Picking up the Pieces

A Grey's Anatomy fic by Gigi

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Chapter 9: Never Say Never

A/N: Alas, we have come to the end of this saga. I'm pretty sure I've used that exact same sentence in the author's note for another one of my ending chapters in my few completed fics. I'm updating this out of order because I really just want to finish it. It's time. I hope you've enjoyed the ride.

Alex kicked the door shut of his still relatively new apartment as he came home from work. He kicked off his shoes and left them in the entryway, making his way into the living room. He was unable to squelch the resentment that rose up in his stomach at the apartment. He'd gotten it for Addison, so that she could stay with him whenever she visited, so that maybe, just maybe he could convince her to move back up to Seattle. Sneering openly at his surroundings, Alex couldn't help but think it just seemed like a big waste now.

He hated this. He hated feeling like he wasn't good enough for her, and he felt like an ass because she never made him feel that way. He hated Shepherd even more for ruining his relationship with the one woman in an extremely long time he'd maybe grown to love. But he knew he couldn't hate Shepherd completely. That stupid part of his mind that always insisted on being fair pointed out that Addison never would have come into his life had she not chased her husband across the country for another chance.

That was another thing. He'd never be worthy of someone to chase across the country, much less Addison freaking Forbes Montgomery.

Grumbling at his pathetic display of self-pity, Alex threw himself on the incredibly comfortable couch he'd bought for them and slung an arm over his eyes. Maybe a nap would calm him down. God knew he hadn't gotten near enough sleep the night before.

Sleep just wasn't in the cards for him, though, since as soon as he closed his eyes he heard an insistent banging on the door. Great. Had anyone ever heard of calling first?

Muttering his breath the whole way to the entryway, he swung open the door grumpily. "What?" A strong slap to his right cheek was his answer, sending his ears ringing. "What the hell?" he demanded angrily, turning his head back to face forward. His eyes widened as they beheld a furious Addison Montgomery.

"Who the hell do you think you are, Alex Karev?" she all but yelled. Her eyes had turned into two pools of pale blue fire, and her vibrant red hair hung windswept around her shoulders. Even fuming as she was, she was still beautiful. "Who the hell are you to determine what or who will make me happy? You have no right—no right—to make me feel as if it was my fault to have loved before or to have been blissfully happy on my wedding day. You don't get to make me feel guilty or like every guy I date is always going to turn tail as soon as they hear I was happily married for almost 12 years! You don't get to freaking break up with me over a damn wedding video!"

As Addison took a breath from her rant, her eyes still glaring daggers at him, a thought, a wonderfully happy thought, occurred to Alex. She'd chased him. She'd followed him to Seattle just as she had Derek. He didn't get the chance to further the thought; Addison was getting her second wind.

"And you really lost any right to do any of that to me after all that crap you pulled on me when I still lived here," she added heatedly. "You really think I deserved to be yelled at in a supply closet, or shot down after one night for a pregnant amnesiac who happened to be our patient? Or jumped in that same closet? And you think after all that you're allowed to dump me?" She'd started poking him in the chest with a finger with every question, forcing him back into the apartment. "You tried so hard to catch me this time around, and when you finally do, you flip out because you won't make me happy? No, that's not your choice to make!" Alex opened his mouth to say something, but she forestalled him. "I was happy, you dipwad! I was happier than I've been in years, and you threw that all in the trash because of a video."

He could tell by now that she could go on yelling at him for a good couple of hours, and she wasn't going to let him get a single word in edgewise. At some point, she'd closed the door behind her with her foot, and she was slowly forcing him farther and farther into the apartment to continue berating him.

"And there was no way in hell I wasn't going to come here so soon, so wipe that surprised look of your face. You think I was going to wait two months and give you the chance to fall in love with someone else? Like hell I would! I've already made that mistake once, and I've no intention of repeating it," she yelled.

There it was. She'd admitted to chasing after him. She cared enough about him that she was willing to chase him to what was probably her least favorite city in the world. Alex's heart soared when she wasn't going to let him fall in love with anyone else. Was that her own twisted way of saying she had fallen in love with him?

Somehow the thought gave him the courage to stop letting himself be pushed around. Instead, he started pressing forward, taking a hold of the hand that insisted on poking him painfully in the chest.

Addison had no idea when she lost the control of the situation, but she found herself being slowly but steadily pushed back. "What are you doing?" she challenged, but the heat in her voice was giving way to the heat in his eyes and the gentleness in his grip on her hand. Her back hit the closed door. "Alex, what the hell are you doing? Get off me! I'm trying to yell at you, and you're ruining it!"

Faster than she could have imagined, Alex had pulled her hand backwards, which plastered her body to his as he took another step forward. He placed her hand on his lower back, his eyes betraying an all too familiar look of desire and…something else. If it was amusement, she'd kill him. The last thing she needed right now was him laughing at her.

"Karev—" she started again, but Alex's lips crashing down on hers cut her off and swallowed whatever she was going to say into his mouth. His tongue slipped into her open mouth without hesitation, and Addison found herself grateful for his sandwiching her between himself and the door. She wasn't sure she would have been able to keep standing. Ripping her lips from his, she stubbornly stared into his almost black eyes with her own indigo ones. "That's not fair."

"Too bad," he panted, before resuming the searing kiss. Soon he started his way along her jawbone, peppering it with kisses. Every time he kissed her, he would lift his head and say a word. "Thank…you…for…chasing…me."

A shudder passed through her before she regained enough control of herself to grab his head on either side and force him to look her in the eye. "You're never allowed to say you'll never make me that happy, Alex Karev," she warned. The effect was kind of ruined thanks to her labored breathing. "Because you'll be wrong, and I hate liars."

"Deal," Alex nodded. "Seriously, though, thank you for coming after me. This apartment probably would have gone to waste if you didn't."

"This apartment?" Addison repeated, puzzled. Both of them had momentarily forgotten that she was pushed up against the door with him pressed as closely against her as humanly possible.

"I got it so you wouldn't have to always go to Meredith's house when you came to visit," Alex answered. "Besides, Derek is there way too often, and the only sex sounds I need to be hearing are when they are coming from our mouths."

Addison cocked her head to the side in touched surprise. He'd bought this apartment…for them. This was the furthest she'd ever heard of him going in a relationship. "Yeah, it's not a big turn-on to hear your ex-husband going at it with his little 12 year old." Addison's eyes widened at her slip. She'd forgotten that he was a 12-year-old.

Chuckling, Alex kissed her lightly on the nose. "For the record, I'm four years older than Meredith. I had to keep taking time off from college and med school to work to pay for them and my mother's medical bills, and she took a break before going to med school, too."

"So you're saying you're 34?" Addison clarified, surprised. Then she surprised him with a slap on his arm. "How come you let me spend a month and a half thinking I was a freaking decade older than you?"

Alex rolled his eyes. "You never asked, Addison." He saved her the embarrassment of coming up with a lame response by dipping his head and kissing her again. When they had both sufficiently riled the other one, Alex broke the kiss only enough to talk. "Want to put this apartment to good use?"

Addison smiled coyly against his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Well, we wouldn't want it to go to waste, now would we?" A squeal left her lips when he picked her up by the waist and wrapped her legs around his, leading her deeper into the apartment.

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