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The front door slammed shut and I breathed a sigh of relief. I scooped Carlie up and propped her on my hip as I made my way down the stairs, Caleb following close behind. Carlie sniffled into my shoulder and Caleb reached up to hold her hand comfortingly, trying to stop her tears.

"Hey, handsome." Edward turned to face me after dropping his bag on the floor, his smile disappearing when he took in the distraught child in my arms.

"Hey, angel," he kissed my cheek lightly. "What's going on?" He reached out to take Carlie and she immediately clung to him.

"Well, from what I have been told, a ghost picked up the vase at the end of the hallway and threw it at Carlie. It just barely missed her and shattered on the ground, but a broken shard nicked her shin," I explained. Edward cocked an eyebrow at me, then narrowed his eyes suspiciously between the twins.

"And why did this ghost throw the vase at Carlie?" he asked me. I noticed the corner of his lips twitch upwards, and I fought to contain my own smile.

"Apparently it was angry that Carlie and Caleb refused to play soccer with it in the hallway. Carlie informed the ghost that their mother would not approve, and that they would not be able to play until tomorrow when I could take them outside." I looked back and forth between my children as I retold the story, both sets of emerald green eyes filled with guilt.

"Oh my, that terrible," Edward exclaimed in mock horror. "Is that true?" he asked Carlie, knowing she would be the first to crack. Sure enough, a familiar blush filled her cheeks, and Caleb sighed in defeat.

"No," she she answered, her bottom lip trembling. "I asked Caleb to play soccer with me and I accidentally knocked over the vase and hurt myself," she explained. I looked at Caleb and his eyes snapped up, his jaw set.

"That's not what happened. It was my fault. I asked Carlie to play, and she didn't want to at first but I convinced her." He shouldered all of the blame, as usual. He played the role of big brother well, even if it was only by three minutes. For the past five years the two of them have been inseparable. They seemed like mirror images of Edward and I, with Carlie tripping over thin air, and Caleb always there to catch her.

Edward carried Carlie over to the living room and set her on the coffee table as he took a seat on the couch so he could look at her leg. I followed with Caleb, and we sat beside him, watching him examine the small cut. He retrieved a bandaid from his pocket and smoothed it into place gently before addressing the issue.

"I think that if the two of you can promise not to do it again, we can overlook that you played soccer in the house. But you need to be more careful, and listen to your mother when she tells you not to do something. This is exactly why she makes those rules," he said sternly, looking at the two of them. They both nodded vigorously, their dark copper curls bouncing, and Edward and I laughed lightly.

"Okay you two, go get dressed. Everyone is going to be here soon," I ushered them up the stairs and plopped back down on the couch beside Edward.

"How was your day?" I asked, tracing patterns on his chest with my index finger. Edward had started his internship a year ago, having completed the fast track in medical school. He worked weird hours during the week so he could spend weekends with us at home. I finished my degree two years ago, and had since published three novels, soon to be four. The twins had started school this year, and I had a lot more free time to write.

Edward interrupted my thoughts and hooked a finger under my chin, lifting my face to his, pressing his lips against mine forcefully. I moaned softly at the contact and tangled my hands in his hair, holding his face to mine. I finally pulled away after a few minutes, panting heavily.

"Much better now," he whispered, trailing his lips across my jaw. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, offering him my neck.

"Mommy!" I groaned in frustration and pulled away from Edward's lips. I leaned down to kiss him once more sweetly before turning to head for the stairs to answer my daughter's call. Thirty minutes later, we were all dressed and ready for our guests' arrival. The twins' fifth birthday was today and the whole family was coming over to celebrate, as well as quite a few friends. They had everyone wrapped around their fingers the day they were born, resulting in quite a few large parties and hundreds of gifts the past few years.

Carlisle and Esme arrived first, each carrying a bundle of presents in varying sizes. Charlie and Sue arrived next; they had gotten married three years ago, right after sending Seth off to college. Leah had just married her high school sweetheart, Sam, a boy from the Quileute reservation; they are on their honeymoon in California for the next two weeks.

Alice and Jasper arrived a few minutes later with their son Andrew in tow. The two married just a year after the twins were born, and their own son was born the following year. He was tall for his age and soft spoken, taking after his father, but had Alice's dark hair and eyes. Andrew quickly found Caleb and the two ran to the family room to pull out their toys.

Angela and Ben came in right behind Alice and Jasper. Angela was six months pregnant with their first child, a girl. Sara and Megan had transferred to an art school in New York together a few years ago, but we still kept in touch. They both send the twins birthday gifts every year, and they stay in our guest room when they visit Seattle for Christmas.

Shirley had become a close friend of Sue and Esme's, and she brought her daughters and husband with her to the party. The men made their way to the living room while all of us women wound up in the dining room. Carlie planted herself on my lap, not wanting to play with the boys.

The last to arrive, as usual, were Emmett and Rosalie. They announced the news of Rosalie's pregnancy the week the twins were born. There daughter Lily was born eight months later; she and Carlie have been attached to one another every since. They had their second daughter, Emma, only a year later. We were all fairly certain that Emma and Andrew were going to get married one day, as they were already very strongly attached. Both girls had Rosalie's honey blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, as well as her astounding confidence and straightforwardness.

I looked around at my friends and family, all laughing and enjoying themselves. All of the kids had gathered in the family room and were giggling loudly at one another. My eyes locked with Edward's, and he flashed me his signature crooked grin, causing my heart to flutter in my chest. The party finally came to an end, with all of the children crashed out in the family room. We saw our guests out then carried our children to their rooms, making our way back downstairs once they were in bed.

We ended up in the family room, seated at the piano, as we did almost every night when we had put the children to bed. Our hands glided across the keys, creating a melody neither of us had played in awhile.

This is real, this is me.

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now.

Gonna let the light shine on me.

Now I've found who I am.

There's no way to hold it in.

No more hiding who I wanna be.

This is me.

We played the final chords, and Edward quickly pulled me into his arms, holding me tightly to his chest.

"I love you, Edward. Always," I whispered. My voice cracked slightly and tears of contentment spilled onto my cheeks.

"I love you too, my angel."

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