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Mistress Slytherin

Crimson eyes bore into hers, her breathing hitched and she had to force herself to calm down. She shivered as she looked at the young man before her, he was everything she could have wanted; dark, witty, charismatic, passionate. She knew she wanted him, she would give anything to take her marriage back but the man before her didn't know this. It had come as a complete shock to him when she had thrown herself to the ground and asked him to perform the ritual; it was the only way she could think of that would allow him to trust her impeccably. A bond that would tie her life to him, a bond that would farce her not to lie, would force her to obey his command, a bond that would ensure that he could trust her; a bond forged by life. She had found the incantation in one of her father's books, to her it was perfect. She did not care that she would be forced to betray her husband, the man she believed should be happy, he could not provide them with an heir, but the man before him could. The bond called for her complete submission, it would in essence tie their magic together though it was only he that could draw from her since she was the submitting partner. Ruins, would ensure that her mind was tied, bound so that only he could read it and know her intentions. And finally her blood would be spilled, painted in a series of arches and webs with a paintbrush whose bristles were of unicorn hair and the handle of dementors' bone binding her will, her soul to his so that his will would be her will. He smiled at her thinly and she knew that he had made up his mind.

"Have the objects necessary ready by tomorrow night I want this done before we attack the Potters." He said shutting the book and handing it back to her; thoughtfully he raised his hand and trailed it down her cheek. "You have made me happy Bella; I've never had someone I could trust before." He bent down and brushed her lips with his causing her to gasp softly. When she opened her eyes, he was gone, but the warmth from his lips lingered on hers and as she trailed her own finders across her lips she knew that this was what she had wanted.

"Bella?" She heard her husband call. She turned to him with narrowed eyes.

"What?" She said sharply causing the man to frown.

"Dinner is ready." He said before turning and exiting her room. She sneered after him; he was the bane of the Blacks and the LeStranges unable to give her children, to continue their pure lines. She had to watch her beautiful sister bloom with child while she rotted away, because those who could not continue the line were unworthy. Sure she had money, the LeStranges were after all the wealthiest family next to the Malfoy's but money didn't carry on the line. Swiftly she stood and exited the rooms, she ignored her husband in the dining room and swept through the floo intent on obtaining the objects she needed. Her husband could shame his family all he wanted, but not she! She would have a child of the line even if it was not the LeStrange line and she would have her master!


She sighed when she finally heard the pop of apperation, everything was in place. The Stonehenge had already begun thrumming with magic though it was subtle at the moment. The Black's stone pensieve was empty and ready to hold her blood, the brush beside it. Herbs that would be used to shape the ruins were shredded and mixed within a cauldron made of silver. She herself had soaked in a bath filled with unicorn and veela's blood for seven hours, seven being the number for magical maturity and the blood promoting fertility. After the soak she had rinsed herself with holy water and rubbed ancient Egyptian oils into her skin to provoke the deities to anger and dressed in a gown said to be owned by Morgana Le Fay. And so she stood with chains made to hold dragons clutched in her hands ready to be wrapped around her wrists and ankles and hammered into the ground with stakes used to kill vampires. He smirked at her sending shivers along her spine before looking up at the full moon; they had three hours before the moon would reach its peak. With cool, measured movements he approached her as the ritual required she kneeled and held the chains out before her offering herself to him willingly. He slid out a gleaming blade, one which she was mildly surprised to see was Ravenclaws' and not Slytherin as she had expected. The pensieve sat innocently beneath her and she cringed when she felt the blade slid quickly across her forearms seven times in neat even lines. The blade glowed blue in the night and the magic of the Stonehenge flared before settling.

"You come here tonight and willingly submit you're self wholly to me?" Her Lord asked calmly as the blood filled the pensieve.

"I come here tonight to willingly submit myself wholly to you master." She said reverently though she had begun to feel weak and the chains in her hands had seemingly become heavier.

"I accept your submission." He said taking hold of the chains and leading her to the stone table in the center; willingly she laid down and let him chain her. She watched him begin painting the designs onto the stone and onto the grass around her with her blood and was amazed to see the blood glow bright red as he whispered the ancient incantation. She shivered as she felt the magic in the Stonehenge flare even more brightly and watched in wonder as the different pillars began shimmering with a rainbow of colors. She felt a bit faint as the blood slowly trickled down her arms and pooled into the grooves that had been carved into the stone for this very ritual.

"Do you surrender your self completely, mind, body, soul and will?" She heard him ask.

"I surrender myself completely master, my mind shall be yours, my body shall be yours, my spirit shall be yours, and my will shall be your will, I shall never forsake my post." She slurred as she watched him pour the herbs into the little grooves on the stone where her blood kept them still. She then opened her mouth to receive the remaining herbs and accept her master's blood in her mouth. He stood above her his wrist slit open and bleeding into her mouth and she couldn't help closing her eyes in pleasure as she swallowed the mixture. The pillars around them glowed even more brightly, shifting colors like Yule lights and vibrating with the voices of the ancients. She trembled with want when she finally felt him climb on top of her and raise her skirt; she could see the moon was ready hanging above her with a bright red ring around it.

"With life comes death, with death comes life." He chanted aligning his hard erection with her wet core. "With the death of your freedom comes the life of our bond Bellatrix LeStrange-nee Black." He placed his hands beside her head his eyes boring into hers. "I ask you once more, do you submit yourself freely to me?" Her breath hitched as she felt the tip of his cock brush her entrance and she fought the dizziness the lack of blood was causing.

"I offer freely my freedom for the life of our bond." She whispered.

"So mote it be." He whispered

"So mote it be." She replied before gasping and arching when he filled her completely. He set a harsh and demanding pace yet she couldn't care less, she knew she'd be sore, but for some reason the pain had become the most erotic thing she'd ever felt. The magic around her was vibrating wildly, the voices of the ancients chanting became more desperate, and the moon seemed to grow in size. She panted and keened as she felt herself getting closer, lips claimed hers in a bruising kiss and she could almost feel the bonds wrapping around her mind and body. She moaned and gasped as her master bit her neck drawing blood. Suddenly it all stopped, she felt the energy of the bond engulf them settling on her stomach as they climaxed the lights of the pillars grew blinding and the colors traced the arches of painted blood. She watched as the web of colors and magic approached them before engulfing her, blood rushed in her ears as she caught the red eyes once more before passing out.


When she awoke, she knew that she was pregnant. Despite the fuzzy feeling in her head and the pain from her exhausted magical core she felt wonderful. Not even the rage filled glare she received when she opened her eyes and saw her husband standing next to her master could dampen her mood. She was with child, she had fulfilled her duty to the house of Black and had obtained the one thing that no one else in the world had; her master's trust.

"Master." She whispered smiling, the man known as Voldemort smiled back indulgently.

"Bella, I see you are awake, and...happy." He said. She knew immediately that he hadn't understood that the bond would create a child and frowned.

"Master I-" She didn't get to finish though because her husband had chosen that moment to go on a tirade.

"Unacceptable!" He thundered. "You are mine Bella I married you!" The Dark Lord chuckled and slipped out of the room before the enraged LeStrange could turn his wrath on him. Bella watched him leave, oblivious to all but his retreating form, gently she rubbed her belly and promised herself that she would tell him when he returned from the raid at the Potter's, little did she know though that she wouldn't see her master again that night or the next night, or many nights after that.