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kŏn-kyōō'pĭ-səns [kon-kyoo-pi-suhnt]


1. lustful or sensual.

2. eagerly desirous.

Isabella's P.O.V.- Sometime in Spring, 1879

There had to be some magic word when she acted like this.

"Alice! Wake the Hell up!" Alice growled at me again and started to advance. "Alice! No, no, no! Back up! No! No—n--!" Alice backed me in to a tree. Alice's lips covered mine again and I wriggled around to try to break free. Alice's hands once again cupped my ass cheeks and she began to grind on my leg. It felt so good—no!

"Get the fuck o—" I budged and bucked and nearly knocked over the tree but it seemed as if Alice was overpowering me. Her tongue prodded at mine viscously and her hands were slowly intoxicating me. Dammit…

Another grand howl echoed atop the trees and it was significantly closer than the last. Alice then moved away from me hissing violently. The smell was just awful and I believed maybe that was the reason why Alice had finally reacted to my pleas. The howl sounded yet again. Alice twisted her head from side to side nervously.

I could have never reacted even if I saw it.

A hairy paw-like object threatened to tear me apart at one moment then a flash of Alice engulfed me in another.

And there it was…whatever it was it smelled awful though. It was covered in matted fur from head to clawed toe, and it looked like a regular wolf; minus the fact it was about twice as big. It roared at me with its legs rooted to the ground and spread apart. From the shudder that followed his body, I could tell by the swinging excess parts this was a male.

He snarled at Alice and Alice, now transitioned to a crouching position, hissed in return. It was like a mini showdown.

Who would move first…


With a speed unmatched, Alice threw the first blow. A tiny but oddly powerful fist clobbered the wolf on the nose. He yelped and retracted only to turn tail and howl as he ran. Alice flinched. Without warning, I felt my feet leave the ground.

Oh hell.

Alice's P.O.V.- The 11th May, 1879

Bella is in danger. She can't be in danger.

I had to grab her. They were coming. I did not know what they were but they were bad and very bad. They meant to harm Bella. And I would be damned to the lowest pits of Hell before they laid finger or any such body part on Bella. Not my Bella.

I had to run. Run far. So far.

I could hear them. The howls were not far behind and if I went any slower, we would be captured. And Bella could not be captured.

Those wolves; werewolves were too close. One of them was lingering to close to Bella and they were threatening her. If they so much as touched her…

One werewolf jumped at me as I ran. He nearly blindsided me to the left. Luckily Bella was alert and warned me of his attack. He barely missed me as I made a blind leap to safety in which was in a large tree. My footing wasn't lost as I landed, but already another wolf was planning to cut me off up ahead. I had already seen it. I hopped yet again into a tree's branch. Right before it could break from our weight, I jumped to the next one.

I kept on with the pattern, but another wolf was directly behind me, instead climbing. The only way I could see a way out was a desperate attempt at a leap. At the last branch nearing the top of the tree I bounced and shifted my weight so that I was extended like a cat. Bella was latched on to me like she depended on it so I preceded and cleared the jump.

The ground was approaching fast and I had to ready myself for the drop. I landed smoothly enough, but suddenly, just mere seconds of landing, I felt Bella shift off my back. I whipped around to see a monster touching Bella; she was wriggling in his arms. My Bella.

I could not describe the rage. In fact, I was blinded. Just angry.



Isabella's P.O.V.- Sometime in Spring, 1879

He had me. I couldn't even break out. But as soon as he had me, he didn't.

Just like that.

Again the wolf's nose was mashed in, but beyond that Alice served a powerful uppercut to his jaw. The wolf shook in pain, but extended another paw attempting to catch Alice in the leg. Alice side stepped the lazy attack and clawed at his eyes. The wolf again whimpered and managed to knock Alice to the side. Alice took the opportunity to leap onto the wolf's back. She latched her tiny legs on the wolf's neck and her arms under his jaw and squeezed. The wolf's shook and made somewhat of a squawking noise.

From there he sputtered and hacked in attempt to receive air. Alice looked as if she should have been knocked off from the grand quake his body made, but Alice looked like she would introduce him to the devil. He slowed as his movements became sluggish. He let out one last pitiful yelp before his chest stilled completely. Alice's chest was heaving, but her head perked up at an onslaught of howls.

Alice was at my side at once and pressed me into a tree. Quickly she took her nails and dug them into the tree. She began to carve out a hole about the shape of a body.

My body, I mean.

She stuffed me in quickly and turned back to the approaching pack. Alice growled from the deep confines of her chest.

At once the pack moved in for the kill. Alice evaded snapping jaws and outstretched paws with quick sidesteps and slides. She even managed to strike a hit on some of the wolves with her own feral nails. Some of the smaller wolves were taken out easily with broken jaws by Alice's quick maneuvering. Although the more experienced ones were a bit more to handle especially in numbers.

The other wolves had just run off when the largest one, and obviously the leader, stepped forward. He gave Alice no time to relax her high speed body, but instead spread one vicious paw to swipe Alice hard on her shoulder. Alice stumbled and I could see clearly the swipe and blood.


Alice barely had time to move from his jaws snapping down on her. Her left hand nursed her right shoulder and she growled. His jaws made to come down on her again, but Alice grabbed his mouth and spread it open, preventing him from closing it. Alice was struggling to keep the jaws from closing. With all her struggle, her blood scent washed over me.

That was my Alice's blood on him.


My mind felt as if it were releasing an wave of despair and red-hot anger and it was targeted at the wolf. The wolf stumbled back, and that was his fatal flaw. Alice deftly maneuvered the jaws in opposite directions of each other and snapped the heathen's neck.

Alice's hands flew up to her head after the action was done. She whimpered, and my head was throbbing painfully from the steady feeling I was releasing something that was harmful. I closed my eyes and focused on relieving my head. Surely enough, my mind felt as it were closing off again and Alice seemed somewhat rational.

Or rather more rational than a blood frenzy.

She swooped me up into her little arms and sprinted away from the scene of the dead wolf. I swear everything was passing so fast that even I couldn't keep up with the scenery. As far as I could see from my bridal style carrying, we had entered a well lit cave.

Alice released me without any indication and I plopped onto the floor. I finally found the source to be Alice hunched over a fire shivering and growling quietly to herself. I wasn't far from her, though I was apprehensive given her weird ass behavior before that.

"Erm, Alice?" Alice growled at me, yet she didn't turn to face me. She mumbled something severely incoherent. "Alice? Are you…alright?" She seemed to shuffle her feet around and growl again. Finally after a small, pressing silence, Alice spoke.

"I—I cannot control, my urges. It is not—it is not right. I do not want to hurt you." It all barely was above a strained whisper, but I wasn't afraid of her in the slightest.

"Alice, come on. You're not gonna hurt me." Alice franticly shook her head in the negative.



"No!" She yelled and wrapped herself tighter against her knees. She was shaking slightly, and I walked toward her front. When I arrived, I saw her obsidian eyes glaring up at me. Some type of sick excitement built within me as I gazed at her intimidating state. As soon as I thought that, Alice was in front of me.

"Bella, I want to touch you so bad." I shuddered as she said that and stepped back unconsciously. She moaned through lidded eyes, and slipped her hand in her pants. I was well aware of her hunting scent filling my senses, but I did my best to be above its arousing affects.

"I am so moist for you Bella." She began to lightly buck against her own hand doing wonders in her private area. Her back was arched, and her free-hand was squeezing and pinching her breast. I gasped, but only received more of the deadly air that was encasing me. "Please. Take me." I was so tempted, and just as I almost gave in, I was squished against the cave wall. I hissed when her tough nails gripped at the back of my thighs.

"I cannot wait anymore." Her teeth scraped mercilessly at my neck and her pink tongue peeked out between her teeth and sooth the minimal irritation I felt from her fangs. My breath hitched and I searched for anyway out. I felt her shove two grimy fingers into my wanting sex.

"Alice!" I panted. She pumped in slowly, but with immense strength. My thighs were trembling dangerously and begging for her to please me. "Alice, please!" Her thumb found its way onto the circle of nerves at the top of my sex, and she rotated it slowly in time with her fingers. I craved for more and pumped my hips into her fingers.

Eventually, I tired of her slow ass pace and pulled her heaving body closer to me and begged her to go faster. She obliged and thrust harder and faster. Moans and screams I've never heard before echoed my lips and into Alice's hungry ears as she pushed me faster and faster against the wall.

I felt my walls quaking for a release and I groaned and whispered harshly in Alice's ear.

"More Alice. I need more." Alice curved her fingers upwards and instantly, I felt an orgasm sweep my mind clear. I felt my being vibrate before going blank. My senses had knocked out and I was utterly blind to Alice's presence.

"Bella." One by one my senses came back starting with Alice calling my name. When I could finally see her properly, she grinned at me and kissed my surprised lips and sunk to her knees. "I want to taste you." I felt a tentative lick at my intimate part, and I shuddered. Alice chuckled and I could feel the vibration of her laugh on my dripping sex.

She groaned and shoved her face further into my sex. I howled and thrust my hips forward into Alice's open mouth. I could hear and feel Alice's hungry pants and licks at my throbbing core, and I moaned and begged for more. Alice curved her surprisingly agile tongue and lapped up the juices she found there.

I bared my teeth and cried for Alice to eat more. She pushed her same two fingers in my sex and vigorously filled my core. I hissed and bucked onto Alice's swirling tongue,

I released completely, and all my senses knocked out. I was blind, deaf, numb, mute, unable to smell, or taste. I was in my own world and Alice was nowhere to me.


That was heavenly.

That was great.

That was Alice.


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