he gets caught and sent to a death camp? Anything could happen at a time like this…whimpered Jane, as if reading her sisters mind. Don't worry you two, dad will make it he promised… said Jolie, sounding a bit worried. So…he makes many promises, it's not like he's actually kept any of them anyway… Jane whispered under her breath. Joannie hearing this, she started to tear up. What is your problem?!... Jolie said, starting to get annoyed. I am just saying, just because he promised he would be here doesn't mean it's true! You know it would be nice if you showed some concern instead of acting like a bitch! Yelled Jolie.

On and on Jane and Jolie fighted, while Joannie, well Joannie just went back to bed, crying…while hearing her sisters fight about whether or not there dad would show up. But there is also one other reason why Joannie was crying, not because of her sisters or the war…it was her mother. She missed having her mother tuck her into bed, kiss her on the forehead and say goodnight Joannie… I love you.