Hey everyone! This does later involve lots of darkness and McGee-abuse, which we all love so much, even we love him ;3 Ah, poor Tim. We really do love you, I promise.

Summary: During an in-town operation, McGee is viciously attacked, and long buried secrets from his past begin to resurface- secrets that want him dead. How far will McGee go to save his job, his friends and himself before it kills him? includes blood, swearing, bi/slash moments, and abuse

Rating: It's dark and violent, later with implied abuse but nothing M- so T.

Pairings: None so far! It's up for suggestion ;3

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Secrets, Lies, Daggers and Revenge

Chapter One: Premeditated

Gibbs brought his wrist to his mouth and repeated, "McGee, do you have the back covered?" The response sent ice through his limbs.

Garbled and distorted, obviously from damaged communication devices, Timothy replied, "B-ss, hel... attacked... n...d help-" Then there was a final crackling snap and silence. Gibbs' years of training kicked in just as the other agents listening began to speak in a panic through the ear piece.

"Tony, fall in, get our guy! Ziva, get to the back now." Tony began to protest, wanting to help their apparently fallen friend but Gibbs cut in, "Tony, do what I say!" With that, Gibbs left his post at a side door and ran around to the back of the restaurant. It was a dimly lit alley, with two dumpsters and garbage scattered about. There was evidence of a fight where Timothy should have been standing in wait.

Ziva was already there, body tensed, gun pulled but held low. She waited for Gibbs' signal and they prowled forward on either side of the narrow path. They passed the back door, heading further down the alley where light barely penetrated, and saw dark, oily spots. Ziva touched one and held her hand to the light- it was blood.

A sudden clattering pulled them up, Ziva leading, both their guns raised. There was a guttural cry that cut short with the trademark sound of a gunshot. At the end of the alley, where it branched off into the sides stood a tall man, gun pointed down on a fallen figure.

Gibbs' stomach twisted and his hands burned to pull the trigger, but there was no way to be certain that Timothy wasn't the man standing. "Drop your weapon!" Gibbs barked and the figure turned sharply to see them. Light fell across his face. Not Timothy, which meant the fallen man, the shot man, was...

Ziva fired but the stranger was already running. She took off after him, pounding out the distance between them. Gibbs sprinted to his fallen agent. He prayed for it not to be the young, awkward man that had grown to be an invaluable member of the team, but Gibbs shifted the figure and sure enough, was horrified to find Timothy staring into nothingness, a look so close to that of the dead for a moment Gibbs' heart said it was so.

He felt for a pulse and found one. Ripping his cell out of his pocket, Gibbs punched in 911 and barked before the operator could even speak, "I need an ambulance to the back of McCormick's on 6th! C'mon Tim, c'mon, look at me." Gibbs adjusted Timothy, growling details into the receiver, and tore the blood-stained shirt front open, locating the gunshot wound in the middle of his chest. Ziva returned, panting and furious.

"Damn it! He escaped me- dear god, McGee!" She fell to one knee and replaced Gibbs' hands in an attempt to staunch the flow of blood from the wound.

To both their horror, blood was absolutely pouring from Timothy's mouth, darkening his chin and running down his neck. It was enough to make him believe that Timothy had been stabbed in the mouth, and he turned the younger agent's head so that he didn't drown in his own blood. Siren's wailed in the distance and Gibbs squeezed Ziva's shoulder and ran out to the entrance of the alley. He waited to direct the ambulance as quickly as possible once it got there.

"Gibbs, I am losing his pulse!" Ziva crouched over Timothy. Somehow the shot had missed his heart but there was no way his lungs had made it out unscathed. Instant death avoided, but still a huge risk of dying in the next few minutes. Even if that was avoided, a shot so centered could've easily hit his spine...

Tony appeared around the corner of the alley, dragging a badly limping man in handcuffs behind him, but he paid no heed to the man's protests of agony. He spotted the ambulance down the road and turned to where Ziva worked to keep Timothy alive. "No, McGee!" He kept an iron grip on the criminal and literally dragged him to where the other agents were. Gibbs stepped out into the road and waved his arms, signaling to where the screaming ambulance should turn. It slowed down, the driver considering the width of the alley, and stopped.

By now, a crowd had begun to gather but the EMTs ignored them and pulled a wheeled stretcher out. They ran straight past the team leader with a variety of equipment and Ziva and Tony backed away. Both were covered in blood, and one paramedic shoved a heavy duty flashlight into Ziva's hands. She flipped it on immediately and a collective gasp went up as the darkness was obliterated.

Timothy lay in a growing puddle of blood, eyes partially open, almost half his clothes wet and dark from the quickly-depleting substance. The amount that had come from his mouth was simply huge, staining his face, shirt and neck in powerfully-illuminated red. The senior EMT put an emergency wrap on the man's chest while they hoisted him up onto the stretcher. Another shined a small flashlight into his mouth and Tony shuddered at the sight. Timothy's tongue had been slashed- not cut out, but wounded enough to make the EMT stifle a gag. She ran with the gurney, pushing a flat cotton wad in his mouth, letting him breathe but stopping the blood from flowing back down his throat.

As they pushed Timothy and the stretcher up into the ambulance, Gibbs considered climbing in but called Tony over and half guided, half shoved him in. "We'll be at Bethesda in fifteen minutes!" Gibbs said as he grabbed the injured and confused criminal from Tony's iron grip and helped close the doors. "Take care of him, Tony!"

Tony had only enough time to choke out, "Yes, boss!" before the doors slammed shut and the vehicle was long gone from Ziva and Gibbs.

So was that not McGee-abuse-tastic or what? I don't know if I could kill him but he sure as heck is going to suffer. I'm weird, I know- but you're reading it too! Haha, I'm just joking, I love you readers. Please review if you want to hear what happend after this! XD

Edit: About half way through, I went from calling McGee 'Timothy' to 'Mcgee' and it bugged the crap outa me. I went back and changed it all to 'Timothy'... Wut? It was inconsistent.