`1. Experienced

Today everything seemed to be silenced, no loud sounds, no talking for miles. It was announced on the television yesterday that not one single person would be working today, not one person would go to school. So that meant that everyone had to shop yesterday for as long as time would count. I don't know how long this madness would go on for, and I didn't know if it was worldwide. All I knew was that I was only a teenager, and I couldn't get off Britain's soil, as nobody was working so I couldn't get an aeroplane or a ferry to another country as probably several others did yesterday… My family didn't think of that. No human was aloud out of the house. Animals had to be left outside to starve. The television wasn't working, neither was the radio. But occasionally you got interference from people transmitting signals from their house but that stopped as soon as signals went down. Everything was down, even phone signals…

When the Earth changes or the soil you live upon changes you change. It's something in your brain that reboots your system to live a different style; the style that I probably am living in now is survival. Survival was probably upgrading into every human soul in Britain. I don't know why we were being kept captive in the house, because if nobody was working didn't that mean that the police wasn't working, that the government wasn't working? Even criminals were probably left in prison with no wardens. What will happen to the human race? It dawned on me if I and others didn't take action soon all the human race would be dead. Not one human would live on Britain soil again. One thing I thought to do today was draw. Draw the world with no humans on its soil. Draw the world with derelict houses on every street. Draw the world without inhabitants.

Then it came to me, why wasn't the government letting any explanation out to why we had to stay in the house. I didn't understand why grown ups chose to keep us inside or why they chose to stay inside themselves without an explanation usually everyone fought back, but this time I guessed nobody fought back. If I was being forced to stay inside I needed an explanation, why should I waste my life staying inside like a pet. Every second in this house was wasting my life away, I needed action, I needed thrill, and I needed friends! How can anyone expect children to stay sane without friends, how did the government expect the parents to stay sane with their children twenty-four-seven. Seriously if the world was going to stay the way it is, captive and gaunt, then the people of Britain needed a explanation at least to why they should let their small lives waste away. That's what I think. And that's what I will achieve. My spirits must be high. I needed to be a child, and so did many others.