Chapter One: Prologue

Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Beast Within

Chapter: 1

Author: Hikari no Vikki

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Disclaimer: If all this were mine, I would have made Kingdom Hearts use Hyrule as a world already. I don't own Zelda or anything else, and I never will, even I'm reincarnated. Twice.

Description: Zelda/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Sora, Donald, and Goofy land in Hyrule. At the same time, Twilight begins to blanket it. Will our heroes be able to aid a simple farm boy named Link in conquering the Twilight, or will they all perish in the shadows?

I had fun writing this! Especially the part at the castle. But really my favorite parts are where you show mystery scenes of the villains and you get to talk in code to see if other people notice what you're talking about… XD

Sora's head spun. They had landed on some soft ground near a fork in the road leading into a dark tunnel and another path leading to a house with a man sitting in front of a small fire. He couldn't keep himself up so he let himself fall back down to the soft ground. Whatever world this was, it sure wasn't going to be easy to get out of.

Sora looked around as he attempted to sit up another time. His head spun again, harder this time and forced him to lay down a second time. Then he looked beside him. There lay Donald and Goofy, also attempting to sit up.

His head took awhile to stop spinning but he eventually pulled himself up enough to see where they were.

"Hey guys, where do you think we are?" Goofy was the first to sit up after Sora. "Gawrsh, I dunno, Sora… it seems peaceful right now…" "Peaceful!" Donald was up now. "You just wait till we're knocked out and in a jail cell somewhere." Sora stood up, slowly. "I don't think we have a choice but to find out what might be going on here. I don't know what could be wrong…"


He lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling of his room. 'Is there a place out there, full of adventure like Rusl said? Is there truly wide-open fields of green for miles that seem to have no bounds? I would love that place… very much…'

Link's heart was a free one, a free one in a cramped farm boy world. He would stare at his ceiling for endless hours, pretending he was sleeping under a giant maple tree overlooking a wide lake.

The only time he felt free was when he got permission for Rusl or Fado, the head herder, to go ride Epona around in the forest. It was forbidden to the town's children, but Link could go in from time to time and be alone with his thoughts. Sometimes, though, he preferred the Ordon Spring than anything. The spring itself was a source of serenity and calmness to him, as it soothed him when he sat there.

Link ruffled his half spiked blond hair. Someday, he could feel it, aside from Rusl's offer to see Hyrule Castle, someday he would be on his own, and free of all limitations. That was what he lived for… freedom…


Sora had been walking along a dirt path towards what looked to be a castle. Goofy and Donald were behind him, marveling at the castle's intricate design.

Sora knew that night would fall soon after the twilight and that there wasn't any point in going on unless something magically appeared that looked like Heartless or the Organization.

"Hey guys? I think we should stop. It doesn't look like day will be coming anytime soon. Unless something happens that looks like danger, or anything else, I don't think that we should go any further." Sora had no idea why he was speaking like this, maybe it was the air in this place that was affecting him. But to his surprise, Donald actually agreed with him!

"Sure Sora. I agree. What about you Goofy?" Goofy just stared at the opening of another road.

Donald nudged Goofy on the shoulder. "Goofy?"

He pointed to a wall of darkness that was slowly creeping over the land. Creatures of darkness that were definitely NOT Heartless seemed to be leading it across and it did not look like something they wanted to get into.

"Run!" Sora cried. They wasted no time in doing so.


In one of those random spaces between spaces, two men stood. One was cloaked in shadows, and the other was actually wearing a cloak.

"So you think someone is going to try to thwart my plans?" said the one cloaked in shadows. "But, I would think it inevitable; it always seems to happen to me, specifically by a certain princess and that damnable hero."

The cloaked one grinned. Or so it seemed. You couldn't see it, but you knew it was there.

"Yes, of course. But not just that hero. A… follower of mine. He doesn't know that I exist." The cloaked one gave a low, haughty laugh. "Not that I'm supposed to exist anyway, but, rest assured, we'll help you get things under control. Our efforts, coupled with the Heartless, should be a rather interesting thing to see."

"And by 'our efforts', you mean me as well?"

The cloaked one laughed again. "Yes, my rescuer, I mean you. Speaking of you, how is that puppet of yours coming along?"


Somewhere far, far away, a sword clattered to the ground.

So far this is 25% complete. But, I still need feedback, okay? This idea sort of came out of the blue (I blame plot bunnies and KH crossovers) so I don't really know what I'm doing here (not like I usually do, eh?).

So I'm crossing my fingers that I don't mess anything up, especially my fave characters' personalities. Also for reviews. Wish me luck!