Love comes out from the Darkness

Chapter One

"Severus? What is James doing?" Lily asked

"I have no idea but what ever he is doing, that Potter is well, he thinks he knows it all!" Severus answered staring at Lily

"I have been noticing that James Potter has been keeping a close eye out on me why Severus?" Lily asked

"Maybe he likes you but all I know is what do girls see in him?! He's a bully"

"Yes I know. And you are not Severus you are a kind man very sweet to me you are my only true friend." Lily said looking in Severus eyes.

James came over to Lily and Severus giving James Potter an evil look.
and as nicely as James could say hello he could at least to Snape

"Hi Lily how are you this fine afternoon?" James asked smiling

"I am doing well thinks for asking."

"what do you want Potter?" Snape said viciously

"Severus, calm down" Lily asked him

"any ways, you know there's a ball coming this Christmas Eve and I was thinking well, maybe…would you like to come with me?" James asked shyly.

"Lily…." Severus started to say.

"I'm sorry James… I'm already going with somebody." Lily said lying

"Oh alright then who are you going with?" James asked concerned

"I'm…going with…" she paused for a moment and looked at Snape

"I'm going with Severus." She answered and both James and Severus looked at Lily. James expressions was upsetting and well Severus was happy

"Oh I see how it is you just don't want to go with me that's all I get it. Well see you around." James storms off stomping his feet. And headed to Herbology.

"you lied to him." Snape said

"yeah but I didn't lie to you" Lily said to Snape

"Oh… I was going to ask you but I was afraid you would say no."

"No I wouldn't Severus."

"Alright then, so we're going to the Christmas Ball together!" Severus said

"yeah we are." Lily said

After Severus and Lily were done with Potions they went to the Great Hall for dinner. Every time Lily Turned around James was following her she felt uncomfortable when he's around her.

"Severus, James is following me." Lily whispered to Severus.

"I'll take care of this." Severus said in an evil tone

Severus came rushing towards James and pulling his wand out at James. And James started to pull his wand out as well.

"Potter!" Severus yelled

"Snape now what do you want?" James asked

"your stalking Lily stop it or else."

"Or else what?" James said snickering

"you wish that you were never even born" growled Snape

"Oh please Snape you don't know nothing and I wasn't stalking Lily I was… only inspired by her beauty." Potter said looking past Snape and staring at Lily once more

"If you do anything to Lily I will hurt you she has no feelings for you what's so ever." Severus lowered his wand gave an evil glance at James and went back to talk to Lily.

"Well?" Lily asked.

"I don't think that good for nothing will ever harm you."

"thank goodness shall we go to dinner?" Lily suggested

Snape nodded and he and Lily headed towards The Great Hall for dinner.