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Three simple words

Ash sighed. He's always wanted to impress Dawn but whatever he does to impress her, he does something stupid like one time, he tripped over his own feet!

But yet again he was peering through a glass window. The window belonged to a shop, not any other normal shop, where you could buy clothes and shoes, a jewellery shop! He was looking for something to buy Dawn, who would turn fifteen in a few days.

He wanted to give her something special...original...something that would show that he loved her, more than a friend, even though he hadn't admitted it yet. He was planing to do so, on her birthday; A surprise for her. He just wished she would maybe feel the same way for him...

He scanned the shelf's looking for something that Dawn would like. After scanning two more rows, something caught his eye; a shiny, gold ring with three simple words engraved on it: I love you

Three simple, sparkling words that would explain very clearly how he felt about her. He sighed once again. Three questions popped into his mind:

'What if she doesn't love me back? What if she laughs and tells me she loves someone else? What if...this ruins our friendship?

He looked at the ring again, as if asking it for advise. He then glanced at the price; It wasn't that expensive for Ash, because he had won loads of money from Pokemon battles.

Taking one last look at the ring, he headed back down the shop filled street, Hearthome City was a cheery place and a really good location for celebrations. There were people out and about either shopping, playing with their pokemon, training or hanging out with friends.

As Ash continued walking, he couldn't take his thoughts away from the blue haired coordinator; her blue, silky, smooth hair, Her happy, caring attitude, Her gorgeous smile, and her eyes...oh her eyes; Bright, sparkling, sapphire eyes, you could get lost into. He would do anything to just gaze in her eyes all day, even though he's done that loads of times, He would love to do it again.

He smiled, thinking of her always put a smile on his face. Even when he spoke or looked at her had always brought a blush to his cheeks! He was madly in love with her and he knew it...

He walked back to the Pokemon Centre and met Brock inside, obviously flirting with Nurse Joy, but as usual, Croagunk came out of his pokeball and jabbed him with his familiar poison jab. Croagunk then dragged Brock over to Ash.

"Brock?" He said, "Are you alright?" He then added in a chuckle, Brock always ended up like this.

"Yes...I'm OK..." Brock replied, he stood up. "So, Have you found anything for Dawn yet?" He smiled at Ash and stood up.

"Well I did see something she would like...but...I don't know, It kinda says something on it," Ash confessed.

"Oh, What did it say like?" Brock questioned him again. Ash shuffled his feet in a shy way.

"It said...'I Love you'" He mumbled. Brock grinned.

"What was that?" Brock just wanted to hear him say it louder.

"It said, 'I Love You'," He said it loudly, But just as Ash said this, Dawn came down the stairs. She heard them and walked over.

"O..K, Did you just say what I thought you said?" She laughed.

"No, I Was just...Saying to Brock that...Er, never mind, It's hard to explain," Ash laughed nervously.

"ASH! I NEVER KNEW YOU WERE GAY!" She exclaimed. Brock burst out laughing.

"WHAT! I'M NOT GAY!" He exclaimed back, he looked at Brock who was lying on the couches still laughing, he started to calm himself down.

"It seems like it!" She laughed.

"Brock! Stop laughing and get over here and help me explain to Dawn," Ash said to him, Brock walked back over, still smirking.

"Ash was...er...thinking of what to put on a...um...a pin cushion," Ash looked at him, with a look that clearly read 'Is that the best you could do?' Dawn looked confused. Ash hut him with a magazine.

"Um...I meant a card," Ash hut him again, "For someone he likes," Brock said while grinning, Ash slapped his forehead. Dawn's eyes dimmed.

"Oh, that's so sweet, who do you like?" She asked, 'Pity it isn't me...' she thought in her head.

"Um," Ash continued before Brock could say any more. "Er...A person..."

"Ash, of course it's a person, but who?" She wanted to know.

"No one, it's just a card...for...my mum, because I miss her..." Ash said.

"Aww that's so sweet, but you don't like anyone?" She asked. Brock looked at Ash, who's face was red.

"Well I...er...sort of do...kinda...like someone," He said shyly.

"Aww please tell me? Please?" She asked again doing the puppy dog eyes Ash loved so much.

"I can't...Not yet...I...er...never mind..." He walked away up the stairs to his room.

"What's wrong with him?" She asked Brock sadly. Brock sighed.

"He's in love..."

"But, with who?" She asked again.

"I wish I could tell you, but it's up to him, he'll say when he's ready." She sighed, clearly disappointed.

"I wish he loved me..." Brock looked at her, stunned.

"You fancy Ash?"

"Yes, I think I do," She admitted. Brock smiled, "But he'll never love me,"

"You'll be surprised," He muttered.

Ash arrived at his room. He sighed, and started to think.

'This is stupid I've fought the legends of the world and came to justice with the evil Team Galactic! How can I not be able to talk to a girl?' He looked out the window. The sun was setting making a nice red glow in the sky. 'I love you; so simple, so easy to say, I bet Gary could easily say that to a girl...at least they all love him back,'

He went to bed early that night, even though the sun was just about to set. He closed his eyes, still thinking about Dawn and her glowing smile that brightens his day.

Dawn lay in her bed, looking up at the ceiling.

'I wish Ash would like me more than a friend' she sighed. She loved him so much, but she just couldn't get the confidence to admit it to him.

She turned over and close her eyes, 'I wish I could tell him, I wonder who he likes...I wish he told me...' She sighed again, thinking of his amazing smile that brightens her day.

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