Summary: What if Esme was a completely different person when she was human? What if Bella was her daughter? What if Bella and Esme see each other many years as vampires?

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Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.

~Marsha Norman

September 6, 1912 - The week before Bella was born

Esme POV

A week from now, I will have given birth to a beautiful child. I will finally have someone to cherish my life with. A cute little child who will look up to me, who I would be able to teach from wrong to right, a child who I would catch stealing cookies from the jar. I already thought of a name!

Thomas James Platt-Evenson, my beautiful baby BOY. The child of my dreams.

I already imagine how he looks like. Caramel hair like me, but with Charles' curls. Deep, brown eyes like Charles'. My nose and lips. He is perfect.

But I am scared for this baby. What if Charles abuses him like he does to me? But he wouldn't, would he? I feel sorry for the little boy though. Charles had always wanted a girl. Someone he could be protective of. Someone better then me.

My other worry is, will I be a good mother?

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