Welcome to my Maximum Ride parody crossover series! Each chapter is a oneshot that combines MR with another story. This is meant to be fun and definitely not meant to be taken seriously. If you're not familiar with a story that I use in a particular chapter, then it probably won't make as much sense or be as funny, but hopefully I'll eventually use a story you're familiar with, so look out for that. If you're looking for something more serious, then check out my other fics. There's plenty of serious junk there. But not here! Get ready for a maximumly whacked-out ride! Haha, get it? One more thing, I should probably tell you up front that this story is not my main priority when it comes to updating. Anyways, enjoy!

~Maximum Ride and the Deathly Crossovers~

Chapter 1: Maximum Ride + Camp Rock =

Maximum Camp Ride Rock

As I plummet toward my death in the awaiting lake below, I notice a pleasant sound amidst the roar of the panic in my brain. Is that… an angel singing? An angel singing and strumming the mandolin upon my entrance into heaven?

I think, Oh sweet, I'm going to heaven? This is unexpected…

As I fall, the angel's voice gets louder.

"You're the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I'm singing, I need to find you, I gotta find you. You're the missing piece I need, the song inside of me, I need to find you, I gotta find you…"

Those are odd lyrics for an angel…

I flap my wings in one last futile attempt to save myself, but they don't help me any. I crash into the water that is surely my ticket to the pearly gates, but the angel's singing voice suddenly stops.

I frantically think, Why'd you stop singing? Please tell me you didn't change your mind about letting me into heaven. I know I curse once in a while, but it really helps to get people's attention… And I know I killed my brother that one time, but it was totally an accident! And he came back to life, anyway! And I know that I was plotting to get revenge on a lot of people, but… I never got it, so technically that shouldn't count!

As I plunge deeper into the water, unable to bring myself to the surface, I close my eyes, ready to accept my cruel fate. Suddenly, the angel voice returns, yelling this time. A second voice yells back, and I think, The angel has a friend? Wait, do angels duet?

Before I have time to further ponder the singing arrangements of heavenly beings, I hear a splash, and then feel strong arms pulling me upward. I suddenly realize the arms are the arms of the angel, saving me from an early watery grave!

The next thing I know, the owner of the second voice is pulling me up out of the water. I cough up all the water I'd swallowed… and some other things. Yeah, not pretty.

I wipe my mouth off and sit up, finally looking up at my rescuers. I look at the singing angel first, but when I see a wet, shirtless, attractive young male standing there, and an acoustic guitar leaning up against a tree behind him, I am slightly shocked.

"OMG! You're not an angel!" I exclaim. The fraud!

"You got that right, sister," the female ex-angel mutters under her breath, crossing her arms. The guy doesn't hear her.

"Um, no," the guy says slowly and a bit overdramatically. "Are you okay?" He offers me a hand to get up, saying, "My name is Shane Gray."

Now if this was someone I had known almost all my life and fought alongside in near-death battles like Iggy or Fang- especially Fang- I wouldn't let them help me up, but this is a good-looking complete stranger, so of course I take his hand with a huge, grateful smile on my face. I get on my feet, catching a jealous look on the girl's face.

"I'm fine," I say with another polite smile.

What do you know? I'm not dying anymore! Sweet.

"And who are you?" the girl asks.

"I'm Max," I say automatically. Oops. Forgot to lie about my name again. Oh well. "And you?"

"Mitchie," the girl says shortly, surveying me closely.

"What's that on your back?" Shane asks curiously, peering over my shoulder.


Oops. Forgot to lie about the wings again. Oh well.

"Yeah, got 'em sewed on by some mad scientists," I go on, spreading my wings out for them to see. I mean, they already saw them, so I might as well show them off and tell the kids the story.

"They were very inconsiderate, those mad scientists. Made my childhood kinda uncool. I was flying and got a huge headache and couldn't control my wings anymore. Yeah… the whole wing thing is kinda the reason I was falling outta the sky in the first place."

"Can I touch them?" Shane asks with wide eyes, reaching toward my wings.

I swat his hand down. "Not on a first date, sailor."

He smiles in a refreshingly charming way and says, "Does that mean there'll be a second date?"

"Um, hello? I'm right here! Remember me, Mitchie? The girl you were just singing to?"

"Did you say something, Richie?" Shane asks her, still staring at me.

"It's Mitchie! You're a jerk, Shane Gray!" Mitchie tosses her hair angrily and stomps away, angrily grabbing a large box of chips on her way.

"Bye bye," Shane says, still staring.

I suddenly remember something and get excited. "Hey, I heard your lyrics when I was falling. 'You're the voice I hear inside my head'? You have a Voice inside your head, too?"

Shane cocks his head in a barfishly cute puppy-dog way. "No," he says, slowly and overdramatically again. He smirks and his dark eyes seem to light up even more than they had the first time I looked into them. "You're kinda crazy."

"Uh…" I say in surprise, not knowing how to respond. Augh! How'd he know?

He went on, "Cute and crazy. I like that."

"You… like that?"

Wait. Cute? Me? Ew. Really? No. Me? Ew. No.

He interrupts my in-head one-worded sentence spiel, saying, "Yeah. When people are crazy, you can at least tell that they're being themselves. Their crazy selves, but themselves nonetheless."

"Yeah, this is me," I say, accepting the fact that I'm just being my crazy self.

He says, "I can never tell if people are being themselves around me, you know?"

You have no idea, I think.

"It must be the same for you, with the wings and all," he says.

Man, this guy is totally hawt, I think, but then I realize what I just thought and promise to slap myself later. But then, the strange thoughts continue. And he has such a pretty voice. I mean, I thought he was a freaking singing angel, for goodness' sake.


"Oh, um, yeah. I never know if people are being real around me either," I say, trying to snap out of it.

He magically produces two towels out of nowhere, draping one across my shoulders. He grabs his guitar and his shirts, stuffing them all under one arm. He then grabs my wrist and starts to pull me along, saying, "I'll take you to the camp nurse. She'll get you some dry clothes and make sure you're okay."

I start to protest, not wanting the nurse to see my wings and needing to get back to my flock.

But then, his hand slips from my wrist and around my hand, and my thoughts turn to, What flock? Cute boy. Squee. X3

And to top it all off, the Voice starts singing.

Oh, ho, ho, it's magic! You kno-o-ow, never believe it's not so!

Well, I guess that means the Voice thinks this is okay. And I never feel right doing things without getting the Voice's approval first.

"Wow," I say out loud.

"What?" Shane asks.

"Oh, nothing. It was just the Voice."


"The Voice in my head. I just call it the Voice. It started singing to me."

"Cute and crazy," he repeats with a grin.

As I trot alongside Shane, I get a good look at him and realize something. "Wait, are you Shane Gray the pop star? The one my little sisters always obsess over?"

"I prefer rock star, but yes, that's me. That's why people are always faking around me."

My heart jumps a little. A rock star? I've always been into rock stars. Okay, no I haven't, but I can change!

"You know," I say, "You should play Fang in that upcoming Maximum Ride movie."

"Maximum Ride? I've never heard of it."

"It's a fantabulous book series that they're making into a movie in 2010."

"Oh, that's why I've never heard of it. I don't read books."

"Yeah, you don't look like the type." I tell him honestly. "Meh, books are overrated, anyway."

"You so get me," he says, smiling a perfectly white smile and pulling me into the nurse's cabin, shutting the door behind us.

Shane walked slowly back to his cabin, reveling over the amazing girl he'd just met.

As he entered his cabin, he was attacked with a big hug from his band mate, Jason.

"Surprise!" Jason exclaimed, dropping his magazine in his excitement. "We came to visit!"

Shane looked at the magazine on the floor. "You were reading?"

"Naw, just looking at the pretty pictures," Jason said, tightening the hug.

"Get off me, Jason," Shane said.

As Jason released Shane, Nate, the third member of Connect 3 stood up and came over to join them.

"So did you find the girl with the voice yet?" he asked.

Shane laughed, remembering his formerly all-important quest to find the girl that he heard singing the song that inspired him to change his music style back.

"No, I didn't find the girl with the voice. But I found a girl with a Voice." He chuckled again at the silly coincidence.

"I am so confused," Jason told them, scratching his head.

Shane explained, "I met this amazing girl named Max. She's kind of crazy and has a Voice that talks to her in her head."

"Awesome!" Jason said, giving Shane a high five.

"You're going all googly-eyed over a girl you just met who is partially insane?" Nate asked in disbelief.

"Pretty much," Shane said. "She's the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I'm singing."

"You're not singing!" Nate said, throwing his hands up in confusion.

"Where'd you find her?" Jason asked, completely curious.

"I was sitting by the lake with this girl whose name escapes me, and then Max just kinda… fell out of the sky."

Nate slapped his forehead. "Of course! Your perfect, crazy girl just fell out of the sky! I should have guessed that one!"

"Ignore Nate," Jason said. "That's so cool. I wish a girl would fall out of the sky for me. Now tell us more about Max. Is she preetttty?"

"Very pretty," Shane said, not able to stop smiling. "And she was tortured as a child by mad scientists and she has five brothers and sisters and she has a weird laugh and I thought she was going to die when she fell and she's really real and she has wings and she had to fly back to her family but we're going on a second date on Saturday night and she agreed to sing with me at Final Jam and our lives together are going to be just perfect and magical and…"

"Whoa, hold on," Nate interjected. "Mad scientists? Wings? Are you kidding me?"

"Of course he's not! He's in love with a winged woman!" Jason said with stars in his eyes.

"He's making her up. No freaking way," Nate said.

Jason came back down to earth and asked, "Does she really have wings, Shane?"

Shane gave them both the most genuine, honest, rock star smile he could give and said, "Yes, she has wings."

Jason smiled, knowing that he shouldn't have doubted Shane for a second. "You know what you should do for your new girlfriend, Shane?"

"What?" Shane asked, clearly very interested in anything that might make Max happy.

Jason said in a grand tone, "You should build her a birdhouse."

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