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   /kəˈdævər [kuh-dav-er-uhs]


1. of or like a corpse.

2. pale; ghastly

Glass shards rained down on the emptied streets, and a blood-curdling howl wracked the eardrums of every nearby individual. Silence was cut like butter as another shriek ravaged through the air. Thunder followed the shriek and foreshadowed the trouble to come.

Figures laughed and stalked off from the madness. Another particle moving scream filled the air and left the nearby town quaking. Bells rang out and at once the town was alarmed. Women and children scattered to the designated safe place while men gathered to find the noise and eliminate it.

Another deafening roar sounded. Ferocious beyond any compare, the townspeople continued to scatter.

The origin of the screams continued to twitch lightly in agony. Eyes tightly shut, and fists balled into hard stones, the figure looked to be in distress. Suddenly a screech erupted from the mouth of the body. Just as quickly it ceased.

A silhouette moving at inhuman speeds swept up the body and zipped through the rain. A quick flash of lightning revealed what seemed to be a person of beautiful proportions. The sight was no more, as the person continued to dash towards a ghastly building.

Reaching the supposed target, the person dropped the body on the steps of the building. Another flash of lightning exposed an air empty of a person, air present of a lifeless body, and a rickety sign reading 'Institute of Research'.

A howl from the lifeless body certainly let the inhabitants of the building know that research was to be done. Men hauled the body into the eerie operating room. The body was dumped onto a table as soon as another shriek ruptured not only the windows of the facility, but the eardrums of the men.

A doctor with neat blonde hair and a ragged looking suit raced into the large room and proceeded to assess the situation. The body had stopped screaming and was breathing at a slow pace. With extreme caution the doctor approached and touched the body. No movements were made. Relaxing slightly the doctor called to several other men.

And so was the first day.


Day 2, 1879

Nothing. Inconclusive. Absolute and total nothing. Dr. Bennigan, found nothing the first night. He was sure he'd find just as much today. The day looked bleak and with little to no light, seeing as the light bulbs were burning out rather quickly. To Dr. Bennigan, nothing could be achieved.

Growling, Dr. Bennigan sat in his chair by the patient. How could this person, or girl rather, be so…different? The tests had all been in vain. Nothing was able to penetrate her skin, and she wouldn't wake up. It all seemed to be some type of ruse for one to fall in at this point.

He ran a cramped hand through his now messy blonde locks and glanced over at his men. They were all sleeping and by the looks of it, nothing would get accomplished today. He chuckled to himself. As if anything was getting done anyhow.

A low growl erupted from his stomach. He sighed. Time to go do something.

And so was the second day.


Day 3, 1879

Dr. Bennigan awoke from his sleep to see a pair of black eyes staring back at him. As soon as he thought to react the eyes were gone and so was the body. Scrambling to his feet he realized the light bulb was out and there was lightning outside.

"Where am I?!" A silkily angry voice shouted borderline shattering Dr. Bennigan's eardrums. He winced and covered his ears.

"Why does it burn?!" Again he winced and scooted off to his right. A streak of lightning was carved into the sky. The girl was over a man seemingly biting his neck. Again total darkness veiled Dr. Bennigan's eyes.

"I need more." Came the surprisingly calm voice. Yells could be heard now and the shuffling of men's feet was also audible. Another bolt flew through the air and the eyes were back on Dr. Bennigan again.

"Who. Am. I?" Dr. Bennigan gulped and managed to squeak out,

"Is-Isabella M-Ma-Marie—Swan." And his last breath was taken from him with ease.

Isabella's P.O.V. - Day 3 (Night), 1879

Fuck. It burns so damn bad.

Children, wives, men. I don't really give a damn. I just need more blood.

I don't remember shit. My name is just some title I was given I guess. But 'Isabella'? Ugh. What a terrible, horrible excuse for a name. Maybe 'Bella' would suit just a little better. No matter. I'm fucking starving.

There just wasn't enough. The numbers were dwindling. And so was my strength and speed. There really wasn't enough. I sat down, exhausted. I heard the bells and steps of people I hadn't killed yet, but I couldn't waste the energy to care. The burning returned, I ignored it and before I knew better I wasn't outside.


A new place welcomed me. It was ugly and nasty, and had no blood. I was stuck in the room. I couldn't get any blood in here.

Enraged I begin to pound on the walls. The walls barely shook and I soon realized why. I was exhausted. I closed my eyes to sleep.

Maybe I was just having a little trouble. I tried again.

Wow… I knew I was hungry, but no blood was there, so sleep was my only option.



Dammit! No sleeping either?! I groaned and tried my hand at counting sheep.






No sleep. Great. I winced as the sun burned into my sensitive eyes. Then a shiny sparkling caught my attention. Shit. I sparkle in the sunlight.

…Really, who the hell invented this shit. Really, what the hell?

And so was the final day.


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