Inspired by optimus prime 007's story about Kaceystar, the daughter of Optimus Prime and Elita 1. All OC's excluding Blaze and Voltage belong to Optimus Prime 007, and any Transformer character's belong to Hasbro. I'll mention if any other characters that appear are mine.

Written with optimus prime 007's permission. If you haven't read her story about Kaceystar called Hope's Journey or My Beautiful Rising Star, then this won't make as much sense as would than if you had.

Warning: this chapter has not been beta-ed. I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes I made. Please make me aware of them.

Bumblebee's POV

I walked into my family's quarters to the sound of little feet running towards me.


"Hello Blaze," I said as I picked up my 5-orn-old daughter. "Have you been good today?"

"Uh huh!" Blaze said with her blue optics bright and her smile wide. "Roller gave me a dolly today." She proudly showed me the small robot that she had been holding. It was blue and green, two of Blaze's favorite colors.

"What's her name?" I asked. Blaze always named her toys. One of her first words- besides Mama and Daddy- had been "Vol-dage". When we asked her about Voltage, she had pointed to her favorite blue and yellow toy.

It was in "Vol-dage"'s honor that Blaze's younger brother was named Voltage.

"Her name's Bluestar." Blaze said happily and giggled.

I smiled. It always gave me great happiness to see Blaze laugh when she did. She had her mother's laugh.

I looked around, noticing that Blaze was alone in the house. "Blaze, where's your mother?"

"She ran to a meetin." Blaze said. "She had just put Volt in bed, and said that if I was good while I waited for you I could be told a story!"

I chuckled. My bonded had called me so that Blaze and Voltage wouldn't be home alone for very long. They were only without their mother for one breem. "Well, were you good?" I asked, "Otherwise I can't tell you a story."

"Yes Daddy, I was. I didn't even get scared."

"Well aren't you brave." I said, tickling her stomach lightly.

Blaze giggled, "Stop it, Daddy!"

"Oh?" My optics widened in fake surprise, my voice imitating the Star Wars character Yoda. "A weak spot, do I sense, in this youngling?"

"No! Daddy!" Blaze protested, giggling as my hand descended upon her and tickled her mercilessly.

After a couple breem of tickle torturing Blaze, I relented as I grabbed her and lifted her up into the air. She squealed with joy as she was in the air, just as she did when she was a sparkling. I caught her and pulled her into a hug.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and she buried her face into my chest plate. I walked her to her room and laid her onto her bed.

"But…" She began to object but she interrupted herself as she yawned.

"I think you're tired enough, my little Stormblazer." I shushed her as I tucked her in.

"But Mommy promised a story!" Blaze pouted.

I smiled and nodded. "That's right, and I'm going to tell you one. There's no need to worry, Blaze. You'll get your story. What would you like it to be about?"

"You and Mommy!" She said right away.

My optic-brow rose slightly. She usually wanted one about the made up creatures that the human's called 'unicorns', or one about Primes and Primesses.

"What do you want me tell you?" I asked her.

"What about the day that you and mom met?" She asked, her optics pleading with me.

I shook my head. That one was slightly more violent than I wanted Blaze to hear. How exactly do you edit out the fact that your future sparkmate had her arm ripped off? "No, maybe another time, Blaze… How about I tell you about the time when I first asked your mother to court me?"

"Yes, yes!" Blaze was just as excited to hear this story.

I smiled. "You see… I had to wait a long time before I could court your mother. She was still a youngling when I met her, and I promised myself I would wait until she was a fully mature femme before I asked her to even consider me…

I knocked on the door. Primus, I was so nervous! I knew that this was the best way to get Kaceystar's father's approval. But why did her father have to be Optimus Prime? My commanding officer? He was the mech who basically raised me as his own! What would it look like to him? That his surrogate son wanted to court his actual daughter? And it doesn't help that I'm around 15 orns older than Kacey…

"Come in."

I froze. This was it. I could do it. All I have to do is reveal my biggest and longest kept secret to Optimus Prime, possibly risking my friendship with Kacey and endangering myself to Optimus's- and worse, Elita's- wrath.

"Optimus?" I asked quietly, almost shyly, as I entered.

Optimus Prime looked up from his desk work and saw me. He smiled as he put down his pencil. "Oh, hello Bumblebee. I was just expecting it to be Prowl with his reports."

"Oh." I said a silent prayer for strength to Primus. "Well… I wanted to ask you something sir."

Optimus looked at me quizzically. "Is there something wrong, Bumblebee?"

"No sir, nothing at all." I replied hastily. "I just…"

"You just… what? What is it that's bothering you Bumblebee?" Optimus questioned me with a tone that he used to use when I was a youngling. His father tone.

"Nothing is bothering me sir." I said more firmly, trying not to look like the scared youngling that I felt like I was.

Optimus continued to look at me, as if he was searching for answers. After a couple clicks of silence he said, "Bumblebee, I know that you came here for a reason. I can tell that something's wrong. I did raise you, and I know when something is on your processor, Bumblebee."

I sighed, knowing that there was no backing out. After all, if I couldn't tell Optimus about my feelings for his daughter, how could I tell Kacey herself about them?

Gathering my courage, I straightened up and just said it.

"Optimus Prime, I would like your permission to court your daughter Kaceystar."

I was interrupted by Blaze's snoring, indicating that she was in recharge. Smiling and chuckling to myself, I tucked her blanket in around her.

"I see you've been a busy bumblebee."

I looked up to see my beautiful femme standing in the doorway. I got up and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Well," I said, "Volt has been quiet since you put him to bed, so there wasn't any trouble there. And Blaze was a good little femme, so she deserved her story."

Kacey looked around me at Blaze and said, "Apparently she fell asleep before you could finish."

"Well, every youngling gets tired after being tickle tortured." I said with a small smile. Kacey turned to look at me. Primus, I could get lost in her optics for all eternity. "So how was the meeting?" I asked.

"It was alright." She said, closing Blaze's door. Kacey led the way to our own quarters. "It was just some more stuff to prepare me for being the Prime. Father has slowly been giving me more and more responsibilities."

"Nothing you need to talk about?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "No, it was all pretty boring. I knew most of it, anyways. When you hang around Prowl, you're bound to pick up something." She smiled, and I could feel her love for me through our bond. I shared the feeling, and sent my love to her.

"Come on," I said to her, gesturing towards the bed. "Let's get a good night's recharge. I'm not sure about you, but being a tickle torturer can tire a mech out."

She smiled gently and kissed me on the lips.

Oh, how I love my Kaceystar.


Chapter one of Bedtime Stories is done! Next time, we'll get to Optimus's response! I'm planning on this at least being a two-shot, possibly a three-shot story. I would like to continue to story all the way through until the time that Kacey and Bumblebee bond… but I have a habit of starting stories and not finishing them. But I promise to at least have this be a two/three-shot. And like Kaceystar, Optimus, and Bumblebee, I keep my promises! (To the best of my ability)

I would like to mention that Stormblazer, my OC and Kacey and Bee's daughter, is a tribute to Hope's Journey, the first story that optimus prime 007 wrote about Kaceystar. For those who have read the story, they may remember that Kacey went by the name of 'Blaze' when she was first hiding among the Autobots. Why not name her daughter after herself? I decided to lengthen the name a bit to Stormblazer, to make it my own, you know? Anyways, enjoy and review!

And to those who haven't read optimus prime 007's story, get your aft's together and read it! Do NOT click on the 'next chapter' button until you do! (you can find her stories in my favorites and she is one of my favorite authors as well).