Chapter 25: Almost Dead

Harry was lying on the bed unconscious and Severus was still by his side praying that he would wake up. I have to tell Lily. She will be worried sick but I have to tell her. Severus thought looking down at the motionless boy.

"Madam Pompfry, can I make a phone call?" Severus turned to face Pompfry.

"yes you can, let me get the phone." Pompfry went over to her office and grabbed the cordless phone and handed it to Severus. Severus was shaking immensely and was trying hard not to cry again. When he dialed the phone number to his home a female voice answered.

"Hello?" Lily asked on the other end of the phone.

"Hi Hun." Severus said with a scratchy voice. Almost immediately Lily knew that something was wrong.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Lily asked terrified now.

"uh…it's about Harry." Severus gulped and whispered into the phone, he feels sweat coming down the roots of his hair and running down his face onto the floor.

"what about Harry? Is he okay? What happened?" Lily grew intense and is beginning to panic.

"Voldemort tried to kill him." Severus went straight to the point.

"OH MY GOD! Will Harry be okay? Please let Harry be okay!" Lily began to cry.

"Lily flower, I might have saved Harry just in time. I knocked out Voldemort's wand right before he did the killing curse. But Harry is, for the moment, still alive." Severus said to Lily.

"oh thank God. Has he made any progress?" Lily asked concerned.

"No, he hasn't, but all I know is, is that he is not dead. Not yet." Severus said to Lily.

"Don't think like that Babe, our son will be okay. I'm coming down there. No one is stopping me." Lily said while getting ready to pack up her things to head over to Hogwarts.

"alright, but please hurry, I don't know how much time he has left." Severus said and was sure that Harry would not survive this tragic Christmas.

"It's almost Christmas Severus. And you will not think that way. Our son is strong, he will survive." Lily said to Severus trying to panic any more then she already is.

"alright babe. He will be just fine." Severus tried to calm Lily down.

"I'm leaving Sev. Babe. I will be at the hospital wing in a little while." Lily said walking out the door.

"okay, see you in a little while. I love you" Severus said to Lily before she hung up.

"I love you too." Then Lily hung up the phone and sat the phone back on the charger.

A couple of hours later, Lily arrived in the hospital wing running towards Harry and Severus.

"Harry! Harry! Please! Please! Wake up!" Lily burst out crying and ran to Harry's side.

Severus put his arm around Lily and trying to comfort her.

"Harry will be alright, it will only take time." Severus said.

Pompfry came by with a hot rag, then folded it up and put the rag on top of Harry's forehead.

"He has approved. His temperature has gone done a bit. I must say that Harry is recovering quit well. and should wake up anytime." Pompfry assured the two of them.

" Oh thank Heavens!" Lily said grabbing Harry's hand and holding it.

It has been two days, and Harry has not yet waken up. Severus and Lily were praying as hard as they could, hoping that Harry would soon wake.

"Maybe Pompfry is wrong! Maybe he will not wake." Lily said confirming the worst.

"I don't know Lily flower. But he will be okay. Just please don't loose faith in him." Severus said hugging Lily and whipping a tear from his eye's.

with out even knowing, Harry began to blink. The light in the room blinded him for a few moments. When he turned his head he saw both his parents hugging each other. He was unable to speak yet, so he waited for them to say something.

"Oh!!! Lily! Harry's awake!" Severus said letting go of Lily and looking straight at Harry, giving him a huge hug.

"OH MY HARRY!" Lily said while shouted and squeezing Harry tightly around her arms and giving Harry kisses.

"thank goodness your okay!" Severus said. he felt all the worry melt away.

"dad, mom," Harry whispered trying to speak with out any pain.

"what is it baby." Lily said looking into Harry's eye's.

"I love you." Harry said when he grew tired once again.

"we love you too. You need your rest. Don't try to struggle just sleep. You have been through a whole lot." Severus said padding his son's head. Harry nodded and closed his eye's again. Lily and Severus sighed in relief and held each other once more. They are very thankful that Harry had not died. But yet grew stronger.

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