If you've managed to open this book and are reading I must congratulate you on finding my hiding place. You must be a very bright witch or wizard to have gotten past the spells I set to keep these memories private.

Whether you've searched for this book because you know who I am or you're one of my descendants matters not. Either way you've heard stories, fairytales, about what I've done and why. Most witches and wizards would take what they've heard and leave it at that but there are few who seek the truth and even less who pursue it.

After much nagging from my beloved husband I've decided he is right and I should set down my version of what happened in that long fought war against You Know Who.

Sit back, get comfortable and be prepared, for what you will read is not what you imagine it is.


AN: below is a list of my characters.

Stahna VanPreza – Muggle born attending Hogwarts. Ends up in Slytherin house by her own choice.

Brwyn – Stahna's owl.

Avyna Bardo – witch in Ravenclaw befriends SVP.

Sandy brown hair / blue green eyes /

Cynan Forsyth – witch in Hufflepuff befriends SVP.

Reddish brown hair / gray green eyes /

Gyanda Colin – witch in Ravenclaw befriends SVP.

Curly red blond hair / green eyes /

Bromious Rawling – wizard in Gryffindor befriends SVP friends with Phobos

Black hair / blue eyes /

Iomar Haroll – wizard in Ravenclaw befriends SVP friends with Gyanda and Avyna.

Blond hair / hazel eyes /

Phobos Stratton – wizard in Gryffindor befriends SVP friends with Bromious and Iomar.

Black hair / blue green eyes /

Oliver Wood – Capt. of the Gryffindor Quiditch team befriends Sthana.

Brown hair / green eyes /

Kuno Stavaz (Krum) – cousin of Krum's who asked Stahna to the dance.

Black hair / gray eyes /

Riva – Forest spirit that teaches Stahna.

Galena VanPreza – Stahna's Mom.

Aníbal VanPreza – Stahna's Dad.

Japheth VanPreza – Stahna's older brother.