A challengefic I saw on Joshua the Evil Guy's profile. Should be fun.

Disclaimer-I do not own Naruto, nor the idea for this story, though I will own the plot and likely and OCs.

Chapter 1-Kumo

* * *

3 AK
* * *

"Sir, I've completed the mission. I had to kill one of the Konoha ninja who got in my way." said the ninja, bowed in front of another.
"Good work." said the other, older, probably more important. "We need to go."

He turned to leave, and the first ninja spoke up.
"There's something I need to do. This village is horrible."
"What do you mean?"
"They treat the poor boy like an animal. I'm going to bring him back with us."

* * *

"Uzumaki Naruto." said a voice.
The young boy jerked up, eyes wide.

The figure speaking was a man of about forty, a bandage around his hair, a headband marked with the Kumo symbol over it, covering his right eye, He had a short brown beard, and wore a thick padded jacket.

"W…what do you want?" asked the three year old.
"The people of this village do not appreciate you." said the Kumo ninja. It wasn't a question, but the young Naruto answered it anyway.
"And I don't think they ever will." said the ninja softly.

Naruto looked unhappy.
"I'm gonna work hard and some day they'll appreciate me." he said.

"Naruto-kun." said the older ninja. "My village would like to offer you a place. We already have two like you."
"Like me?" asked the boy.
"You're too young. But I promise, you will be told, and soon." said the ninja.

Naruto hesitated.
"But… what about the old man…"

The cloud-nin winced.
"He'll understand. You can talk to him about it some day."
Naruto still wasn't sure.
He looked downwards, and whispered.

"And… will they be nice to me…"
"They will." whispered the ninja, holding Naruto's head up and smiling.

"Then I'll come…" said Naruto quietly.

* * *

"This is Uzumaki Naruto." said the ninja. "He's going to be coming back to Kumo with you."
The other ninja nodded, and knelt down.

"We hope you're happy in our village." he added.
Naruto smiled tentatively.

* * *

"Well, why don't the three of you talk about yourselves?" asked the jonin. "Tell you what. I'll start."
She was blonde, with black eyes, wearing a black and blue suit.
"My name is Nii Yugito. I like the village, and my adopted family. I dislike people who threaten either of them. My dream… I don't know I want to tell you. Now, how about you?"
"My name is Arashi Kenta." said one of them, a black haired boy with brown eyes, a katana on his belt. "I like winning and fighting. I dislike failure. My dream is to be hailed as the best ninja alive."

The jonin nodded.

"My name is Hyuuga Hinata…" said the young Kunoichi. "I like… I dislike people thinking I'll weak, and people who don't like… my dream is…"
She trailed off again.

"Thank you, imoto-san. And you, ototo-kun?" asked Yugito.
"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." said the blonde with a grin. "I like ramen and everyone who's nice to me. I dislike people who aren't and people who don't like ramen. My dream?" he said.

His hands went to his cloud headband, and he moved it up, then down in a strange habit he had.

"I'm gonna be Raikage someday."