Boys Will Be Boys

Pairing: Jackson and Oliver

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hannah Montana or anything. All owned by Disney.

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"Bye, Dad!" Jackson yelled out the door as Robbie Ray drove off to go to a Hannah Montana convention with Lilly and Miley.

Finally, he thought, they're finally gone! Since Robbie, Miley, and Lilly left, he had the whole house to himself for the weekend.

Just as Jackson sat down onto the couch, getting ready to watch TV, the doorbell rang. "Coming!" he called. "Oh, hey Oliver, Miles isn't home, she went to some Hannah Montana thing with Lilly. They won't be home until Sunday night."

"That's okay, I didn't come to see Miley…" Oliver said in a seductive tone, with a sexy smirk on his face.

"Oh, really?" Jackson said, staring at Oliver's tight bulge in his way too tight jeans. "Who did you come for?"

"Oh, I think you know," Oliver said even more seductively, noticing Jackson's crotch hardening. Jackson grabbed Oliver's hands and pulled him inside. As soon as the door shut, Jackson and Oliver started making out, their tongues dancing inside each other's mouths. While slowly walking to the couch, Jackson started feeling and groping Oliver's cock through the tight fabric of his skinny jeans.

Oliver broke the kiss only for a second to take Jackson's shirt off, then felt his well-developed six-pack and hard, erect nipples. Jackson let out a slight moan as Oliver nibbled on his pink nipples. Oliver slowly kissed and licked down to Jackson's belly button and to the small line of hair traveling down to the hem of Jackson's boxers.

"Oh, God, Oliver!! Stop teasing!" Jackson begged, as Oliver laughed in delight at his lover's pleading.

Oliver then started at Jackson's jeans button. His huge bulge popped out as Oliver unbuttoned and unzipped Jackson's jeans.

"OLIVER!" Jackson screamed as Oliver licked his pulsing member through the thin fabric of his boxers.

"Alright, alright," Oliver giggled and finally decided to stop teasing Jackson. He pulled down and pulled off Jackson's jeans and slowly pulled off his boxers. Oliver smiled as Jackson's hard, thick, 8- inch cock popped up into Oliver's face. Oliver put his mouth around Jackson's huge, hard dick and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. He seductively licked the tip of the throbbing penis and deep throated the warm cock until his nose was in Jackson's bush of dirty blond pubic hair.

"I'm gonna…I'm gonna…" that was all that came out of Jackson's mouth as he spilled his man-juice into Oliver's mouth. Oliver swallowed every drop of the warm, white liquid.

Oliver then stripped and wrapped his hands around his own, 9-inch throbbing cock and pumped away. In no time, Oliver came all over Jackson's face. Then, Oliver sat on the couch and Jackson got on his knees and wrapped his warm, wet mouth over Oliver's hard cock and sucked away.

The whole rest of the weekend, Oliver blew Jackson and Jackson blew Oliver countless times. They could barely fit each other's hard, long, huge, wet, thick, hairy, juicy cocks into their mouths.

From then on, every weekend they got together and enjoyed their cocks, knowing they would be together forever.

The End.

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