The Legend of Spyro: Scales of the Eclipse

Chapter 15- Epilogue- Moon of New Beginnings

When Eclipse finally managed to recover from her black out, she slowly opened her eyes and nearly jumped out of her skin. Huddled around her like an overprotective family was Sunspot, Spyro, and Cynder. Their faces seemed grave at first, but instantly they changed to expressions of relief.

"Don't worry," Spyro said. "You're back at the Temple. Everything's fine."

"What about Savage? What happened?" Eclipse asked. She tried to sit, but a spasm of pain rippled through her body, making her lay down. "Did we beat him?"

"Yes, but the creep escaped at the last minute," Cynder replied. "However, the wounds you inflicted looked fatal so he won't live fairly long."

"I hope not," Eclipse sighed. "I'm glad it's over and I have my powers."

Spyro and Cynder exchanged uneasy looks at the mere mention of her powers. Eclipse understood they had bad news when she took note, and she was ready to accept it, no matter how bad it was.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Neither dragon replied.

"What's the problem?"

Still, no one uttered a word, afraid of how she would react.

"What's the problem for Luna's sake?" she demanded angrily. "Whatever you're hiding, I want to know. Tell me what the bad news is."

Sunspot was the first to respond. Padding to her beside he gazed tenderly into her eyes, his burned like the sunset. The way he held her gaze and stroked her face like a compassionate parent comforting an unhappy child was calming. Something about the deep affection in his eyes told her the he loved her beyond friendship. No matter how life worsened down the beaten path, she could see he would stick by her side. Through thick and then was what his eyes said.

"I'm sorry to say this Eclipse, my dark duchess, but your Moon-Fire powers return for another three years because that attack you used was a fury like no other when you attacked Savage."

Eclipse said nothing, staring down at her bandaged chest and paws where Savage's claws and Ludon's sword had struck. So that's the price of it all, nearly dead and losing my powers temporarily, why do I suffer so? Why must dragons like me be burdened like this? Well, look on the bright side though. I'm alive, my parents' murder was brought to justice, and everyone is safe.

"On another thought," Spyro said smiling. "Despite your loss and wounds, you gained more than you know."

"Very philosophical, Spyro," Cynder said, with an amused look. "But what do you mean by 'more than you know'?"

"More than you know," he repeated still smiling. "Or more than meets the eye as some say it. It's an old adage with an obvious meaning."


"It means that an individual has more potential then they realize."

"Potential, huh? Okay, Spyro, I think it's time you got some rest. Let's Sunspot and Eclipse to it."

Consequently, Spyro and Cynder bade them goodbye and closed the door. Once Sunspot and Eclipse were alone, both sat in silence staring at the luminescent pearl known as the moon. It's mysterious and alluring appearance brought a soft smile to her lips as well as blush to her cheeks to be alive and with her true love. Despite losing her family and enduring the turmoil, she found peace and happiness. She found a full moon of new beginnings.



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Note: My OC's Ludon and Cimera, the wolf and arctic fox, wear clothing and walk on two legs like Hunter.