The Legend of Spyro: Scales of the Eclipse

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

The crisp autumn breeze brushed against the smooth dark blue scales of a young dragoness named Eclipse as she wandered the dark forest. All three of her ivory horns sparkled like a necklace of pearls. Her body shivered for the warmth of another dragon beside her, but she knew that wouldn't happen because she was alone in the world. Thoughts of finding shelter, a friend, and a mate still swirled around in my mind like a home-made broth. It's so cold out here. Is there anyone out there who could help? Where's a warm place to sleep when a girl needs one?

The distinct sights, smells, and sounds of the forest at night intrigued and frightened her at the same time. Owls hooted with creepy greetings of curiosity towards the lone dragoness as she passed by. Fireflies zipped and zoomed past Eclipse's snout with their unyielding playfulness, their tail sections burned bright like incandescent light bulbs. The smell of wildflower and jasmine snuck their way into her nostrils without her permission causing her to sigh and smile with pleasure. Daffodils, lilies, and violets stood tall like self-confident fashion models, showing off their tender colorful petals of reds, yellows, and blues.

Eclipse wandered the forest for hours wishing she still had a home and a family. However, since she was a hatchling, the dragoness's parents had been killed by an unknown suspect. Eclipse witnessed her parents slaughter at the hands of the enemy that wore a dark robe, which concealed its features. Moreover, she remembered how the stranger left her home, Lunar Meadows, with a maniacal cackle that sent chills down her spine.

Pale blue light from the moon painted the earthen path as if it were a blank canvas waiting to be colored with an assortment of colors. Eclipse felt the unavoidable ache of exhaustion numb her body from snout to tail. When Eclipse could venture no further than her legs managed to carry her, she laid down a new patch of grass. This maybe a poor excuse for shelter, Eclipse thought sadly. But it will have to do.

Glancing up at the moon with solid sapphire eyes, Eclipse wondered what her destiny or purpose in life was and where she would be headed. Nevertheless, she was sure about one thing: she would find the culprit who murdered her parents. I will find that cold-blooded killer and make mince meat out of him. I wonder if I can get the legendary purple dragon to help me. If anyone could help me it's definitely him.

Eclipse yawned and felt her eyes grow weary and droop a little as wisps of clouds breezed past the porcelain face of the full moon. When her energy was completely depleted, the dark blue dragoness drifted off to slumber-land, dreaming and reminiscing about the memories she had when she was a hatchling being raised by her parents.


Amber fingers of light massaged the lush vegetation with the heat spreading from its invisible fingertips. Robins and songbirds warbled and chirped melodies of how splendid the morning was. Flowers and trees lifted their green heads and arms, praising Mother Nature for rousing them from their daily slumber.

Spyro snored softly with Cynder snuggled next to each other. His breathing was calm and relaxed as he trailed his paw down her back. Sensitive to his touch, the black dragoness stirred a bit in her sleep with an audible sigh of vexation. Once she returned to sleep, the dragoness nuzzled her head under Spyro's maw.

Cherishing the baby soft feel of her scales, Spyro trailed a claw down her body further until he reached her tail. Still lost in his dream, unaware of what his body was doing, the purple dragon tickled the underside of her tail, dangerously close to her womanhood.

"Spyro!" Cynder growled as her eyes shot open and she bit the purple dragon's cheek. Instantly, Spyro yelped in pain and snapped awake from his reverie. He turned to see the black dragoness glaring at him and pondered why she was so mad. Still dazed by his realistic dream, Spyro looked down at his right paw and gasped to see that he was fondling the sensitive scales under her tail. Trying to correct his mistake, he removed his paw from her swishing tail.

"Cynder…oh dear…this is very awkward," he said, still drowsy from the hours of sleep he got.

"What in ancestors name were you doing?" Her voice was laced with anger at his intrusion of her flesh, but it quickly softened to that of quiet rage. "I love you too, but I don't like it when I'm being touched down there, especially when I'm asleep. It's very annoying."

"I'm sorry Cynder," Spyro said giving his head a rough shake to clear away his sleepiness. He gave her a weak, apologetic smile. "I didn't mean to touch you like that. I was just so enthralled in my dream that my body developed a mind of its own and wanted to communicate. I guess I should try keeping my dreams and hormones separate."

"Please do," Cynder suggested in agreement. She rose to her feet and stretched with her haunches pointed in the air feeling the bones pop back into place. The radiance of the morning sun revived the luster in her black scales. Spyro couldn't help but stare how prominent and delicate the dragoness's rump was from where he lay. Fighting his hormones fiercely to control his body, Spyro hastily turned his sight away from her rump to her face. He hoped that Cynder hadn't seen his wandering eyes. Luckily, she didn't.

"Be careful next time," Cynder warned. Her glare burned deep into his amethyst eyes and she gave him an impish grin. "Or I'll bite off more than just that gorgeous maw of yours."

Spyro nodded with a smile of complete comprehension of her warning. Then, the purple dragon slowly began to stretch, and rose to his feet. When Spyro became fully aware of his surroundings, he happened to see Cynder eye his body with sharp sapphire blue orbs. Spyro grinned at her and entwined his tail with hers, giving it a firm squeeze. It was enough force Spyro needed because Cynder immediately snapped out of her daydream and blushed deeply in her black scales.

"I guess I have to control my hormones, too." Cynder admitted in a sheepish voice. Coming to Spyro's side, the black dragoness nuzzled his cheek. Spyro returned the pleasant action with a kiss on her lips. Her stomach grumbled in complaint for sustenance during their brief moment of romance stopping them from getting more intimate.

Spyro laughed at the rumbling in her tummy. However, he was hungry too and soon enough, his stomach growled for food and water as well. It has been awhile since we ate especially after we defeated the Dark Master. "We should get going. I'm pretty sure Cyril, Terrador, and Volteer are searching for us as we speak."

"I know that, Spyro, but we need to eat something first. I'm starving." Cynder said softly. Her tail swished from side to side. "We can find the elders as soon as we're done eating."

"Okay, okay, Cynder, don't worry." Spyro chuckled at how desperate her voice sounded when she hadn't ate. "We can get some food first, but once we're done, we got to head back to the temple."

Cynder, nodding in agreement and happiness, began to follow her lover through the sun-glazed forest. She kissed Spyro in gratitude for helping her find food. He's so kind and thoughtful. I love him so much but does he love me. Can we ever become more than just friends? I wonder if truly loves…

Lost in her thought, Cynder continued her stroll through the forest with Spyro, unsure of how to coerce him to tell admit his feelings. Similarly, the purple dragon was also pondering if Cynder had meant those three words she said before he restored to its whole form. It's amazing how close we've grown since the war began. I've got these feelings for her, but I just can't seem to put them into words. Did she really mean it when she said, "I love you"? Sweet ancestors, it's hard to balance duties and feelings. They hardly seem to stay level. I love her more than life itself, but I must know if it's real. I have to talk to her.


Sunlight warmed the hearts of many dragons, cheetahs, and moles back at the dragon city, Warfang where its inhabitants prepared a celebratory feast for Spyro and Cynder's victory in defeating the Dark Master. Back at the temple, the Dragon Elders were conversing about a plan to find the two heroes wherever they were across the land. Ember and Flame, worried about their about the fate of their dear friends, offered to help find them with the belief that they were still alive.

"It would be a great help if you joined us in the search," Terrador said, nodding his great head in an affirmative "yes" to their offer.

"So, with all the details planned out, let us go now and start the search." Cyril said in an impatient voice. He wanted to see the young dragons again and bring them back as quick as possible.

"Okay, so we've got me, you, Ember, and Flame. I think that's it for the search party. Volteer, Hunter, keep an eye on the temple while we're gone and finish the preparations for the party.

"Right, I'll have it ready and perfect before you know it." The electric dragon said with a quick nod. Quickly, he bowed to his friends and said a respectful farewell before he started to patrol the temple with his head raised. He even tried to put on a fierce expression over his calm one but ended up making himself appear silly. This caused everyone to laugh heartily with pure mirth stretching their faces into smiles. Hunter also nodded his head, said his farewell to the dragons, and departed the temple to assist the others in finishing the preparations.

"Is everyone ready?" Terrador asked the three dragons. "It will be a long journey to find Spyro and Cynder, but it will be worth it because with a burning ember in my heart and a flash of insight in my mind, I'm sure they are alive."

Ember and Flame smiled and nodded their heads, obviously ready for the adventure of the lifetime. Cyril nodded as well but was already making his way toward the temple entrance. Terrador followed the ice dragon with a small chuckle and shake of his head. His bravery and arrogance always got the best of his emotions, but when someone close to him is terrible danger, he surely can buck up and use the two forces to conquer any foe.


Eclipse woke up quickly from her deep sleep and stretched a bit, humming to herself as the sun warmed her cold scales. When she ceased her morning stretch, she gasped to get a full glimpse of the forest and all of its abundance. "It's so beautiful and alive," Eclipse commented and with more interest cascading into her eyes, the dragoness trotted down the path. Her sapphire blue orbs absorbed the artwork of life as the woodlands welcomed her with new sights, sounds, and smells.

Hummingbirds streaked past her snout like lightning bolts and poked their slender beaks into the faces of waiting flowers with their own special kiss, which earned them the essence of nectar. The sweet aroma of honey filled her nostrils deeply as she stared at the golden hive of busy honey bees. Songbirds chirped their morning songs of happiness, love, and peace unaware of the dragoness's curious stare.

It's like Mother Nature's slice of paradise when she is stressed out by the intrusion of technology and machinery, Eclipse thought in silent reflection. A dragoness like me could get used to this tranquility and beauty. She continued to trot down the path, reveling in the sheer comfort and rhapsody the forest influenced on her. Thoughts of revenge, sadness, and loneliness were quelled for the moment as she breathed in and out, remembering the many excursions she took with her mother and father through the bluish-green fields of Lunar Meadows.

Eclipse remembered a time when she and her father, Solace, searched for moon berries to bake a moon berry pie, which always left her stomach feeling fizzy on the inside. She remembered the time when her mother, Crescent, told her stories of how the purple dragon and the heroic quests he went on. The memories the young dragoness continued to flash in her mind, trying to tell that she was never alone in the world. They dissolved the veil of sadness and pain that always seem to drape over face.

Still lost in her recurring memories, Eclipse never noticed where she was walking and bumped into a pine tree. Instantly, the tether of her memories was severed and she returned back to reality with a paw on her forehead. She rubbed the small inconspicuous bruise that manifested itself on her forehead, cursing herself for not pay attention to the direction of her walk. Note to self, never reminisce when you're walking through a forest unless you want a painful souvenir.

Before she could complain about the pain she inflicted on herself, Eclipse's stomach growled like a hungry wolf. Sighing to herself, the young dragoness decided to postpone her long journey to forage for some food. She searched from one section of the forest to the next, her frustration growing like a wild forest fire. After what only seemed like an hour of searching, Eclipse sighed with relief when she found a shrub of moon berries and began to pick and eat them, one at a time.

The sweet taste of the coin-sized, white-and-blue berries tickled her taste buds on her tongue as they rolled down her throat into her ravenous gut. Like a crazed psychopath, the dragoness voraciously grabbed the berries and stuffed her face until her she was content. After eating her fill of the sumptuous fruit, Eclipse licked her lips and belched in complete satisfaction. A smile of utter pleasure played across her face.

Wanting to satisfy her thirst as well, the dark blue dragoness made her way to a nearby creek and knelt down to drink up the sparkling water. She lapped up the cool water with her long pink tongue and felt the water slide down her throat, eager to make an acquaintance with her stomach acids. As she lapped at the surface, Eclipse had no idea of the two strangers headed her way.


Spyro and Cynder padded down the earthen path with their tails entwined and their stomachs still protesting for food. Both the dragons had searched for some source of provisions, but neither of them had a hint of a success in their hunt. Neither dragon seemed to give up on the hunt as their mouths began to water.

Fortunately, fate bestowed on them a stroke of luck because both dragons caught two pairs of scents in the air. Spyro recognized the first scent as some berry bush which made his face light up like a match for they finally had food. Cynder ignored the first scent and cringed at the smell of the second one for it was the presence of another dragoness. She didn't want this dragoness to steal Spyro away from her.

Spyro also took note of the scent of the dragoness and continued to advance through the depths of the leafy vegetation intrigued to find out who this mysterious dragoness was and what she was doing in the forest. Cynder, squeezing her tail around Spyro's tightly, followed him with her eyes trained on what lay ahead of them.

When the two dragons reached the edge of a clearing, Spyro stopped abruptly and gazed at the berry bush that matched the mystery scent. Decorating the plant in a symmetrical pattern were mixed berries of white and blue that glowed like jewelry in the absence of sunlight. Then, Spyro turned his curious gaze to the source of the second scent, a dark blue dragoness that stood at a fresh-water creek with her back turned to the two of them, lapping up water. Her appearance seemed to draw Spyro and Cynder's attention as they remained standing where they were. What really caught their eyes were the two ivory crescent-shaped markings, each one adorned the silver wing membranes.

Curious about meeting this dragoness, Spyro audaciously made his way towards her with Cynder following close to him. When the purple dragon stopped three feet from the dark blue dragoness, the dragoness's muscles tensed up and she stopped drinking. Slowly, she turned her head to see the two dragons behind. She let out a small yelp of surprise, nearly fell into the pool, and turned around to face them.

"Oh my ancestors, you nearly scared the scales off me!" she snapped. But she immediately softened her tone to recognize the smiling purple dragon that noticed her full appearance. Spyro saw that the dragoness had sapphire blue eyes, midnight blue scales, a silver underbelly and wing membrane. "Oh snap, you're the purple savior, the one that saved the world from the Dark Master."

"Yes that's me," Spyro replied with a pleasant smile, wishing everyone would stop referring to him as the "purple savior". "My name's Spyro. Sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you."

"That's okay," the dragoness replied with a laugh. "I've already been caught by surprise from a tree as well and I got the bruise to prove it. By the way, my name's Eclipse." Turning to Cynder, Eclipse looked at the black dragoness with a mixture of curiosity, anger, and fear. "And you must be Cynder, terror of the skies. Didn't you used to be the Dark Master's puppet?"

"Yes I did," Cynder growled in a reply. Eclipse took a step back, unsure of what the black dragoness was capable of at the moment. But Cynder suppressed the fit of anger and averted her eyes from Eclipse's eyes. "I used to be his puppet, but I'm making amends for what I did. Things I'm not proud of at all. You wouldn't understand how much pain I'm feeling because of my past actions."

Eclipse knew she had struck a chord within the black dragoness when Cynder turned away to hide her tears. Eclipse felt bad for posing that question knowing that holding a grudge would only worsen things. However, the dark blue dragoness still remembered when Cynder was evil and how her ape armies intruded into her homeland, pillaging, killing, and destroying everything in sight with weapons and sorcery.

"Well I may not understand that," Eclipse managed to say. "But I do understand what it feels like to be in pain. I'm sorry if I put salt in the wound. I just want to turn the pain into something to use a weapon against the guy who slaughtered my parents when I was a hatchling and I need Spyro's help."

"Well why don't we rest for a while," Spyro said trying to erase the tension from the afternoon air. Plopping down on the ground next the moon berry bush, Spyro began to collect berries from the plant with one paw and distributed them to Eclipse and Cynder who also plopped down, giving each other compromising, apologetic looks. "As far as I can tell, you both need to reflect on the past, not dwell on, and advance towards the future. Eclipse, if need my help in finding this enemy, me and Cynder will assist in this best way possible, but you have to let the grudge towards Cynder go. Cynder, my love, you can't beat yourself because of the mistakes you made in the past. The Dark Master used you as a servant to cause destruction and death. It's not entirely your fault; he corrupted and tortured you with his evil lore and power. Besides, if it wasn't for your strength and trust instilled in me to restore the world we'd be dead. Now, let's relax, rest, and eat."

"Wow, that was very philosophical of you Spyro," Eclipse said with a small laugh.

"He takes after one of the Dragon Elders," Cynder remarked with a grin.

"Well, he is like a father to me," Spyro managed to say with a mouth full of moon berries.

Eclipse and Cynder exchanged amused looks and burst into in uncontrollable laughter. Their eyes watered like sprinklers. The cadence of their laugh carried through the forest for miles as Spyro swallowed the berries and his mouth and laughed with them. When their laughter subsided, Spyro, Cynder, and Eclipse took turns sharing their personal stories, occasionally laughing or giggling when they heard a funny experience. Eclipse felt a pang of sympathy for Spyro when she heard that he never met his real parents, but she never let it show. Cynder and Spyro listened intently when they heard Eclipse's personal stories; asking questions every ten minutes which annoyed the dragoness but made her feel special at the same time.

When the trio finished their in-depth storytelling, Eclipse yawned deep in her throat, wished Spyro and Cynder good night, fell asleep. Spyro and Cynder looked at her slender form which was resting peacefully on the ground. Her midsection rose up and down with the rhythm of her soft snoring. Draping one wing over Cynder's back, Spyro pulled her close to him and looked deep in her sky blue eyes.

"Cynder there's something I've always wanted to tell you." He said inching his snout closer to hers.

"Yes, Spyro, what is it?" Cynder asked softly. Her heart was beating a million times faster than normal.

"Ever since the day we defeated Malefor, I've always a special unbreakable connection with you and…"

"Go on," Cynder urged him with a lick on the cheek.
"I've had these feelings for you, but I never ever been able to explain in words until now for the way I feel about you. Cynder, I-I-I…"

"C'mon, out with it already," Cynder said impatiently. Her signature smile was spread across her face like a table cloth.

Spyro breathed in deeply and then exhaled, letting the words flow from his mouth like a mighty river. "Cynder, I love you. I love you with every puff of my breath. I love you with every flap of my wings. I love you with every shimmer of my scales. You're the most beautiful, understanding, and smart dragoness I ever met and you're the only one I love. I'd travel to the ends of the earth to be with you, fly to the tallest peak to earn a kiss from you, and fight for the right to be your mate…"

"Slow down," Cynder said putting a claw to his lips. She gave his tail a small squeeze as Cynder nuzzled her lover's neck with her head and kissed him on the lips passionately. "There's no need to go that deep in detail. I was convinced when you said that you loved me. As for the last thing you said, you might want to wait until I'm in heat. Give that a bit more time because I'd love to raise a family with you."

"Sorry, I got lost in the moment." Spyro said with a smile. "I guess my heart was moving faster than my brain. And I just love you so much…so did you mean it when you said you loved me?"

"Of course I meant it, love. I meant every single word because you're the only one who really cared for my well-being and even forgave me for the hell I put you through when I was serving the Dark Master. You're the bravest, kindest, and big-hearted dragon I've ever met and I love you because of that, Spyro."

Both dragons gazed at each other with glazed romantic looks in their eyes, their hearts beating quicker than a snare drum, their hormones flowing through their bodies like an addictive drug, and their tails twitched with a new energy and rhythm. Leaning their snouts closer, Spyro and Cynder kissed again tasting the essence of each other with their tongues, their emotions bursting and exploding like fireworks.

After they pulled away, the two laid their heads on the soft ground and snuggled next to each other. The warm glow of they love kept them close and comfortable as fatigued washed over them. Both of the drifted off into slumber land, dreaming of each other.


Author's Note: That was the first chapter of The Legend of Spyro: Scales of the Eclipse. I'm not entirely sure what to call the next chapter, but I will have it up as soon as possible. Let me know if you got any ideas for what to add next.