Chapter 1: Origins

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Stories have been told for centuries about how creatures came to be on Earth. Evolution has worked wonders for thousands of years, but for some reason we try and ignore what's right in front of us.

Strange disappearances in forests bite marks on both women and men.

Cries of demons with fangs in the middle of the night…

The birth of a child with glowing eyes…

The Lady of the Duke was a beautiful young woman, with dark black hair and cool gray eyes by the name of Vivian. While many said she was heartless, she loved her husband, the Duke William Creed.

The couple had already had two children, a son by the name of Victor and a daughter by the name of Elizabeth, and they were expecting a third…

It was dark and cloudy the night the youngest child of the Duke was born. The labour was long and hard on Vivian, similar to the pregnancy; this had been the most difficult of all three, with problems erupting everywhere for both the mother and the unborn child.

Finally, though, the cry of a newborn split the air. Lady Creed breathed a sigh of relief and slumped back onto her bed. The midwives cleaned the child, a boy, and awed over the child like any good midwives of a rich family would.

They passed the child to his mother before leaving to retrieve the father.

Vivian looked down at her child; his hair was a dark black with a slight indigo shine. She had never felt so relieved to be holding this child in her arms.

It was then that the babe opened his eyes, revealing them to be a shocking gold and glowing in the light as he looked up at her.

She gasped and hoped it to be a trick, but no; her child had the eyes of a demon. No pupils, just yellow irises against white looking up at her innocently.

His hand rose, taking hold of her nightgown as if asking, 'what's wrong?' She let out a choked sob as her husband entered the room. It was not a happy noise and he immediately assumed the worst.

"What is it my darling?" he rushed to her side and gasped when he saw his child. "It's not possible…"

Her face was tear streaked as she looked up at him, "What shall we do?"


Elizabeth knew something was happening. Her Mama and Papa weren't letting her and Victor see the baby.

Victor had two years to her eight and had quickly decided that his new baby brother wasn't worth the worry and left to play with his friends.

Elizabeth was different, when no one was watching; she snuck into her brother's room.

The room was decorated richly, and the sounds of a cooing baby permeated the room otherwise it was calmly quiet.

She went to the cradle and peaked over the edge to see her little brother rocking back and forth in an attempt to suck on his foot.

She giggled and put her hand in the cradle. He abandoned his foot and reached for her, laughing cutely. He grasped her finger firmly in his hand and it was then she noticed her baby brother's eyes.

She gasped; this was why they weren't allowed to see the baby. If anyone saw him, they'd label him a demon and be done with it.

She made a decision then and there that nothing would happen to this gift from God.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you."


Several years later, when the baby, who had been given the name Kurt, was five years old, a terrible sickness passed over the country, taking with it, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons.

No one felt safe outside, not one person. Trips were cancelled, dinner parties postponed. And doctors in high demand.

Elizabeth was now thirteen while Victor was fifteen and focused on things other than his family.

William Creed was still the Duke, but he had fallen ill and was fading fast, taking with him, the light that had filled his wife for so many years.

The night William passed was also the night a stranger appeared in the local tavern.

The man was tall, pale and had eyes the color of garnet. He walked with a predatorily grace and people found themselves scared and left the room as soon as the man entered.

He sat at the bar, ordering nothing, but eventually, one of the barmaids asked him if there was something she could help him with.

"Yes, I am visiting a friend of mine, the Lady Creed, could you please direct me to her home." His voice was as sweet and smooth as honey and the young woman fell for it, informing him of exactly where he could find his "friend".


There was nothing but a slow and steady 'drip, drip, drip'. The man smiled cruelly and released the unmoving body in his arms, letting the body of Vivian Creed fall.

He licked his lips where beads of a red liquid had remained and dropped quietly to the floor, one by one. The form on the floor did not move, did not breathe, did not bleed, but that was because she had no blood left to lose…

"Mama?" Kurt poked his head in the room and the man turned.

"Hello child." Kurt was a clever boy and took in his mother's unmoving form then the man that hovered over her.

He did what any smart child would do…he ran.

Turned and bolted down the hall as fast as he could, but his small legs were no match for the long legs of the vampire.

"Now, now, no need to be scared, child. We're the same you and I, I can see it in your eyes…" his eyes, his eyes were gold and they glowed, but he wasn't a monster like this creature.

"No we aren't!" he exclaimed and the man laughed.

"Maybe not yet, but you have the chance to be like me…this will be fun…"

Kurt's screams echoed throughout the castle…


"Wake up, come on now, wake up."

Kurt moaned, he hurt all over, but his sister was calling him, maybe it had just been a bad dream.

He brought his hand up to rub his eyes and found what he touched…was not skin.

He bolted awake and stared at his hands. They were blue and furry with only three fingers.

He whimpered but a warm hand was placed on his shoulder, "Calm down now, you're alright."

He looked up to see his sister sitting beside him. "Lizzie?" she nodded, "What happened?" she sighed, her comforting expression giving way to a sad one.

She stood and walked over to her dresser, they were in her quarters and he was lying in her bed.

"Lizzie?" she brought over a small mirror and held it up in front of him.

He gasped, he was completely blue. His ears were pointed, he was furry and as he opened his mouth, he discovered he had fangs. He whimpered again and scurried away.

"What am I?" he whispered, it was then that something snaked around his ankle and he threw off the covers to see his legs had been changed as well and he had a tail.

"Wh-what happened to me?!"

"Hush, hush now Kurti."

"No!" he shoved her away curling into a ball. "

That man…he was a-"

"Vampire." Kurt finished.

She nodded, "He tried to turn you into one, but it didn't work."

She put her hand under his chin and lifted his head up to look at her, "You've never been like everyone else Kurt, you've always been different." She stroked the downy fur on his face that was like that of a new born puppy's. "And that difference is what saved you."

He looked up at his sister, the one person her trusted the most in the world. "So what am I?"

"A demon." She whispered.

"I'll be killed."

She pulled him into a hug, "Not if I can help it."


Over the next few years, the two traveled across Europe, always keeping Kurt from being seen. They were together even as Elizabeth fell in love and married, having with her husband, a son.

Kurt was a part of the young boy's life…until tragedy struck.

Villagers found out about Kurt and tried to kill him.

He ran.

By the time he felt it safe to return, it had been ninety years, but he didn't look a day over ten. He aged slowly, even as those he loved…died.

He was unable to locate any of his family and so began his journey…alone.


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