Chapter 16: The Beginning to an Eternity

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Jean Summers, widow, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, eighty seven...dying.

Red hair now sliver, smooth, unblemished face now riddled with lines and wrinkles, eyes darkened with age but glittering with the joy of years lived and loved. Her bedside, darkened by midnight was empty, her children having either passed on with her deceased husband, or asleep in their beds, resting for another day amongst their own children and grandchildren.

Jean thought of her many descendents with a smile, Emily, Jason, Delilah, Margaret...and so many more. She'd lived her life fully, but now it was time for her place on Earth to be taken by someone new.

If loneliness hadn't purveyed her life since Scott's passing over a decade earlier, she may have been sad to go, but all she felt was an overwhelming sense of peace, tranquility...she sighed and rested her weary body down into the thick, lushes blankets and quilts cocooning her old body.


Emerald eyes opened, breath catching in her throat at the sound of a voice she'd long near forgotten...a voice belonging to a phantom torn from her young, newly wedded and mothered life.

"Kitty?" her voice rattled in her throat, the voice of an old, dying woman.

"Oh Jean."

A shadow moved near the window, tendrils of moonlight seeming to reach out and take form in the ghostly air, shifting in a fairy dance of light and dark to become features Jean never thought she'd lay eyes on again.

"Little sister."

Kitty's smile was like the moonbeams she stood in, her small giggle like crystal.

Jean reached out a knobby, pale hand to the little teenager she'd missed so much. The phantom in turn, wrapped her graceful, youthful fingers around the weak ones of her sister.

Jean made eye contact with the ghost, putting as much effort as she could muster up into making her voice strong, "Does he keep you..."she trailed off into a cough.

Kitty reached out and brushed her sister's long, silver locks away from her aged, but still beautiful face, "Yes...all yes." She placed a kiss on her older sister's brow, "He is everything."

Jean sighed, resting back into her pillows, "Good...does it die?"

Kitty shook her head, "It's like drifting on a cloud...and there is nothing but good there."

Jean sighed, "I Scott."

Kitty giggled again warmly, "He'll be waiting for you."

Jean sighed, the sound rattling in her chest as her vision began to cloud around the edges, the Angel of Death...or perhaps the Angel of Mercy, stealing her last breathes away slowly.

"Do you..."

"I'll have you there when Kurt and I take that turn." Kitty replied, squeezing her sister's hand.

"I'll...see you then...little sister..." Jean coughed again before closing her eyes.

Kitty watched as Jean's chest stopped moving, and felt the pulse die in her wrist that she still clung to.

"I'm free big sister."

With a final kiss to the cooling brow of her sister, Kitty stepped backwards and into the shadows and moonlight, her visage fading away into mist and nothingness, but never stopped looking at the woman in the bed.


In the most poetic societies, death is revered, even yearned for as an honour, a step into the society of Gods and Goddesses, the Almighty and On High. For others it is feared, even unholy, spirits thought of as evil and spiteful.

In this case, it is neither.

A woman stands at a grave with a man, they are neither seen nor heard by those weeping around the casket as it is lowered into damp earth. The woman, small, lean and belly rounded by new life, holds the hand of the man beside her, keeping them in the shadows of sunlight, particles of dust, ignored.

The man, if he could even be called that, has his dark, navy hair pulled back at the nape of his neck, head bowed in respect of the woman he called sister in-law despite having never met face-to-face.

For them, her death is not sad, the man has come to expect it, live it, even deal it out at times. The woman was content, relaxed at knowing her sister was no longer suffering.

Three headstones were lined up side by side, the fresh grave situated in front of the one in the very middle.

Jean Mary Pryde-Summers
Mother, daughter, sister, grandmother.
Lived and Loved by her Family Forever

To the right of the new marble marker was one proclaiming Scott Summers, but it was the one of the left, the oldest, that seemed to stand out to the couple. The grave, they knew, only bore an empty coffin in her earthy womb. Like a mother giving birth to new life, the soil had been broken not long after the burial of that particular coffin, and from underneath the earth, the woman had broken free, dead yet alive, her spirit no longer tethered to the world's mortal coil, to enter the arms of her lover, her demonic angel, her saving grace, the man who now stood at her side and whose child she carried in her belly.

Katherine Anne Pryde-Worthington
Beloved daughter, sister, aunt and friend..
May she never be forgotten.


I've heard love can appear in the most unusual ways. Well, I guess that is very true where I'm concerned. Three hundred and sixty three years ago today I was nearly raped by a gang while walking home. But I wasn't harmed, instead I was saved. I was saved by a man, who no longer believed he could be a man. I was saved by a creature of pure evil that I came to love as my other half, my soul mate, my prince, my friend.

Today I am Mrs. Katherine Vagner. I have two beautiful children that take after their daddy in looks, but have me in their smiles, or so Kurt says. I watch over my sister's descendents, after all they are my great, great...I don't remember how many greats, nieces and nephews. They will never know of me and they will never know of my husband. The world will never know of us. We live in the shadows, in the dark, and still we live in the light.

When you are in love, it matters not where you are or who you are. What matters is who you are with.

The saying goes that home is where the heart is. Well that's true, but home is also where the soul is.

And my soul is with him. Forever.


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