Exert from the journal of Princess Zelda

Can no one sense what I can sense? Can no one see the storm approaching? Can you not hear the cries of the trees? The sobs of the animals? Does the howl of the grey wolf no longer rise to the moon?

I am alone in this world. My life is a maze of canyons, mountains, plains, and cliffs. Hyrule, my kingdom, is becoming prosperous, but I seem to be the only one who can sense the wolf beneath the sheep's pelt.

Evil is stirring in my lands. I can feel it in the air. Palace life is quiet, and the corridors are cold. I cannot sleep, food does not appeal to me, and my servants notice my strange absences from time to time.

I know what I search for, yet I do not know where to find it. I am becoming frustrated, angry, but there is no one to blame but myself. My faults and failures. I should never have let her leave this world.

The World of Light is becoming a dark place. I was with Link when he placed the Master Sword back into the pedestal, and I had hoped against hope that the seal would be strong enough to prevent Ganondorf from ever returning, but I was wrong.

He is coming. I can smell his fury. Link is in great danger, but I have no knowledge of his whereabouts. Being the Chosen Hero drove him away from his old life, in Ordon Province, where he served as a farm hand and herded goats. He wanders freely now, all over Hyrule. I am soon to travel in disguise to the village girl Ilia, who I know is a dear friend of his. Perhaps she knows where Link is temporarily residing. I can only hope so much.

I am becoming quiet, much less outspoken since Link drove the Master Sword through Ganondorf's gleaming black breastplate. I hardly ever speak nowadays.

Challenges are before me. Yet, even though my own path is difficult, it is not nearly half as terrible as Link's, should he choose to take the Master Sword once more in his hands, and strike down evil before it strikes down him.

Midna, the princess of the Twilight Realm, having destroyed the Mirror of Twilight with a golden tear, has departed, but now, as soon as she leaves, she is needed more than she ever was. Though the only known connection between our worlds is severed, I know there is another way. Another way to find Midna and bring her back before it is too late.

If she does not return, I, as well as Link, will perish in the coming storm. And she herself, having been exposed to the purest of Light, she, half Twilight being and half Light being, will join us in the land of Death.

I am the only person aware of these events.

I am Zelda